Christmas Tree day, December 08, 2022

But first yesterday’s advent calendar, can’t believe I forgot it in yesterday’s post.  Allan, strongly disliked Peanut Butter Porter, but Allan doesn’t like PB anything!  I traded my Reisling

We are “out” early, before 9, a rarity for us. The reason?  We’d like to learn to play the fastest growing sport in America.  Guess what it is, click here to learn.  They have lessons Tues & Thurs at 9am.

The lesson went as well as could be expected.   Scoring takes a bit to get used to. We had fun and now have our own paddles on order.

Pick some oranges on the way back, the park is full of orange, grapefruit & lemon trees.

We went to the library that has computers & printers.  We printed out our Sun Peak show tickets

There are several tables with puzzles in vaious state of doneness.  Anyone can sit down and contribute to the completion.

It’s repair the outdoor light time with yet another RV tech.  You may remember the horror with the last crew “Pirate Mobile RV”

There are so many mobile RV techs it’s difficult to know who to select.  We saw Jamie in the Walmart parking lot on Saturday.  Allan had a chat with him, fingers crossed!

Jamie arrived at the scheduled time and had the outdoor light short repaired within one hour.  He didn’t charge aany travel time, got the job done.  He is the fairest tech we’ve had.  We will not hesitate to recommend him. Our 🎄 arrives!     

Advent Day 8 to enjoy while decorating

Allan is kind of liking this one.  Not amber but he’s drinking it:)

Allan in action!

The wall 

    The tree

Bailey Tree 2022                                                             Woodland Tree 2013

Such a big change of lifestyle over the years!

Our first night here, walking back from the hot tub we say “what’s with all the lit penises?”  Turns out the woodworking shop, years ago, made a different theme for every street.  There are our penises, howling at the moon, snowflakes, snowmen, on and on.

At the ” Raising Frosty” get together, one of the neighbours, Rob, says he has an extra penis.  Lucky us, we are now the displayers of our very own “on loan” penis!

Our street, “Penis Lane” with Frosty looking on

RC Cars, Welcome Back, Chick-Fil-A, December 07, 2022

The park has a RC car track, they meet at 9 Wednesdays – we are here to watch them race.  We are surprised at how many participants there are, these are just a few

Kissing to make up? 

Onward to Winter Visitors Welcome Bash.  No idea what this is but we are game!

Turns out it’s a lot of vendors giving away stuff.  Pretty busy, lots of people

Santa says to Allan “You are on one of two lists!”  Let’s guess which one he’s one!!!

Our loot as laid out when we got home.  The best part, is the thermal bags.  The one we have from Newmarket Hydro has seen way better days!

*** Take note of the jello shots! ***

Next…  Neither of us have been to Chick-Fil-A (or In-N-Out Burger another on our hit list).  Today is the day for the Chick!

We both declare the burgers & whaffle fries delicious!10 things to try to say without sounding sarcastic: 1. That’s great 2. Good for you 3. Have fun 4. Fascinating 5. Thanks for that 6. Well done you 7. Good luck with that 8. Sounds thrilling 9. What a shame 10. Wow

Not sure I agree with these but perhaps I should stop the “good for you”

Howling at the Moon, December’s full moon

Street Party, December 05, 2022

We are now official residents.  We traded in our temp badges for the real thing We lucked out, our street. Ingrid Bergman has “this street only”, pot luck events.  Advent Day 5:  Allan deems this better than yesterday’s brew.  Love the different wine bottle names

Today’s is caroling, raising Frosty and feasting!

The organizers, Wendy & Frank 

                                    We meet so many new people! Fortunately, the name tags help keeping it straight.  

Caroling….    Aren’t we fabulous!

Go Frosty go ☃️☃️☃️

This will be followed by the park’s Christmas Cart Parade.  This is a little sampling

End the evening in the hot tub!  Then we watch a few episodes of “Highway to Hell”  Even more fun because we’ve been on it, in sun & snow.

 Another full day comes to an end.

December, so far! 2022

Dec 01 – Advent Calendar Begin Day!!   A wonderful day!!

Dec 02 – Move Day!, !  This is officially, our shortest drive to a new park day. 11 minutes down the road

Goodbye Western Sands, It’s been a productive month! As I’m following Allan I spot???  Yep, undies wanting to escape the dryer vent.

Hello Sun Vista RV Resort.  Entrance is little different, the guard will protect us againt all evil!  Or will he?  He is observant, he did mention the undies in the vent 😃

Allan goes through the gate, my turn.. the guard says, Allan said you’d pay and side bar, “look at those panties”.  He figured it out right away, are we not the first to have vent exposure?

Our street         

We are all stars here!  All set up!

I will miss the view from Bailey of Telegraph Hill.  It reminded me everyday I was super woman to have made it up to the top!

Advent day 2, Allan liked yesterday’s beer betterIt’s now time to head downtown to rescue Santa. missing from his sleigh

Lots of vendors & entertainment, this was a high school choir. This is my present from Allan!! “MK” for my crocs!  Love it!!My own Santa!  🎅 

Before saving Santa, dinner!!  Meatball sandwiches. yummy!!

Dinner done, off to rescue Santa.  There he is high onto of city hall!  Oh boy!!

Looks like us rescuers will need a bit of assistance.  Here they are!

A first for us!  Never saw Santa needing fire engine assistance!  A fun evening ending in the We both thought this was a little one compared to our last park.  Wrong this is much huge-er!  It has crazy jets that shoots the water out of the tub!

Dec 03 – First rain since we’ve been in Yuma, results in flash back to Vancouer Island rains 

Still, we’re BCers rain can not deter us!

The locals know who aren’t, we’re the ones wearing 🌧️ coats.  As the Sunniest Place in the World, Yuma has an average of 308 sunny days per year… that’s 4,000 hours of pure  Vitamin D! Off to the Yuma Christmas Extravaganza

Seems it may have detered others though, wasn’t quite an extravaganza

Back home to our advent calendars

My wine is delicious, Allan deems his beer… drinkable!

❤️ the sunsets   

Dec 04 – In & Around the Park

Trees decorated by various groups in the park

Some of the available activities, a little mind boggling

Exercise bikes!  Didn’t get me any steps = I’ll stick to walking

Fun Park includes a huge RC car track, we’ll have to pop by when they are racing, Monday’s 9am.  We don’t do early very well nowadaysThey have a fire pit here, may have to have a fire one day.  Another cool thing is they separate dog owners, our area is no dogs.  Kind of nice not to hear yappy puppies.

Today’s advent offerings.  Allan thought this was a better Indian Pale Ale, I think he’s anxious to be done with pale ales.

Our first dinner on our charcoal grill, AKA Joey since, it feels like, forever.  They did not allow grills in the previous park.

Chef Allan did not lose this touch!  Steaks cut like butter!❤️❤️Love this face ❤️❤️





Bailey’s New Flooring November 28, 2022

Two weeks ago, after an extensive search, we found.a mobile company to replace our flooring.  Carlos came by, quoted the install and left us a list of what to buy at Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet.

We set up the install for Monday to ensure the ordered items were in on time.  The install crew is to arrive between 9 & 10.

1030 still not crew, time to call.  Carlos answers, surprising me a bit, seems the issue was Big Bob’s could not find our order.

1112 Here they are   😀

We contacted an RV dealership who said it would take a week to complete..

Let the install begin,  Meet Jose and Chewy!

Fast Forward:  They were done in 13 hours!

Who’s the boss!   This guy!!

   Measure twice cut once

  The boss is on the lookout!

Click here for A little noisy!

Is this cut too large?   

Colours are similar so it’s hard to tell, but, boy do I know.  Happy to get rid of the mold and years of use!   New carpet is more plushy and springy.

                  Before                                                               After

Very pleased!  Happy we found these guys!!

San Luis November 27, 2022

We toyed with crossing the border at San Luis but were told by several folks it may not be safe as the Cartel reins.   Our google searches confirmed we’ll just visit the Arizona side.

The flat, produce filled drive

Funky apartment outside of San LuisHere we are 🙂  Hopefully we’ll find a great MargaritaThe town centre tree 

Town is pretty much shut down on Sunday.  Can’t get the pronouncement of this street correctly even with our 300+ days of Duolingo Spanish.  Contessa you/ve got this 🙂  Behind the sign is the Mexican border

Another view of the crossing 

  Flowers in November, love it!

Donald’s wall!

Close up

In total, Trump’s admin  built 52 miles of wall where no barrier previously existed, with some wall segments costing American taxpayers up to $46 million per mile.
Trump buid 458 miles of barrier “border wall security” before Biden was elected
End of wall education!
Hot tub time 🙂  Was a fun day, perhaps next time we will cross?


Happy US Thanksgiving & Don’t Turn a Wheel Day

Today is a no drive day so how better to start it off….

TIP!  Don’t waste your money on this coffee.  It’s OK with the additives without = ICK!

Not a today thing, but huge shout out to Allan.  On his “dental surgery” day in Mexico he picked up this t-shirt I liked the last time we was there. Such a Sweetie!Still not about today BUT, I read a DIY tip on cleaning a dishwasher.  1 cup vinegar run on a hot cycle with no dishes.   Over the last couple of months, I’ve done this 3 times with the same curious results.  How does this black, gritty stuff find it’s way into the bowl but no where else!?                                 Kyle you may be able to solve this 🙂

Finally!!   Back to today!  We’re setting out to find a trail we can walk to as it’s a no Bob day.

Right outside Bailey’s door we find a white feather!! Bottom right of the photo

“Feathers appear when Angels are near!”  This brought the biggest smile to my face!!!! Mom/Omi, our angel is always near but so nice to be reminded!

Didn’t find the trail, we would have had to turn up a street with no sidewalks, we’re not fans of “street walking”.  We opt to visit a neighbouring park, West Winds Golf & RV Resort.  This park is huge with 1024 sites.  We’ll easily get our 10k steps 🙂

Lots of, still vacant sites.  We’ve heard Jan-Mar is the busiest time in Yuma, will it fill the park?

Spot Allan?   

At just under 10k steps and to give Allan’s hip a break it’s Reward TimeThis gives me an even bigger smile, back at Bailey a few hours after the first spotting and with wind gusts over 30mph/48kph the feather is still here!!Feather is as determined as Mom always was ❤️  Sure do miss her!

Next up is the park’s complimentary turkey/ham with all the trimmings dinner

Delicious dinner shared with two fun couples.  Lots of laughs and story telling

Next, of course, hot tub where we meet up with Ricky who suggests we may enjoy watching “12 Strong” on Netflix.  We did and would recommend this documentary.

I moved “Mom feather” indoors  Feeling happy she’ll be on our adventures with us!

So ends our US Thanksgiving



Fortuna Mine in the Barry M. Goldwater Range, November 20, 2022

To enter Barry M. Goldwater Range you must obtain a permit, even if you are not driving.   Requirements: watch a video then complete an exam. Once done the permit is free and lasts from July 01 to Jun 30th.  The permit allows you to explore, target practice, boondock for up to 14 days in any 28 day period.  Nope, not doing that!

“The Barry M. Goldwater Range is the third largest military reservation in the United States. Since its establishment in 1941, the Goldwater Range has served continuously as a tactical air combat training center. The restricted airspace that defines the Goldwater Range covers about 2.7 million acres and contains 57,000 cubic miles of airspace. This airspace extends over most of Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, but no ground-based military activities occur there.”

For our first time off roading in quite a while, Allan selects a shorter trail, Fortuna Mine.  The ability to go 25 mph doesn’t last long.  Click  The ride beginsWe entered the facility at 1103a by 1112a we were checked to ensure we have our permits!  Good he did as he also gave us an area map which kind of ended up saving us. He also checked this toy, so it’s not just us.  He had a taser and a mean looking gun so thought it best not to take a photo of him.

No idea what 54 represents but love the sun 

This way to Fortuna Mine!

Bob is raring to go… 

Can this city born Bob make it?  Here’s hoping!!

We learn in the video some ordnances may still be active.    We also learn we may encounter rattlesnakes and wildlife.  FF:  We saw none, only one lonely bird and Allan missed it

Guidance here is by post.  Our first A5We wonder how many other toys we will encounter, the first 2 are approaching

Then nothing, no more toys, no more posts. We drive and drive

Bob says “don’t worry, you are in good tires”  I’ll get you back!There are two ways we can go.  With no directional posts to help, we get out and each walk up the “road” a bit

We think we did an incorrect turn somewhere cause timing wise we should be at Fortuna Mines.  Such exciting times, with amazing scenery.

Finally, post A6A

Drive and drive and drive some more!  In the distance we see what we thing may be a cell tower.  Hopefully, we’ll regain cell service!

Nope, wrong again it’s an emergency call tower.  There are no markers to it, nothing on the map – what’s the chances you’ll run into distress in front of this? A directional post would be helpful.

On we go.. click Bumpty, bump

No directional post but a point of interest…

It wasn’t that interesting

Very nice   

Are we just totally lost?

Nope!  When we least expect to, we turn the corner and there it is!  Made it to Fantuna Mine!

This guy likely found Fantuna quicker than we did, LOL The road back!  We are feeling a little relieved

The closer we get to civilization, the quicker we directional posts appear.  You know, when you really don’t need them

To the left of the post, there it is Telegraph Hill that we still can’t believe we climbedWe’re BACK!!     Will Allan remember how to drive on a real road?  

Back at Bailey we check out what our friend, Miranda calls “Desert Pinstriping”It sounds worse when it happens, than chalk on a chalkboard!

Mexico & Teeth, November 18, 2022

Today we visit 2 States & 2 Countries 🙂

I’m a little leery of getting my teeth cleaned in Mexico cause I have super sensitive gums.  Being the trooper I am and cause Allan has an on/off tooth issue off we go.  Our friends recommended Rubio Dental, with 400 dentists to choose from in Los Algodones we’ll go with the recommendation.

We arrive at 9am, when the “receptionist” learns we wish a cleaning (instead of some major) he whisks us off to the neighbouring dental clinic he says is his “brother’s”

I feel like a sheep being led to slaughter!  This is where he takes us   

Here we are, having filled out their forms 

Within minutes we are both in dental chairs

Happy to say it went well, we now both have pearly whites!

Allan however, needs to have a crown replaced.  He has had on/off issues with it for a while now. His last Canadian dental visit they told him he was on borrowed time so we believe it is time.  Question, replace in Mexico or wait till we get back?  We are leaning towards Mexico.  It will be $300, we are trying to determine how much coverage we have at home but Blue Cross isn’t making that easy.

Off we roam with our clean teeth.  Such a colourful place 🙂

Lunch time!     

Started out on the patio but the wind picked up so in we go

Doves on the roof keeping us lunch company!  We are 2nd in line to get back to the States. The line ups can be horrendous which is why we do the early lunch then head back.  No issues crossing back, all we bought was some hot sauce this time.

We’re lacking steps

So stop at the West Wetland Park, our first visit, we have been to the East Wetland Park.  This one is bigger

We didn’t see any!

Colorado River

Preparing for a fire??

Step mission accomplished! 

This happy guy HAS a beer!  Trying out a new one, Kilt Lifter, a Scottish style amber ale

Think we are on the right track!