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Our travels so far:


Our names are Allan and Mary-Ann.

Koodos to Glenn Rodger Photography for the impromptu photo.


We both choose a driver at the beginning of the IndyCar season. The driver who finishes the race ahead of the other gets first place status on the dash, until the next race.

It has been our dream to travel.  More specially we are IndyCar racing mega fans; it is our goal to travel to every race.

First step done, Bailey has been purchased we are anxiously awaiting pickup on November 2, 2018.

Bailey at South Padre Island

June 2021


Surisingly  good, inexpensive wine with a cool name. Has quite the story on its label




June 7th Allan began to use Davy’s cover in place of the wrecked Traeger’s

Duck #39 in Salmon Arm   

My attempt to keep Davy’s chimney dry.  Epic fail, we cooked indoors

June 15th – The Detroit IndyCar races were June 12 & 13, sadly poor internet does not allow us to stream. We joked we may attempt to view while in   CrossRoads Brewery trying out their amber ail.   Let’s bring Allan’s Mac just in case that works. 

It does work but, neither recording, recorded long enough.  The first race had 2 red flags, the 2nd was so delayed because of stupid golf, we only caught the last few minutes.  The result, we saw what we had of the races in one sitting.  My driver did better than Allan’s in both races.  My car remains ahead.    I can almost taste my win dinner.

Old Westie Amber Lager, is a hit.  Better yet, they fill growlers.  We’ll be back!

The issue has us a little insane.  The poison does get eaten  but the next moring there is more poop in the drawer.  They are fond of the drawer under the dishwasher, (we emptied it) and the back bathroom cupboard.

Bonnie, gave us a tip “I took a small tinfoil pan with a piece of rag soaked in ammonia and placed where signs of mice in the bays. Have been doing this for a few years and no sign of any rodents. I also buy huge jars of cayenne pepper at Costco and sprinkle under the edge of motorhome when parked for any length of time.”

Off we go, Dollarama has the containers we need, (we had to improvise slightly), but no ammonia. We try Dollar Tree.  Nope.  Walmart, nope, we ask “Where would you go to get some? ” she suggests the dollar store, next grocery stores, hardware type stores, pharmacies.  We are running out of stores.

Finally on, June 16 we hit pay dirt at London Drugs.  We bought 2 of the 3 they had, we felt as if we won the lottery.                 There are 2 Jeeps parked close together in the parking lot.  Allan ducks our first Prince George Jeeps. #duckduckjeep      Our 40th & 41st ducking.

One more stop, growler fill time.  Notice Allan’s smile under the mask. 

Back home Allan springs into action, drills the plastic tops of the containers we will use indoors and dunks cotton balls for our basement bays.  Fingers are crossed!

June 18, my 7year ago FB memory, is our handsome, amazingly awesome son

June 19 – Update – since we have added ammonia we have no evidence of any mice!   Super, special thanks to Bonnie!

This is a solid NO!!       

June 14, Tuesday Travel to Prince George

Today’s drive 3h9m, we are on the road at 845a, 71,072km    The drive is happily, uneventful.  I spent more time working on yesterday’s post than taking photos.  There are only so many mountain photos to take. 

I’m a little concerned.  We have an appointment in Prince George to get the exhaust reattached.  My concern is it is downtown-ish.  Allan selected this place cause they do trucks, but what trucks.  When Allan called to make the appointment the guy said they had another Class A in there last week.  We will fit, maybe we just have to fold in the mirrors.  Our mirrors do not fold.

Back on the trip, we do hit our normal construction, this section of the road was very agitating  (good for the tanks, not so good for us)

What does”Drive With Care” mean? Tips on how to avoid wildlife maybe more helpful cause we always drive with care.

We arrive at MamaYeh at 12.22.  This is the smallest office we’ve seen.  They normally include a store, not this one and you can’t buy firewood.  Thankfully we brought some from Sicamous.

Inside is this notice 

With Bob parked in our spot (feels weird to leave Bob behind) we head to the muffler fixer. 

Unfortunately my concerns turn real  No way will Bailey fit.  They have Allan back up to the door, one of the dudes, and me, are backing Allan up.  Dude keeps backing Allan up while I am frantically signaling  Dude wasn’t looking up                       From my angle it looked even closer

Bailey is blocking part of the street, I hope this doesn’t take too long. My heart is beginning to settle down.  Meet our tech!  The sky is getting darker and darker.  He says “You  may be here for awhile cause I’m going in if it starts raining.”         Side note: Yes Bailey is filthy!   Cleaning is on the to do list

A&W Burger is directly across the street.  We sit in Bailey watching the parking lot action.   A sketchy looking guy comes meandering across the parking lot.  There is an illuminated ENTER sign, he walks up and starts banging his head against it several times.  My hearts starts racing again!  After about 5 bangs he continues to cross the street, towards us.  He walks passed us.  Stops about 20′ away, picks up a stones and throws it towards Bailey.  Allan jumps up to go out, I stop him – my thought is it would just escalate his behaviour.  He picks up a couple more stones.  Luckily, none come close.  He loses interest and continues meandering down the street.  Never on the sidewalk, he walks between the centre and side of the road.  Cars go around him.  I’m so relieved when he’s out of sight.

Then it  starts pouringHopefully he doesn’t notice and continues the repair. 

They had it done in a little less than an hour.  It felt much longer, this is not the best part of town.

Back to MamaYeh to set up.  This is one huge site!  Finally, a campground that knows what big rig friendly is.  The owner, Edward Yeh is the friendliest, most helpful host we have had and we’ve had many friendly hosts. 

We certainly enjoyed our bevies at the fire.



Saturday, June 12, 2021

Picture this:  I’m sitting at my desk,  Allan gets up, walks towards me (also the front of the bus), excited says “Dear” to me, nope to the deer visiting.

Today’s adventure, explore Centennial Park in downtown 100 Mile House.

At the park’s entrance there is a large open green space featuring a splash park, swings, playground.

The trail winds in the woods and ends by a waterfall.

So powerful!

Yahoo reward time!                 

We arrive back at camp, there are 3 more deer.  Wasn’t fast enough to get the 3rd deer or their faces.

Bailey awaits us         

We’ve been concerned about the exhaust pipe, even more so since Allan pointed out, it could detach and hit Bob and we would not even know.  The bolt holding it on is rusted.  Allan has attempted the removal several times.  How happy is this face??


June 10 Travel to Lac la Hache

Forgot to add to yesterday’s post, we bought Bailey the cheapest gift ($4.99), we’ll ever give her, ta da….Issues to still deal with 1) steps not coming in completely 2) exhaust pipe has seperated from the muffler         This pipe is the problem

Unintentional self portrait while  taking above photos

Drive is 2.38m  Leave at 1015, 70,836k

After getting heck for being at the Sicamous KOA before the scheduled check in time of 2p Allan makes sure we do not arrive early.  We’re hoping the mice like it here better and stay.

 Bye bye, Kamloops

We stop for fuel a few minutes down the road at a PetroPass.  We did check yesterday and they accept credit cards not just a PetroPass card.  BUT, it is not accepting our credit card.  Allan goes in to inquire, the attendant will come out to check in about 10m.  10m turns into 5, good thing! 30 minutes later it’s finally figured out.  On the road again, 1050

So many long trains

The long, tight corners, a little scary road!  T’is scenicInto everyone life a little rain must fall, better if it includes sunshine!

70 Mile, appears they love their antiques

We are on the Gold Rush Trail but kept missing those signs, got this one100 Mile House (don’t blink)100 Mile House established its name because it was located 100 Miles from Lillooet (Mile 0) of the Cariboo Waggon Road.

What is 100 Mile House known for?
Tourism. 100 Mile House is a centre for outdoor activities and is becoming increasingly known for its richness of bird life. The surrounding area features hundreds of lakes for boating and fishing including 101 Mile Lake, 103 Mile Lake, Lac La Hache, Canim Lake, Horse Lake, Green Lake, Bridge Lake and Sheridan Lake.

It’s really too bad we don’t fish.

We arrive at Big Country Campground at 142.  Fortunately, Allan didn’t get heck for checking in before 2.

Bob is filthy.  The filthiest from any tow yet.  Photo doesn’t do the windshild justice. Love the hand drawn map

We like this set up much better than the last.  Peaceful with only 3 other sites filled. 

Fire time!



June 09, 2021 Hectic Kamloops Day

I wake up before my alarm, I’m not a really good sleeper at the best of times.  I shower/dress, wake Allan.  We are on the road by 8.  We like to arrive at 820ish to avoid the 8a line ups. 

This was our best experience.  We breeze right in, there is almost no one in the store.  We finish up super quick, head back to Bailey to unload.

Off again now to (to return some mouse poison, we couldn’t get the trap to open to insert the poison), yes sadly and inexplicably we still have mice.  Did one manage to catch a ride from Sicamous?  A mystery! We still have some of the original poison, hopefully enough to get rid of them.   

We  make a few purchases, now off to explore downtown Kamloops.   We walk around a bit before heading for lunch at Kelly O’Bryan’s.  Food and service were great!

With full bellies, we head to Riverside Park. 

What’s that on the hill?  We can’t make it out, looks like a hole-y building.  Allan uses his new 30x zoom on his cell…Still no clue, another mystery.

Sightseeing done, we head back at about 2.   So many trains here.

Allan is so excited to FINALLY seen a bear!  Looks like he’s scratching his elbow!!   Better than looking at us!!!





An observant eye will have noticed the metal stake behind the bear 🙂

We decided to go to    to see a bear!  We saw 4 Allan is happy.

Bear, sad he just wants out   He continually walked the fence line. 

Some of the others there 

I have waaayyy more photos but will not bore you with them. LOL

We had a big, action packed day!  Ended up with more than 17,000 steps! Time to rest up for our drive to Lac la Hache.  Hoping the mouse/mice stay in Kamloops!

June 08, 2021

Today we leave Sicamous for Kamloops.  We enjoyed the area, town and campground.  Mostly, exception the long weekend, there were no more than 4 sites occupied.  We didn’t even have to close our blinds cause no one was near.

Start off by giving Bailey a much required bath.  Allan got it done quicker than the last time we were at one of these.  Last time it was $60.       

Clean Bailey! Only issue, yes there is always an issue, the stairs aren’t going in completely.  Fortunately, they go in far enough.  We’ll see what we can do about them upon arrival in Kamloops.

We pass a sign “Blasting ahead, expect 30 minute delay”.  We’ve passed many of these signs, none had any delays.  Turn a corner…View to the right 

Delay was more like 15 minutes, this is the blasting area causing the delay.

Arrive at Kamloops RV Park 

Check in   

   #7 our spot, will we even fit?

Barely !     

We arrive Tuesday, leave Thursday.  Main purpose is to stock up at Costco so we’re good.  Would have been disappointed if we were here for a while.

Adjacent to the park is the BC Wildlife Park.  We walk over and find this tidbit and learn the last entry is 430, park closes at 5.  Not enough time to go today,  maybe tomorrow.The view across the street         

           The plan for the morning is to be at Costco for 815a tomorrow. 





June 1 & 2, 2021

June 01 – Start the month visiting D. Dutchment Dairy.  We take the long way down what we call Bear Road cause not only are there supposed to be  bears & deer (never saw one yet) but now turtles.  

Eagle eye, Allan spots some on a log. Yahoo!  We get out to take a photo 🙂

Allan taking the money shoot!   

20 things you didn’t know about turtles.  These guys are engaging in #17.

Where do turtles go for the winter?  Most turtles go underwater in the winter. They can spend over 100 days underwater. Turtles usually swim to the bottom of the pond or river under the frozen surface. Turtles winter in the water because the temperature is much more stable (and usually warmer) than the temperature of the air.

Feeling giddy that we finally saw something, we head to the dairy. Turns out they have tons of delicious cheeses and even more flavours of ice cream.

Their dairy cows, housed behind the store, smell so very, very bad.  We took the photos and ran.

Fast forward to tomorrow:  Allan is still smelling them, I suggest he uses Vicks – does the trick!

I don’t know anything about cows but this one looks like it should have been milked already!           

Done here we head off to give Bob a much needed bath.   They call this the “tropical wash”

June 02 – Today is chore day.   I tackle Bob’s windshield and grill that was laden with splattered bugs.  Yet another Jeep thing!   

This makes the job easy…   

Allan doctoring Bailey’s tow receiver

And Bob’s receptacle   

Bailey windshield time, Windex then Rainex

Worked hard enough today!  Dinner time, Allan watching Davy come to temp!  This photo makes me smile way too much!  Love you!!

Finally fire time!!

And now something completely useless!

What does the Indy500 & mice have in common?

They both made an appearance on May 30th.

I prepared a cucumber salad when I first woke up, so I know there was no mouse poop in the drawer.

Being on the West Coast brings the advantage of seeing the race at 945a.  We celebrate the pending start with Bailey’s and coffee.  Kyle brought us each a chocolate on a stick that is meant to be dipped in coffee.  Today is the day we dip!  It was delicious!!   

Allan sets up outdoors            Love it!

We’re racing!  It’s a exciting/disconcerting seeing the 135,000 fans in the stands!

A butterfly come by to visit.  When he left, he took a break on our awning.  🦋The winner, Helio!!  He raced for Roger Penske until he was removed and put on Roger’s Nascar team.  He had something to prove, he did.  Allan likes him, me not so much.

It was an exciting race, especially so as Josef finished 12th (I expected much more from him), Colton 16th.

Inside, after the race, I open the cutlery drawer to find 🐭💩    We have no mouse deterrent, we each had coffee & baileys = no driving for us today.  We know we will be overpaying but head to the little store on the grounds to see if they have mouse   They do, but not for sale for their own use.  They give us a block, super nice of them!!  Bob, the camp host, recommends using Empty the drawers, add the mouse nummies, wash everything and hope to never see a mouse or it’s poop again.

Dinner making time.  Smoke never gets old!

Steak, Kyle’s garlic butter, cucumber salad and tomatoes. 

            Fire time   

The evening sky



May Random Photos

May 18th  BOO  Hail     

May 19Drive to the outskirts of Sicamous, this guy hitched a rideStop to enjoy the view.  This drive taught us is route is the faster one to Salmon Arm.

on May 26th


The prairie dogs that had free reign of the mini golf area are now being trapped.  Hope they are being relocated.  We’re sad they were fun to watch.

Whoops – I posted instead of just saving the draft.  Wait there is more! LOL

Here I continue!

A first!  Watch TV on the iPad. We wanted to have a fire & watch the news, iPad hooked up quicker than the TV would. That’s my 🔥 god grabbing a flame!

May 27th – Rain rain go away.  What better way to spend a rainy day?   Nails all done for a bit!

That’s all for now folks!