This is us!

Hi and Welcome to our “Bailey” blog!

Our travels so far:


Our names are Allan and Mary-Ann.

Koodos to Glenn Rodger Photography for the impromptu photo.


We both choose a driver at the beginning of the IndyCar season. The driver who finishes the race ahead of the other gets first place status on the dash, until the next race.

It has been our dream to travel.  More specially we are IndyCar racing mega fans; it is our goal to travel to every race.

First step done, Bailey has been purchased we are anxiously awaiting pickup on November 2, 2018.

Bailey at South Padre Island

June 05, We did it!

We spent the 14 days, eating well, exercising, playing crib & cards, and of course-having fires!

Many thanks to our friends, Doris & Kevin for driving us home to pick up a vehicle.   We know “Gran” will need a boost.  Allan gets to use his hand held super booster for the first time.  Success Gran starts!  Allan heads out to Home Depot while I clean things up.   A few minutes later I hear…

The right rear wheel is locked.   Grrrr, we didn’t anticipate this problem.

Allan rocks it back and forth, forth and back.  Still locked.  Even cure all WD40 doesn’t help.  Need to move it as we can’t get Allan’s vehicle out of the garage.  Call the tow 🙁

What do you do while waiting?  Go through 5 months of mail!!

Everything we could, we changed to online and still this pile!

Yahoo, the tow is here!!

Load it up!!

Impressive skid mark!

Bye, bye Gran.  Not looking forward to this bill.Bonus, Allan loaded the summer tires for the swap out!

At least “Snowball”  didn’t let us down, needed a boost but here we are.

To celebrate our freedom we get Italian food, of course using Door Dash.

Saturday & Sunday, May 30/31, 2020

It’s been a crazy weather week! Beginning of the week we were under a heat wave with extreme humidity.  End of the week, fierce thunder storms.                             Saturday, aka              was an exciting, dreary weather, very windy day.

Excitement 1) Allan had our first, virtual notary signing docs experience using   Appointment was set for 1030a. All you require is 2 devices, computer & cell.  Allan signed, the notary signed all done by 1050a!

Excitement 2)  Kelvin, our friend, brought Allan a case of Rickard’s Red.  Is  he going to like it as much as before?  Chill the beer, chill the glass. 

Humm, likes it but???  Maybe should have had it on a clean, no beer palate?  Tomorrow the first beer, in a chilled glass will tell the tale.  

Got a fire in after dinner.  Then on the recommendations of a RV group, we watched RV with Robin Williams.  We got many chuckles, it’s worth watching. 

May 31st

Made it to double digits           

Today’s weather much like yesterday’s.  Very windy and chilly.  This should be shorts weather not jeans!  

Allan’s first beer of the day, Rickard’s in a chilled glass!    Now that his palate was not spoiled by other ambers….The love affair is back!  Gone too quick for a photo.To cap off the day, Kelvin who’s wanted a golf cart since we’ve known him, bought one today!   Drive safely!!

Friday, May 29, 2020

We got another call from the Government of Canada.  We were out walking and missed the call.  Her voice mail said, no problem she will call again.  

Also received a call from Government of Ontario again, this one a recording that said “You are doing so good!  You are now past the half way point, on day 8, and are helping to flatten the curve”.

Day 7 is really day 8.  They count the day you enter Ontario as day 1.  This makes today a 2fer!! 

We found a new exercise buddy, Lucy Wyndham Read 

Looks like we are rained out for a fire again tonight. 

Clouds rolling in rather quickly…

Dark for 3pm, and it’s here very windy and storming

Crib time!!

Thursday, May 28, Rain Day

I’ll use this rainy day to recap our almost week back.  May has had crazy weather, May 9th it snowed, that was before we got back, last 2 days there was a heat advisory in effect.  Today just rainy and yucky.

May 23 – First thing every morning our chalkboard gets updated for our self quarantine period.

Allan is happy with his amber beer selection.  He wonders how much he’ll like his @RedRickards once he gets some again.   For now @yuenglingbeer  is the favourite.  Maybe because Allan likes canned better than bottled beer?

We are permitted to wander around the park.  Rules: 6′ apart or wear a mask.       We walk with our masks at the ready         

Crib time       


Caesar time!    Allan makes 

We see a vehicle drive by with 2 dudes, do not recognize it. They are staring at Bailey and slow down even more; checking on us?  Later in the day, the  Government of Canada calls to ensure we know the quarantine rules and are not venturing out. Even though they only have one telephone number for us we were not permitted to just pass the cell.

All that time in Florida and not one gator viewing, who knew Allan would be luckier to see one here.  Photo snapped right before my dash away…  Allan gets his Government of Canada call. Are you self quarantined?, etc.  Same script.  Same answers.  We are rule followers!

                                               Gator seems to love us or the fires, always lurking

Super amusing, maybe sad story about this, (side note doors aren’t closed because one is off the rails and needs parts the other doesn’t slide)

Government of Ontario calls to confirm we know the quarantine rules.  They handle it better asking if she may be put on speaker so she could speak with both of us at the same time.  Way to go, Ontario!!  We thought our 14 days is up on the June 5th, she said it was the 4th yahoo!

Gator still lurking, hope it’s the log he’s after.

TV time!


May 22, Cross the border day

We wake up earlier than anticipated, by that I mean, Allan woke up earlier.  Before Allan gets up, I win the jackpot!             

                                                                Seems easier to win now-a-days.

Park is getting busier.  It’s the Memorial Day weekend, park has zero availability.  We’re glad it’s time to leave.

We pack up, empty the tanks and add Happy Camper

We’ve been wanting to try this for a bit but delivery never worked.  Now it did!  We are hoping it will help our sensors.     🚽

We leave at 725a; 65,735k

On our walks, this lazy animal kept catching my attention! Finally see what it really is….                   

Bye, bye terrifying Canada Geese with babies

We must stop for groceries, beer, wine! We select @kroger in Lapeer because their site shows what aisles  items are in reducing the looking around time.

This was the biggest !

The rule is you must wear a mask or facsimile thereof.  Directional aisles in force.  Wrong!  No one to wipe down the carts, people have masks, many around their necks, numerous people not going the right direction.  I was super, happy to get out of there.  We are stocked for our 14 day quarantine, mission accomplished.

            Next stop, Love’s for fuel,       

windshield cleaning (a Covid benefit!  This used to be my job, now I sit inside like a princess)

and tire check.  The front tire that made Allan want to retest all the tires turned out to not be the culprit.

Passenger side, inside drive tire was down to 65lbs should be at 105!

They give us options:  1) We, they would not do it for us due to liability, pump some air into the tire 2) Take Bailey into the bay, remove the outer and inner tire to determine why the tire is down.  Even though we are anxious to keep going this is a no brainer!

Seems like forever till the guy in the bay leaves!  Finally,

We are not permitted to stay in Bailey – out we go.  Glenn, the tire tech, places the jack under her.

Learning experience:  The blue thing is what lifts Bailey so the jack may be placed in the correct spot.

Tires off              Glenn checks and determines NFF (no fault found).  No nails, the valve is good.  We would have felt better if there was a reason, that’s a lot of missing air.

Tires back on.  We were curious on how much this would cost, pleasantly surprised – total cost $42.11.  How do they make money?  This little adventure,  took 2-1/4h.

Next stop the border.  But first the toll bridge.

Not a car in sight, happy there is an RV lane.   

Sometimes we must use the truck lane, this line is fairly long snaking around the corner.   We see the border, deserted!  Only one Class A ahead of us

Our turnThe border agent asks standard questions then asks if we know we must quarantine for 14 days.  Yes, we do.  Have enough food to last?  Yes, we do!  OK proceed.  Well that was easy!! Crossing took less than 5 minutes.

More vehicles on the road than anticipated.

Almost at our summer park

Arrived at 543p, it was a long day.

Dinner time! 


Good night!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Dreary but we are determined to have a fire today. 

Look another jackpot!     

The fire pit looks more like a pond but here goes…wood Allan lovingly axed!     

Have to build a “sub floor”  in the hopes the fire will catch and help dry the pond.    Sprinkle in some kindling    

Light it up and hope!

                               My Fire God does it!                   

                                       Gotta love fire days!

Monday, May 18

Another dreary, rainy day.

What to do??

EAT!!       Breakfast…             

Play some games then,  EAT AGAIN!!


Cucumber salad, cauliflower & broccoli salad (Allan calls it cheese salad) with Allan’s stuffed red peppers.

We would like to have a fire!

May 17, 2020

Another dreary, rainy day, Rain, rain go away!

Not much to do but play crib and plan dinner.  These are the most yummy meatballs that we found at a Costco Roadshow.  Should have bought more, having the last few balls tonight with zucchini noodles.  


Dinner was delicious!  Forgot to take photos. 

Hopefully, tomorrow’s weather will be nicer but it isn’t looking good. 


Friday, Travel Day

Up early, my worry the slide won’t close was for not, as Allan predicted. It is at quite the angle. Allan has replaced toilet flusher, shade motor and more this is the next challenge.  Rehang the heavy, heavy door. 

The rain could have waited until we were all packed up but that’s what raincoats are for!

Goodbye KOA Lebanon

                                                          We’ll be back!!

                       Today’s drive     

Took us a moment to figure out what was up ahead

Yep, on the correct highway    

Truckers transport the most unusual objects, what’s this?

You gotta love when the highway goes through a downtown, this one is Van Wert. What’s this guy towing?    More weird stuff!  Kyle, this is what we were seeing when we were on the phone with you.  Finally we know what something is, a blade from a wind turbine​.

Fun fact: The blades of the wind turbines are 120 feet long so that the total height from the ground to the tip of the blade is more than 380 feet, approximately the height of a 32-story building. How fast do the blades turn? Depending on wind conditions, the blades turn at rates between 10 and 20 revolutions per minute.

Let’s go quick to where there are no clouds, up ahead!Last State before entering Canada When did Michigan change to Pure Michigan?  Pure Michigan began as an advertising campaign launched in 2008 by the state of Michigan, featuring the voice of actor and comedian Tim Allen, using the title song from The Cider House Rules as the background music in television commercials.

Sad, we knew it was coming announcement!  Especially when the Toronto Caribbean Carnival was cancelled on April 8th and it runs after the Indy.

Honda Indy postponed because of COVID-19. TORONTO — The Honda Indy Toronto will not be held on its scheduled dates of July 10-12. Race promoters, Green Savoree Racing Promotions, made the decision on Friday after the city announced it was cancelling permits for major events and festivals for July and August because of the COVID-19 crisis.

@GreenSavoree are the same promoters as the St. Pete’s race.  Just like St. Pete’s we will not be getting our money back for this race.  We did get a refund, almost immediately when the Detroit race was cancelled.  Roger Penske rocks! 

I’d be OK with no refunds if they said, we can’t afford to refund – if we have a chance of keeping the series going please bear with us.  I would!!  Instead they say, read the back of your tickets, no refunds under any circumstances.  Will I still be a fan on the flip side????

Remember those new wipers, hurray for them! Raining hard and harder!  Thanks again Jeff and Wipers123.com 

Shopping stops not required, Kroger delivered yesterday, we’re good on fuel so only back break stops required.  We arrive at 130pWe were here last year, see the August 26/19 post.

Check in is a little different this time, turn around Allan!

Set up!A little closer to our neighbours than we’d like.  This site is 116, last year we were next site over 118.

180 deg view The fullest park we’ve stayed in.  

Walk around the park, love the animals.

And of course the turkeys.  Allan, do turkeys fly?