01/26/21 – Duck arrive day!

Having a Jeep/Bob is more fun than we thought!

Two things we recently learned:

1) #duckduckjeep

Back story of how it begun:  ducks

2) Jeeps 🚙 have Easter Eggs

We placed our “duck” order with Amazon, anxiously awaiting delivery.  We made up some tags and headed to Staples to get them printed so we’d be ready when the ducks arrived.

Here they are!   

           Working on cutting the tags

And the first one is done!! This one with thread, next we’ll try elasticsMuch easier …     Done with the first batch, let’s go ducking!!      Too late today, we’re going to Vernon tomorrow we’ll DUCK there!

January 27       Vernon bound

armed with our Ducks.

Disappointing,  we see few Wranglers driving but none parked. First day of Jeep Ducking is a failure  🙁

January 28   Today is stay home and repair stuff around Bailey.  Just as well as the roads aren’t good and it’s forecasted to snow all day.

Day 2 of no ducking!

But it is TBT = 2000 Molson Indy Vancouver

The winner!!  Paul Tracy my all time favourite!

Tomorrow we are going to Kelowna, hopefully more luck there.

I know random but here you go!

Spoiler alert!!  If you want to continue to look for Bernie from yesterday’s post.. leave this post now cause here’s Bernie!!  Bottom right…


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