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Hi and Welcome to our “Bailey” blog!

Our travels so far:


Our names are Allan and Mary-Ann.

Koodos to Glenn Rodger Photography for the impromptu photo.


We both choose a driver at the beginning of the IndyCar season. The driver who finishes the race ahead of the other gets first place status on the dash, until the next race.

It has been our dream to travel.  More specially we are IndyCar racing mega fans; it is our goal to travel to every race.

First step done, Bailey has been purchased we are anxiously awaiting pickup on November 2, 2018.

Bailey at South Padre Island

January 1-15, 2022

January’s weather is anything but stellar, so far.  Rain, snowstorms, tsunami warning, and very little sunshine.

Some of the highlights…

January 06th, wake to a crazy amount of snow for the Island  



Poor Bailey and Bob!     

And then there is this course! January 09 – A day of sunshine!   Off to Neck Point Park for a little dip and hike 🙂









Then off for our first hike with our Christmas present walking poles from Kyle & Megan

Beautiful scenery and glorious sunshine

Such hard hiking deserves our reward! Yum!Look close at the following 2 photos….   BUBBLES, big bubbles

Here on the hill, in the white hat is the Bubble Lady.  She’s hold a bubble making wandLook at these hardy souls, not even wearing scuba gear.  BRRR

Here’s Allan ready to soar with the bubbles…

A few more bubbles and a bird flying to check them out (click on photos to enlarge)Home to a fire to wrap up this, beautiful day

January 15th – D’rive back from our Kyle’s visit!  Rainy, foggy

First photo is from Kyle’s deck, fog galore, then rain, rain

Every visit I want to stop at the Malahat lookout but the weather never cooperates.  Today we stopped to these images         

Absolutely breathe taking…  what is that 2nd blue planet?

Home to a fire, the best way to end a day!

Today’s funny (or is it funny??)


January 01, 2022

We made it to 2022. It’s not looking like it will be much better than 2021, covid wise. Let’s all hope for the best.

Poor Bailey, poor us for having to navigate the stairs! I’m concerned about chipping away as it may break something in the steps.

Melt soon!!

We are kicking around various BC destinations for when we leave here, no solid plans yet. It is always an adventure.

For now, let’s just plan today! Allan comes up with a visit to a museum Debbie told us about; Hand of Man Museum. We are not huge museum people but this one sounded interesting, and it’s open 365 days.

How can one person accumulate so much stuff!

While roaming we encountered the founder Jim Shockey. Quite the guy, he spoke of how having such a museum had been his dream since he was 10 but realized it was out of his grasp as they were poor and lived in a trailer park. This is proof, again, never give up on your dreams.

We had no idea who this is. Turns out he is “a Canadian outdoor writer, a professional big game outfitter and television producer and host for many hunting shows. Born: December 20, 1957″. He is pretty interesting.

It was a fun visit and may require a return visit.

For certain, if you are in the area this is a must see!

Cheers!! 🍷🍷🍷

New Year’s Eve 2021

Things are looking up, only a dustting of snow last night not a blizzard!

Our last fire of 2021, would have wanted a real fire but it’s snowed under…. (Note: again a little post card-y-ish photo)

New Year’s Eve tradition – Chinese food. Normally Skip but that’s not available in Ladysmith so drive there. On the way into town we see several vehicles pulled over in the north bound lane… See a herd of —– not sure but a herd for sure, some standing, some laying down…

Will they still be there on the way back? Doubtful!

About 1h30m later we are on our way back home, what do our shining eyes behold?? A herd of reindeer!!! Now all laying down (think these were Santa’s back ups!)

I love living in my world (Allan is often heard saying “Your mind is a scary (by that he means interesting) place”) Turns out they are Elks.

Lesson of the day! The difference between elk and reindeer is that elk have larger antlers relative to their body size and shape, while reindeer’s antlers are always covered in velvet. Elk are mainly found in North America and eastern parts of Asia, while reindeers are mostly found in arctic and subarctic regions.

Thank you to all that read, comment and keep in touch!

December 30, 2021 hum even more!

Sad news… Bailey not only runs on diesel our main heat is powered by diesel. We do have electric but it is not as efficient. Bad new…. we are between 1/4 & 1/2 tank More bad news: When it reaches 1/4 the diesel burner heat shuts off. Bad news: We can’t drive to the fuel station as Bailey is snowed in. Bad news: We call several providers none of whom do mobile. GOOD NEWS: we find

$600 + dollars – we are back in business!! Thank you 4ReFuel!!

December 28, 2021 The Should Have Stayed Home Day

We drive to Nanaimo not considering the roads are likely not well ploughed. This snow fall is unprecedented, the plows just can’t keep up. Island drivers are not used to these snow falls.

These are all major highways & city streets.

These guys didn’t make it safely. The second vehicle just happened, the guy was in the driver’s seat

Made it back safely and a walk around the park.

To compare….. Stair railing, slightly different angle. Nov 30th and today

Allan installed these, so very nice, the last ones were problematic, likely cause they were end of life!

Who didn’t love Marilyn?

December 27, 2021 Driving home

It is forecasted to start snowing, we decide leave while the getting is good 🙂

Turns out the roads in Langford are worse than on the Malahat. Not complaining

Clear sailing till we get closer to Bailey

Poor Bailey, a little froze up!

Much frozen!

Water frozen. This is us!! Boo, hoo What Bailey sees!

Got new accent lights. Allan got them installed when we got back

Got new pillow covers from this to this. Thinking a little happier looking.

Christmas Day 2021

Wake up to tons of snow! For Victoria! We are after all, here for a mild winter!

Worth it for Megan’s amazing turkey. She has a way with 🦃though I’m not sure they would agree. Kyle’s least favourite turkey time is taking it out of the pan. He did do it successfully! Note his new Christmas t-shirt…

Delicious dinner!! Megan makes the best turkey!

Spent the day just hanging out playing games. 🃏🃏🃏

More snow! Happy we didn’t want to go home tomorrow.

Open Gifts – 2021

But first, Kyle’s marvelously delicious drink. Some gin concoction with raspberries.

Christmas cookies made by…… not me this year

Dinner, we kind of forgot to preplan…. after many Skip the Dishes attempts Indian food for the win!! Finally, present time!

Not going to bore you all with the tons of opening gifts photos! Just a few 🙂 You are welcome!!

This was a super fun Christmas!!