This is us!

Hi and Welcome to our “Bailey” blog!

Our travels so far:


Our names are Allan and Mary-Ann.

Koodos to Glenn Rodger Photography for the impromptu photo.


We both choose a driver at the beginning of the IndyCar season. The driver who finishes the race ahead of the other gets first place status on the dash, until the next race.

It has been our dream to travel.  More specially we are IndyCar racing mega fans; it is our goal to travel to every race.

First step done, Bailey has been purchased we are anxiously awaiting pickup on November 2, 2018.

Bailey at South Padre Island

November 04, 2021 RAIN!!

Once again we didn’t do the right research.

We wanted to be as warm as we could, Kelowna was not the place the Island is.

What we didn’t research is the amount of rain, pouring, relentless rain that falls 🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧 on the Island. This is next week’s forecast

Wake up to this, after a no sleep, rain pounding on Bailey. So loud!

Walk to the creek, flooded, again

Out of total rain frustration we bought a canapy so at least we can have a propane fire during these crazy rain days!

No sooner do we get it set up, in the rain – the sun comes a peekin!

Looking out Looking in

We are loving it, great investment

11/05: 🌞is a peekin, again 🙂 Doesn’t last long but we take what we can get.

In Nanaimo we get to duck! Duck #54

11/07 – Turn back the clock day! Click here for how this craziness began

Win 1!!! Jackpot!

Win 2! Coffee with Ryan’s in the bestest rain place in town …

Win 3! International Merlot Day

Having nothing to do with nothing: Our new shower squeege makes me smile

November 01, 2021

Nov 01 – We figure to not go stir crazy with all this rain we must embrase the day! Off to Duncan famous for it’s totems! Allan, our photographer of the day, took photos of all on the tour.

These are the highlights…

This is Duncan’s Provincial Court of British Columbia building. Pretty funky 🙂

Biggest totem in town!

There are some very cool towns in Canada

End of October, 2021

I’ve been slacking off, feels like a long while since I’ve added to Bailey’s blog but here I go again summarizing the end of October.

Oct 22 – Today’s trip… Chemainus town of Murals, sadly it was pouring so didn’t take many photos.

10/23 – Kelowna last year, Ladysmith this year

Sun is a peeking!

10/25: Our drive to Victoria, actually Langford, to celebrate Megan’s birthday, Yep, rain, rain, rain.

Present opening time!

Kyle’s not a fan of hot sauce, we gifted Megan with 2 hot sauces. Allan’s favourite from Freddies in Kelowna and Mum’s. Mum’s has 3 flavours: Timid Hot, Sorta Hot, Darn Hot. It was the Timid for Kyle. We had them open at the same time…

The Rage card game is a hit!

Who looks happier with the ear muffs? These heat up using a USB.

Kyle & Megan bought Allan a funky wallet a while back. Somehow, in one of their clean ups they put it away and didn’t find it again till now. Gifts for all on Megan’s birthday LOL Allan getting a tutorial.

We were going to go to Megan’s favourite Italian restaurant in Victoria but it was pouring so hard we ordered in. Indian, delicious! We had a super fun visit, even let Megan win at cards.

October 26 – back in the park we take a walk. The stairs that were able to be used prior to us leaving are now under water.

The creek is not happy

When I posted on my FB page Susan, an informed friend taught us…“Amanita Muscaria! AKA Fly Agaric. The reindeers search for them near pine trees and eat them for an experience. It is said that’s how Santa’s reindeer fly. Notice they’re red with white, just like Santa! They are very potent.”

We found this mega leaf!

The next day, 10/27 the water receded

Missed checking on the 28th, this is what we found on the 29th. A salmon, we wanted to see them, forgot to add we want to see them alive. Wonde how he got there.

October 29, finally a break in the weather. We have our friends, Debbie & Donny along with Lucy, the pup, for a fire and visit.

They are as equally, unimpressed with the weather ie RAIN here.

Oct 30th – mostly cloudy but a bit of sun. We’ll take it.

Back at the creek stairs, what happened to the salmon??? Gone!

Halloween, offering adult treats!

Kyle & Megan’s 🎃 costumes! 🙂

Our Thanksgiving! Oct 24, 2021

10/15: Our drive to Kyle & Megan’s. This photo is a good recap of the drive, rainy and trafficy

So wonderful to see Kyle again. Wonder what shenanigans they are cooking up.

The day view, the night view

The cheers view!

10/16: This is a very hilly area, our walk mostly down brings up to a road, look up – there’s their home. 2nd photo with Allan’s big zoom. Took us 1/2 hour to get here walk back all uphill. Perhaps we should call for a pick up.

10/17: It’s turkey day!

Peeping time!

Out it comes!

Looks perfect!


The left overs! Can’t wait for turkey sandwiches tomorrow

Oct 12th/21-Moving Day

Today we move to our Winter resort in Ladysmith about 1-1/4h from Kyle & Megan’s. I feel like this will be the winter of Euchre and hot tubbing!

Although we were warned we likely will not be able to get into our site till 2, Carol, the admin, said we could wait in a queue. We decide it doesn’t much matter where we wait so we leave Surfside at 1040. Stop for our last diesel fill at a station. It’s a little tight so we didn’t hook Bob up. I’ll drive him. Race you, Allan!!

There are no, easy access, diesel stations we’ve found near our destination. Bailey doesn’t have snow tires and they are mandatory. All not in our favour as we use diesel for heat and shower water. We have a plan! We will buy 2 fuel cans and add to Bailey’s tank once a week-ish.

We arrive at 1151, yahoo!! First in line.

Our welcoming committee!!

We thought, most would have left yesterday after the long weekend. Allan goes in, sure enough our site is ready; site 51 🙂

Mostly set up! Davy and the carpet will come out if the rain ever stops!

Our firewood arrives! 2 recycle boxes of wood – $10 each

We said we’d embrase the rain, off we go for a stroll around the park. It’s a little fishing hole, catch and release

Trail to the creek

A walking trail, will explore this one another day

Hummmm, when’s salmon spawning? Wish they’d date this flyers

Another adventure begins!

Off to buy kindling! 10/11/21

Our visitor this morning, there are 6 who we see frequently on park grounds

Our winter park allows wood campfires! Yahoo! Allan found a deal on kindling so off to the town of Qualicum Beach. $20 for this box is a deal

Then walk around this cute, little town. Yes, this photo was not planned.

Oh look, a glitter chair

UPS is determined! There are at least 3 pick up notices on the door of this closed business.

Duck #51

Dreary Day, Oct 09/21

Life is full of choices!! We can hiberate or expose ourselves to Mother Nature’s tantrums! We are now busy convincing ourselves tantrums rule!

Englishman River Falls Park, here we come!


The big drop off!

Driving back we encounter this. She’s walking her horsey!

I’m a little bit not happy about geese. Not at all happy with this quantity

End the day with walking to pick up Indian food. Super good & hot. I’ve finally warmed up!

Oct 08, 2021 – Busy Day

Chef Allan’s Breakfast creation!

Crepini egg wrap, topped with mashed cauliflower, breakfast sausage, eggs & cheese. Keto friendly, delicious and likely never to be had again!!

Outing #1 – Our friend, Mags, suggested we visit a mural in Parksdale. She sent us the link, Canada 150 Mosiac Communities in each province and territory across Canada will create sections of the overall mural that will connect Canada through art. Every participating city or town will create a section of the mural made up of 400-750 individual tiles that symbolizes their community. Full story click here We tried and failed to find it yesterday. I emailed both the town and the Canada 150 folks. Phil, from Canada Mosiac quickly responded the mural was in City Hall.

Here it is! A true work of art and community

Proof we did find it, this time 🙂

Next we walk to Mount Arrowhead Brewing Co. Sadly, no amber beer but we are good sports and have a their Arrowhead Blonde, not our favourite but OK on a sunny day.

Next up! A walk to the boardwalk we can see from Bailey. Surprised we haven’t been yet but it has been pretty windy.

Back in the park we see our local deer

and bunny.

The road behind Bailey, ducks like the pond.

Then the sunset. Not spectacular but OK, The street light lines the boardwalk we walked earlier.

Cathedral Grove, Oct 06/21

Today’s adventure, huge trees! Morning starts with this beautiful sunrise and 🦌 Our last Parksville park was in a wooded area, never saw a deer. This one is in town and many deer 🙂

Really tall, wide trees, that’s an understatement! Why?? Would someone deface the sign? It reads “Christopher Columbus”

Another biggie!

The loop!

These beautiful scenes require no words!

An explanation may be needed with this amazing photo.

A creek runs through the Grove

Next destination – Qualicum Bay. Road leading in

It’s very nice, but oh so windy!

We cut our walk short and head back. We are greeted by what appears to be the resident 🦌