Sad Day, October 12, 2023 & +

Slide out to make it easier to empty Bailey for storage because…

This is the first year we’ve had to winterize. Bailey has either been stored down south or we were in her.  I’m a little sad but anxious to experience what Winter will bring.

Even our bunny is sad for us   

We brought Bailey home…

           to have a pee! 

Just emptying her fresh water tank

At Back Country RV to be winterized.  We left Bob at the storage place to hold our spot as it’s first come, first service and we didn’t want to lose our “snug” spot.

Our bus ride downtown to explore for the day waiting for Bailey to be done.

.     Wish the weather was nicer.

The day passed quicker than we thought it would, we had a nice brunch, walked around a bit freezing then it was time to bus back to get Bailey.  Here she is stored for the season.

It’s a little mushy  🙁         

Even the weather showed it’s displeasure in storing Bailey.  It went from no fog to this by the time we got home.  It should look like the photo on the right,

Oct 13th:    2nd batch of firewood delivery day!  Good for another 3 months-ish

Totally fun, jaw hurts from laughing show!  The Comic Strippers!!

Oct 15th – Today’s project:  Winterize the yard.

First matter of business is protecting Allan’s cow seeds!  They made little progress this summer but Irma did warn it could take years.  Hopefully putting them in an incubator for the winter will speed things up.​

These shrubs are encroaching on our hot tub so they had to go.  We’ll hopefully find plants next year that just grow up and not over.  Any ideas??

Tonight’s show… not sure what to expect is Vampire Circus.  Not sure what to expect because I didn’t check out their website first, wanting to be surprised. 

To quote Allan “Watching The Vampire Circus. Not your regular circus, not your regular vampires. A very different show for sure.”

In parting…..

Waterton, AB September 25-28, 2023

The drive to Waterton is 1h39m from home; first stop pick up Bailey at Centerline (where Bailey’s stored) it’s then a 1h26m drive.  We’re “sin” Bob (now parked in Bailey’s spot) thinking most places we could walk to.  We’re about 5m from Centerline when I ask “did I lock Bob?”  Can’t remember, it’s going to be an axious 3 days.  Allan says “lets turn around”.  Back we go, the lock range is good enough that I push the lock button driving by.  Now my OCD can rest.

Off we go for real this time… 

We get 20ish minutes down the road when our “Ring” notifies us of our doorbell ringing.  We are not expecting anything from Amazon.  Check the camera and find…

This is the 2 sets of Bailey replacement blinds.  They were over 1k US ($1025. to be precise each are double sun & whiteout blind).  MCD, the blind folks, did NOT let us know they shipped, there wasn’t any duty & taxes to alert us either.  This taught us we should have grabbed, Matt the neighbours contact number.

Do we go back, it’s a lot of money sitting in the box besides the fact, we need the blinds. They would not be of use to anyone else but doubt they’d return them when they figured it out.

Back we go!

Mission successful!  A little beat up but hopefully no damage         

OMG we made it!! 

All set up!  Isn’t Bailey beautiful?! Scenery is spectacular as well  🙂

The good: 

The bad 

August 30, 2017, after an intense lightning and thunder storm, fire management staff in Waterton Lakes National Park detected a wildfire on Kenow Mountain, about 10 kilometres from the park boundary in British Columbia. Exceptionally hot weather, strong winds and extremely dry conditions fuelled the extreme behaviour of the Kenow Wildfire over the next week. An evacuation alert for Waterton Lakes was issued on September 5, followed by an evacuation order on September 8.

In the end, the wildfire burned approximately 35,000 hectares, including 19,303 hectares in Waterton Lakes National Park. Over 80% of the hiking trail network was affected. In addition, the Visitor Centre, Crandell Mountain Campground, many buildings at Canyon Youth Camp, Alpine Stables, staff housing and associated infrastructure such as water and electrical systems were destroyed.

The mountain now. Notice all the still standing burnt trees…

Prince of Wales Hotel survived, then and the view now from Bailey

Our first night visitors, there were a total of 6 who could care less who was around

Day 2:  A little chilly, high only made it to 12, windy, capping off with some rain.  Still love being here.

I did take more photos while walking today but they mostly look like day 1s.  LOL

Let’s try to install the blinds!!  Always a fun time doing this type of stuff.  After a few failed attempts.

Tada!!    Allan ROCKS!!!

OK gotta do a redo of our tonight visitors.  The same 6 no doubt 🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌

Ok so we’re a little facinated with deer.  Allan sneaking up on them to take these photos.

Keep your eye on the little guy with the big ears, seems to be facinated with Allan in all the photos

It’s way rainy and windy so Allan made smash burgers on the indoor grill.  Delicious my new favourite way to eat burgers 🍔

Day 3:  Made it out this morning for a wander, before the rain began, again!

Since Allan’s toe injury we’ve been trying to not walk on uneven surfaces and not over do daily steps

                                Cameron Falls is very, well, fall-y…

We then walked to and around town.  The marine is very quiet this time of year.  The different colour water in the lake is cool. Returning more deer! 

Bums, bums!  We later saw 5 of the 6 but didn’t have our cells to take photos, wonder where the 6th one was hanging out.

Go home day:  It’s been windy & rainy most of the time we’ve been here.  Crazy wind overnight, Bailey be a rocking (Allan be a sleeping).  The deer came to say good bye (Allan took these from the driver’s side window)…

This little guy still seems facinated with Allan, he’s talking to him through the windowGood bye mountains, till next time

Sadly, this was our last trip of the season.  Most of the campgrounds around close October 02nd.  We had hoped to find somewhere open until after Thanksgiving but so far not luck, if we do find a spot we’ll head out – if not its time to winterize Bailey

For those wondering why we aren’t heading South in Bailey it’s because we need our 182 permitted stay in the US days during the summer when we hope to follow IndyCar racing.  That is the reason we bought Bailey to follow the races.  Our first race would have been St. Pete’s, we were there in March 2019 which is when the world closed down.

Us, like the rest of the world had to switch gears.  Our change was to sell our properties in Ontario and move to BC exploring our country.  Being self contained made it easy, we also used InstaCart a great deal.  I can’t imagine being in one place during Covid, we did make the best of it for us!  Not sure why this is making me emotional but time to sign off……  till next adventure just keep smiling, laughing and be kind!

Lethbridge & District Pro Rodeo Day, August 25, 2023

But first a cool photo Allan took while we were on a walk in the neighbourhoodThe eagles have landed, 3 of them!     

Our day begins with our first Lethbridge Transit ride 

Here we are!!Whoop Up Days is Lethbridge’s equalvent to Toronto’s CNE or Vancouver’s PNE.  The highlight of Whoop Up is the rodeo.   That’s tonight but first, over priced (this wasn’t that bad) Mexican food truck food and a bevvy      The midway, busy now but it’s going to get a lot crazier!  When the rodeo was over you could barely walk there were so many folks.

Let the rodeo begin! 

Ladies Barrel Racing 


Whoops the barrels should be left standing



The winner  +

Next bareback.  No idea how these guys do this

The highlight of the rodeo: Warriors Relay Races.  It’s crazy how they ride bareback, do a lap, then run to jump onto another horse. One of the riders missed his horse, it ran 2 laps without a rider. Never saw anything like this before but hope to again

Not amazing coverage but still fun to watch.  Click “watch” to watch 🙂

After the rodeo, Allan had his very first corn dog!  I had mustard on mine, as you should, Allan thought his with ketchup was better.  Never!! kind of like pineapple on pizza.  Corn dog ketchup = 😝 

Can’t wait till next years “Whoop Up Days”

Hot Air Balloon! August 20, 2023

Sitting outside having our morning coffee, Allan says “It’s a thing!”.  I thought he was referring to a bug on the window behind me, nope!  “It’s a hot air balloon!!”  WHAT!!

First sighting at 8:23am,  It looked like they were having difficulties when in fact they were preparing to land.

And land they did with a pretty big thump and the people basket leaned over.  We only saw 2 in the basket, when it landed about 10 people who were huddled down for the landing stood up.    Within secords the pick up vehicle was on the sceneTouch down 8:25:  The basket then up righted itself and people started to disembark

Start to deflate 8:28:  Next they deflate the balloon.  We chuckled when we heard the pilot say “We don’t expect you to help deflate but it will be quicker and we’ll be on our way faster”

8:57  Deflated  9:09  Loaded up  9:11 Gone!  How did they know to land in this field??  Mystery is what it is!!

I googled Kiss the Sky and learned that we too could get a ride, starting at $395.  Entire process takes about 4 hours with only 1 in the sky.   What time does that mean they started on this ride??

No thanks for us but it was fun watching!

Moose Jaw, Aug 15-18, 2023

We’re going for mini get-away to Moose Jaw.  We were there during the pandemic, September 2020,  of course everything was closed.  Now’s our chance to visit Al Capone’s tunnels. The drive is 5-3/4h which will do wonders for Bailey’s batteries.  Trip starts off @Vanee Truck Wash for a Bailey

We did a pretty good job!

Sadly it didn’t last for long.  This is likely the most bugs we stopped from bugging others.  Windshield is covered, looks better in the photo than what it is. Moose Jaw, are you ready for us?? 

  Peanut Hills is 😊😊😊

Allan doing a good job!   

Peanut Hills Campground Site 32; notice what’s behind the park?  This plant was not operational when we were here last.  We were surprised to see the train arrive.

Allan built us a delicious Korean BBQ taco dinner 😋There he goes wrapping

Fire time with our after dinner wine.  Love that Allan delivers!!  Good night west sunset! 
Aug 16th:  Good morning east sunrise!     

Tour the tunnels day, we set off tickets in hand.  We selected the “Chicago Connection” tour… “You’re bootleggers in 1929. You come to Moose Jaw to buy booze from the Capone organization. You’ve got to learn the ropes and stay out of the way of the local police chief. You start out at Miss Fanny’s club and end up in a tunnel, somewhere underground. And the only one who knows the way out is Gus, one of Capone’s goons”

We met at the Tunnels location but the tour begins at the Hive Café across the street. They walked us over.  It was very entertaining!  Educational?  Not sure but certain fun.  The tunnels take you from the Hive side of Main St to the Tunnel building.  It was much fun with the tour guides being in character.  Downside!  We were not offered a bootlegged shot!

Are the tunnels fact or fiction? Google search supports both theories.  I like this one The Moose Jaw tunnels are known to have been used by one of the most notorious criminals of the time, Al Capone. These tunnels in Moose Jaw are an important part of Canadian past.”  If they are an important part…  must be true!

More proof…  “With the Soo line railway going directly from Moose Jaw to Chicago, there was quite the trade in bootlegged liquor to be managed by the gangsters. The breadth of bootlegging activity happening in Moose Jaw earned the city the moniker of “Little Chicago,” which was not a label that all the citizens were proud of”  

I’m certain Al, AKA Scarface did not stay here 🙂

We had recommendations to eat at Nits Thai Restaurant, we were anxious to try but it smelt so bad I just couldn’t eat there. 

We ended up at CJ’s Cornerstone Bar & Grill.  Bonus they had RR on tap

MJ fuel price $1.636;   Lethbridge $1.429It was fairly windy today. gusts up to 70km, fortunately the wind died down enough to have a fire. A great end to the day   🙂

Aug 17th:  Visit Mac the Moose Day…

It’s a 19 minute walk, off we go.  Kyle introduced  us to these tasty adult freezies.  Sure are refreshing while we walk it’s already 32c or 89f Spot them??         

Mac the Moose is a steel and concrete sculpture of a moose in Moose Jaw. It is claimed to be the world’s largest moose at 10.36 metres (34.0 ft) tall and a weight of approximately 10 long tons (10,000 kg)”


The Snowbirds, officially known as 431 Air Demonstration Squadron are the military aerobatics flight demonstration team of the Royal Canadian Air Force. The team is based at 15 Wing Moose Jaw near Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

So cute   

    He’s so bullish!

Back at camp my fire god jumps into action!

Aug 18th:  Heading back home today.  It been an interesting few days; Bailey is still my happy place.  Love tthe travel and sites.

It is a good day to leave as there is both a heat warning and poor air quality in effect.  May have the same in Lethbridge.

This is pretty much what the entire SK drive looks like.







Back in AB, air quality isn’t any better.  The BC & NWT fires are far reaching.

Bailey is sad to be back in storage, hopefully our next outing is coming soon!

First half of August 2023 done

Aug 01st:  Kyle and Megan decided Allan had to have a thing, an 85lb thing,  I was in the shower when it arrived. Allan has been under strict instructions to not look at any deliveries.  I tried but could not move it to the yard.  Decorate, let’s decorate…

It was funny, Allan didn’t notice it on our way out but when we returned he’s like “what’s that?” None of your business!!!

Aug 02nd:  Much awaited visit by KyAn.  They wanted to come earlier but we wanted to be a little set up and have a bed for them.   Story behind the cylinder container… It’s some wine hooch you heat up, that contains cherries.  Kyle brought it back after his Ukraine deployment.  It is super delicious and like nothing we have here. We enjoyed a bottle with KyAn at their house.  When Kyle gave us the bottle he brought back for us we decided we would enjoy it with them when we purchased our sticks and bricks home.  What we didn’t take into consideration was US border crossings!  My nervous level went through the roof crossing cause I didn’t want them to take it.   It and I survived!

It’s a gift day! We brought them little tokens from Yuma and Los Algodones. Kyle a t-shirt that you wouldn’t find here and for Megan a crazy looking giraffe.  She likes giraffes, when we saw this one we said in unison Megan!

Allan’s turn!  He delayed his birthday till KyAn were here. So love these people!WhatwaWhat was in this one?  Father’s Day pot & pans!  

We all know how much Allan loves butter tarts.  Will this be a hit?

Out of Perth Ontario, they present BUTTER TART MOONSHINE!

What’s a birthday without a new set of PJs                   Summer show your legs off PJs

Don’t know why I didn’t get a photo but the above this is a car dash Hula Girl in memory of Wilf who had one in almost all his vehicles. He had a lot of vehicles.  This is “Kala” installed.  I thought I read Kala is princess today’s google reveals “Kala means to “let go or release” in the Hawaiian language.”

Next up Allan’s IndyCar driver race car model.   Will having this car change Allan’s luck and he’ll start winning?  Doubt it!  ** Fast forward to race day!!  I should have shut up!!! Josef finished 25th, 2 laps down (he should have stayed home) Pato finished 3rd.  I think I should send the race car model back!  Overall Josef is 3rd Pato 5th.  How will the series end??

Allan’s gift from KyAn.  He is very excited, not only did they buy it for him but they are also putting it together!   A wonderful gift!

`I made Allan wait for Kyle to help with this installation.  They did a great job!  This is one of my favourite prints.

Finally fire time! 

Night falls, time for the special “hooch”  Kyle leaps into action using the pots KyAn got Allan for father’s day.  Notice, no handles.  The set comes with 2 handles that are meant to be used to move the pots, it makes storage so easy.  Allan is loving these.

Serving it up                                                             Enjoying, sure is delicious!

Can’t get enough of fire photos!

Aug 03rd:  While they are still sleeping we enjoy a hot tub.  We all hot tubbed last night, didn’t do photos.

Walk time is followed by “Rewards” their first.

We did a thing where one night KyAn got to choice the meal & cook.  Their selected dish was Perogies with Sausages in a a cream sauce.  We added the Taber corn,aber thinks they have the best corn ever, it is pretty good.  I think we’ll make cook night a tradition.

Aug 05th:   Our last walk to see the coulees and some nice houses

Then off we go to Calgary for them to catch their flight.  It was a great visit, we always have such fun with them.

Lucky for them they have lounge access as of course, their WestJet flight was delayed.  No charge for the lovely buffet and drinks makes it bearable. Such a beautiful smile!

Aug 06th:  We take a walk to the neighbouring subdivision that we see across the field from our house.  This is the building we see, turns out it’s a very nice retirement home






Over there one of those homes is ours!  🙂It’s that time 🙂  Spot the “Rewards”

Aug 14th:  Beautiful sunrise I

 I don’t know who was more startled, me or the cat that jumped up onto our shed turned and saw me!

Yep, yet another chip in Bob’s windshield..  Allan decided it’s time to buy an annual membership to have chips repaired.  We’re hoping this insurance will result in no more chips.Dice time!  For those that play I’d strongly recommend one  of these dice mats.  It really tames the dice.  Thanks again, KyAn!!

Fire time!     

Good to remember…

A month and a bit….July 2023

Join me in recounting a few weeks in the life of Allan & Mary-Ann 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️

I normally proof read, not for this post.  Hope there are not too many typos!

June 26th:  What’s going on now?  The microwave, that’s been working well, started to shut off after a few seconds.  Plug it into another outlet, same results.  New microwave time.  Buy it, plug it in.  Does the same thing.  Nue-Lit Electric to the rescue

June 28th – On our way to Ikea Calgary an SUV passes up and we hear the dreaded “bang” on the windshield.  Fortunately it’s just a chip and can be repaired.  Detour to Speedy Auto Glass in Calgary; although we have glass coverage we paid out of pocket as they consider the $60 a claim against our policy.  We’ve learned it’s not worth putting it through.

Then on to Ikea     

July 01st:  Picture hanging day.  First a beautiful sunriseWill we get it right the first time, likely not. Fast forward, we didn’t 

It’s also weeding day.  Gosh do I hate anything garden related.  Have no clue how some people find it relaxing.Taking a break and walking around Lake Henderson.  Been awhile since we’ve had  “REWARDS”         

July 05th:   Install Ikea floating shelf day.  But first walk up to a beautiful sun rise

Installation went very well!!

July 7th:  Build the outdoor patio set day, so much to build

In the evening friends popped by for a visit.  Allan beat Shelly at Quatro; but it was Shelly’s first game-a rematch is sure to come.

July 09th:   This is where we are putting the hot tub, first a lot of the greenery will have to be removed and a platform built for the hot tub to sit on

Some of what is growing here

Our first outdoor card game.  Loving the new glasses

Then a delicious dinner     

July 14th:  Pick up dining room chairs at the Brick day.  The first thing Allan didn’t have build.  We just had to remove the plastic.

There was lots of debris on the pick up ramp, unfortunately, we ended up with a flat tire.

July 19th:  Fire wood delivery day!  🔥🪵

July 20th:  It’s build (by others for a change) the hot tub platform.  They did a wonderful job!


Celebration fire! 

   July 21st:   What’s on the build menu for today?  Chairs!!

Box and parts = these   

Way too much styrofoam, off to the dump 

But first a quick stop at the hot tub store to visit our newly arrived tub.  We  are so excited to have a tub again….

July 22nd:  Getting the pergola ready for the hot tub.  The patio stones are being removed to make way for the 6×6 framed gravel base.

July 23th:   Allan working hard to remove the bush stump.

Allan the VICTOR proudly displaying the stump

  Whoops didn’t realize it was the grape bush

We may plant more but not behind where the hot tub is going

This is our third attempt at a great room carpet.. whoa such a small box for an 8′ x 10′ area rug!                                                           Hum! A lot wavy!!

It’s so super soft, we love it hope it smartens up!   Fast forward, it did 😃  Look at me now!!Just fluffy not wavy!July 25th:  Another building day.  Today, our shoe cabinet and control centre units

While Allan is building I’m trying to get the garage organized.



We went out for a walk and came home to more stuff to build!



First use of the seat!  Yahoo, it didn’t collapse 🙂  The other piece is our “control centre”

The finished products!

July 26th:  Build, build and more build.  Today’s project…

Allan is such a pro at this by now.  Great job, looks wonderful.

July 30th:  Today we set our best, length of time for a fire.  We started it about 7am and stopped it abut 5 due to the weather.  My ❤️‍🔥 god rules!

July 31st:   Allan’s Birthday 🎈🎉🎈🥳🎈

It starts with a fire   

Then a breakfast prepared by me with a beer

Bailey is hiding cause she doesn’t want to go back to storage.

We get to choose dinner on our birthdays, Allan selected 🍕&🍺No surprise here 🙂

The pizza place has a special on 3 pizzas, mix & match. 

Allan had a great birthday, started in Tabor and ended at home 🏠  We will be having another celebration when Kyle & Megan get here!!


Unexpected sad times July 2023

Many of my FB friends know we lost Wilf, a dear friend, Allan’s best friend, since he was 14 unexpectedly on June 23rd.  The only good that came out of this was Wilf was doing what he loved.  He was on a mini motorcycle getaway with 2 of his friends.  He had over 400 people attend his Celebration of Life.   He will be more than sadly missed. We’ve kind of been in turmoil since.

Us in happy times

That same day we brought Bailey to Diesel Tech to get our “out of province” to become an Albertan.  Should take a day or twoFour days later, when we still hadn’t heard anything we visited Bailey.

The poor thing, stuck in the back

Turns out it’s the tag axle bearings that require replacement.  Just our luck these were discontinued by Freightliner.  How crazy is that??

They suggest they can take it apart, and see if they can find a replacement.  We have no choice, so they went ahead.

They did find a replacement: order part.  There was a miscommunication between who ordered the part and the parts place so they only received one.  Another order placed and of course more delay.

3 weeks later, Bailey is finally ready for pick up

Bailey is an Albertan!!     

Off we go to Bailey’s storage location, we wished to find an indoor location but didn’t happen

Next day, off we go to Back Country RV.  They have Bailey’s broken blind that we need back, we now have Allan’s driver’s side blind that doesn’t retract, needs a fix. Just our luck they can’t be repaired..  We have to order replacements from the States

There is also an issue with the house batteries.  We thought the “out of province” would take a maximum of 2 days as a result we didn’t think to unhook the house batteries.  The tech said to plug it in.  We asked at storage but no available plugs.

Bailey comes home!

2 full days of being plugged in makes no difference; batteries still not charged.  Boo!!

Back to storage Bailey goes!  .

Plan B: Spend a night or 2 at an RV park so see if plugging in to higher power will do it.  Fingers crossed!


June 2023, the moving adventure continues

Saga:  The “we’re so happy we have stable internet” phase didn’t last long.   Back to sporadic internet.  A Telus service call sends Luke to the rescue and we’re now good.

We are still in the find it, buy it, build it

June 14th:  Our lawn mower arrived yesterday, Allan charged the batteries and is now tackling the overgrown lawn time.  It takes a few passes but the lawn is now looking good.

We have done several trips to thedepot 

June 16th:  Our bed arrived yesterday, today is our first night in our new home.  Guess we were both over excited because we awoke super early to see the sunrise and have our first 🔥 Didn’t know the sprinkler would be joining us 💦💦

Our first breakfast

Backyard visitor, oh 🦌             Taking the big leap

Another nice sunrise   

Off to the dump we go.  We have tons of styrofoam that has to go.

Next purchase!  Pit Boss Wood Pellet Grill.  We like charcoal a bit better but the embers go where they choose, Allan is worried about burning down the deck.  This is one heavy grill weighing in at 167 lbs / 76 kg.  Somehow we wrestle it to the backyard and put it together.

First meal on the “Boss”, yummy delicious 🙂

Our life at home and Bailey as a travel get-away started officially on June 22.  Our stint at Elba’s RV Park is done.

Bailey now needs her “out of province” inspection to become an Albertan like the rest of us.  We dropped her at Diesel Tech.  Hoping they don’t find anything expensively wrong with her.                                                                                                                                                     🤞

New Adventure, started June 01, 2023

Many of you know we purchased a home.  It was the strangest deal, offer put in May 3rd, ended up closing June 1st.  Date was the seller’s choice.  They also left the weirdest stuff, a heavy duty juicer, a Breville expresso maker, lots of art.

We searched several towns in Alberta & BC and finally settled on Lethbridge.  Lethbridge has our old town, Newmarket, type of feel when we first moved there in 2005.  Small town with everything you want, except for Ikea & an airport – Calgary for that.

TADA our sticks & bricks!!

      Our new home keys 🔑🔑🔑 😁

No furniture yet but enjoying our first drink in the house 

Many have asked if we are keeping Bailey.  A BIG yes!  We have not yet accomplished what we purchased Bailey to do: follow the IndyCar circuit.

We were in St. Petersburg, FL for the road course race, the roads were closed, the stands were brought in,  then on Friday the race was cancelled.  So disappointed but everyone was during Covid.

Bailey and travelling Canada & the US was not our plan but Covid helped to make that happen.  It’s been an amazing time, we saw and did so much we otherwise would not have done. We made the decision to sell our final Ontario property and head to BC to be closer to Kyle & Megan.

Recap!  House sold; we are busy selling most everything when we get the call from Kyle that he’s deployed to the Ukraine.  Change our plans again!  The rest is well documented in our Bailey blog.

All this to say, we always knew we would get another home, we just didn’t know where.  We tried to be happy in BC but that province just wasn’t for us.

Time to get the “sentimental” stuff we have stored on the island.

Friday, June 3rd, Allan along with his friend Wilf flew to Victoria to pick up the stuff we just couldn’t part with. Here’s Allan being picked up by Wilf.

Speedy trip, fly out of Calgary Friday at 1130pm, hang out at Kyle & Megan’s and catch the Saturday 10am ferry to Vancouver. This would not have been possible had K&M not taken Friday off to pick up the U-Haul and load it at the storage place.  Who has the best kids??

We do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Their handiwork!  Storage unit full                         empty

Loaded U-Haul in Victoria   

The ferry back, yes that’s a whale 🐳 

June 4th 1:23p – Allan & Wilf arrive in Lethbridge 😀 Fortunately they had an uneventful drive back.

Unloaded, thanks much for the help Wilf!! What do we find??  Again our amazing kids

Perfect gift!! 

With everything going on who needs a safe?  We do!  Off to Costco …  Weighs 333 lbs, have lots of help loading.  Whatever are we doing to do to unload???

Back home, attempting the unload, my crocs just keep slipping, no traction to help push.  “Stop” I say, “let me get my runners”.  Takes seconds and I come back to this!  How the heck did Allan get it on the ramp and down it??

I help, just a bit, to get it here       

House comes with a mini library, not sure we are fans but it is a cool oneTaking a break to go for a walk, we spot this..

Yep a radar trap!  We got caught by this last year and paid a hefty fine.  Strange! The radio station announces where the radar is placed, we still got caught didn’t know the rules or know the streets. when we were here last year.  Not that we try to speed, but this caught us off guard.  A much needed break  🙂

Trials and turbulations.  Telus Fiber, was supposed to be installed yesterday in 2.3/4h, they are back today.  2 dudes and 2 more hours later we finally, maybe have internet.Our builder, stools!

Stay tuned for more exciting furniture, if we ever buy it, building….