Repair day, July 15, 2024

We put the “Check Engine” light out of our minds as best we could for race weekend.  Monday morning is here and we get to worry again.  The repair place is an authorized Freightliner Elite dealer, Trunk Center in Altoona.  Fortunately it’s only a 27 minute, a loonngg 27 minutes.  From experience a heavy tow takes about 7 hours to arrive; doesn’t seem to matter how far you must be towed.

We made it, what a relief!!!

They do not take appointments, it’s first come first serve.  We arrive at 933, Bailey is in at 1154.

We go for breakfast, then hang out at Bass Pro; score cargo shorts for Allan and super cool crocs that are on sale and sandals for me!!  Allan finds a bear!

Then off to the casino, Prairie Meadows.  We joined the loyalty club, you get $5.00 slot play and get to spin a wheel.  Yahoo I won an omelet maker, Allan’s spin won him an additional $10 in slot play.

Forgot to mention we got DUCKED at the race track.   Thanks Kris for the big smiles!

We DUCKED a Jeep at the casino

Back to now, Des Moines here we come!  It’s super hot      Let’s have a beer before we explore..

Des Moines

Whoops, didn’t take photos

At 330, as we are on our way back to Altoona for an early dinner, we get a call, oh no, this can’t be good!  But it was!  Bailey is ready, this doesn’t happen to us.

We hoped to stay at the repair place overnight but the story is their insurance doesn’t allow it so off we go to Adventureland RV Campground 6 minutes down the road.

We’re set up and the nice weather day turns quickly.

It got real when we heard the sirens. So scary but happy all ended well!

What’s the photo?  It’s a girl in the Pro Bass large aquarium cleaning the glass.

Double header at Iowa, July 13/14, 2024

07/13 Today’s race doesn’t start till 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM ET, which is 7 here.  There are concerts and NXT qualifications and race, action packed day.

Race 1 top 3:  Scott McLaughlin, Pato O’Ward, Josef Newgarden (not bad as he started 22nd)

07/14:  Fly by race 2   

Oh my!  Turned out I’m a loser 🙁

It’s a little hot, feels like 42 = 107.6f 

Race 2 Results

1. (22) Will Power
2. (2) Alex Palou
3. (1) Scott McLaughlin
Miss a few…
6. (7) Pato O’Ward
7. (14) Josef Newgarden

Last lap of the race, Will Power had already taken the checkered flag, Alex Rossi on the back stretch ran out of fuel and slowed considerable.  Stingray Rob (named after the Corvette) not anticipated the slow down ran into him.  His spotter, D’Wayne, who is a FB friend of Allan’s should have warned him.  The resultThankfully he’s OK.

Next up…   Post Malone concert



Iowa Speedway, Day 2 – July 12, 2024

We’ve recovered from yesterday’s anxiety and are ready for an exciting weekend!

Today is explore the track to get familiarize with where stuff is.

We are right next to an small airport; Newton Municipal Airport – Earl Johnson Field

Being in Iowa there are corn fields galore.  Fun fact: “Corn has been the top crop in Iowa for more than 150 years running! And that’s not because Iowa farmers just can’t think of anything better to grow. It’s because Iowa is the best place on the planet to grow corn. Iowa has a growing season that is long enough and warm enough to suit corn production.”

Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener,
That is what I’d truly like to be-ee-ee.
‘Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener,
Everyone would be in love with me.

Track side spots were sold out, Allan spoke to a Hy-Vee dude who said the tickets went on sale at midnight and were sold out by 1am.  We didn’t stand a chance.  We “settled” for Club Seats, ours are in the orange section further to the right. We get food/drink and an air conditioned room

Around the grounds

Entrance to the paddock area

Other side of the tunnel, the grass is red!

The paddocks

Tram/Tractor ride back 

Next up; the Pit Stop challenge between 6 teams.  Poop!  The winning team, Will Power, one of my least favourite drivers. Back to Bailey where we re-watch the practice.And that’s the day wrap up 

    Today’s steps.  Will sleep well tonight 🙂

Next Stop: Iowa Speedway, July 11, 2024

Along the route there is a flood advisory in effect, hope we luck out.

Driving into clouds   

Back through Peoria we go!

We get the warning                       Fortunately all is good, no flood

1121a We cross into Iowa and EDT, now it’s CDT

Up & down the hills we go, we just passed a semi, still in the passing lane when we approach a hill and the semi passes us.  Allan says, that’s unusual.  The engine light has been continually on.

Not my photos as we came across it too quickly but it looked so interesting.  It’s the World’s Largest Truck Stop!  It’s about 2h from here; not sure where we’re going next but it would be fun to visit.

There is a Love’s right by the track; we stop to fill up.

Allan starts up; now the error is “Stop Engine”  Yep, stuff can always get worse!  We are a 3 minute drive to the track. Why us?

We pull into a spot; will have to unhook Bob cause we can’t back up.

Bob’s temp when we unlooked   

Our newest error codes!  One thing to retrieve another to understand, which we don’t.  This Love’s has a repair garage, Allan goes and chats with them.  The mechanic says he likely won’t be able to repair but does hook up with computer.  Nope he can’t help but did give us a print out of the errors.  When Allan restarted the “Stop Engine” light was off.  Allan makes the scary decision to do the 3 minute drive to the track.

Here we are!!   “The Fastest Short Track on the Planet”

Wish us luck!!

Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course, weekend July 04 – 07, & some of 08 & 09 2024

We are so excited to be here and secure in our spot!Our road         

Our neighbours decoratedIt’s stinking hot and humid, we’re happy our generator and air conditioners haven’t let us down.

The next 3 days will be packed with excitement.  We decided to choice a driver in the leader series named Indy NXT.  The drivers compete to be offered a ride in IndyCar.  I choose Jacob Abel car 51; Allan’s dude is Caid Collet car 18. Our end of the season reward for winning = breakfast at your choice of restaurant.

Current points standings Jacob 345, Caid 315.  The cars race by so quickly, it hard to capture a photo.  This is my best attempt

One of these guys is heading the wrong direction… the one on the right in the first photo



One of us isn’t happy with qualifying, Allan 2, me…

Saturday night fire works 🙂

“R” (race) Day, yahoo!!

This is the debut of their new (Allan you may be interested in this link) hybrid engine.  Let’s see how it does.

“The strength of this uncharted partnership between Chevrolet and Honda has pushed this innovative project to the grid in 2024,” INDYCAR President Jay Frye said. “The INDYCAR-specific hybrid power unit will bring a new and exciting element to the NTT INDYCAR SERIES with additional energy and overtake options. We cannot wait to see the start of this new era at Mid-Ohio.”

No more photos, going to be concentrating on watching.  🙂

One of us isn’t happy with the results.  Allan finished first; me 25th or 3rd from last and one lap down. Why?? What the heck happened??

Josef Newgarden explains his penalties

Newgarden was slapped with a trio of penalties late on. The first was for speeding in the pits, and the second for failing to heed instructions from IndyCar.

Bizarrely, the 33-year-old took another punishment for speeding in the pit lane whilst serving a drive through penalty for his previous offence.

What seems like an amateur mistake has been explained by Newgarden as an error on the part of the technology.

“Another tough weekend for the books,” he wrote on social media.

:Lucky Allan gets to make his victory dinner, and you know you’re slumin it when dinner wine is being drunk from “O” glasses. July 08th: Sunrise, nice in the East but much nicer in the West

Travel day

Bye bye Ohio.   I rarely get leaving or entering a State sign.  Got this one.

About 20 minutes before we get to Love’s Travel Center to fuel Allan goes “Oh fuck” that’s never good. He doesn’t follow up with what the “oh fuck” or perhaps I just ask too quickly… “What?”   This light is on

Otherwise known as “Check Engine”

All the gauges look good, pull over and fret or try to make it to Love’s.  Love’s it is.  Will Bailey start after we fuel?  YES!!  We find an area to park in so Allan can retrieve the error code.  I’m all primed to write it down, we get No Error. Off we go to the campground. Wish we’ll have one leg of our trip with no oh shit moments but that may just be boring.

We’re here!

Home for a few daysA walk around the park…

The sign says watch us turn trash into treasure, or something like that.  Wonder how long it’s been here

July 09th: Our favourite day of the week!!

It rained most of the day so hopefully it will be nice tomorrow to explore the area.

Where’s Bailey… here she is.  Strongly dislike who’s #1


New Paris, OH July 01 – 04, 2024

Here we are in New Paris, population 1,474 not much to do but our check in host says to go visit the Amish store so that is where we are headed.

Corn, corn, everywhere corn!  We’re right in the middle of corn country!!

Fortune Acres Amish Store

Stuff, they have lots of stuff along with food and corn.  Yes we bought corn and hot peach salsa.  We should have bought 2!

Cash only as Amish do not embrace technology, I guess at least until it suits them.  They do use cash registers, suits them, no credit would suit us.

“The Amish have a complex relationship with technology. Historically, they have been known to reject the use of technology and rely instead on manual labor and traditional values. While some Amish communities still follow this tradition today, plenty of Amish people use electricity.  Amish technology restrictions vary by order, but many Amish groups believe that technology can undermine their traditions and values. They may prohibit technologies they believe are antithetical to their values, while choosing others that they believe will strengthen them.”Back at the ranch, the grounds are very nice.  Let’s be swingers!

Our view        Quick game of corn hole, ya ME!!

Firewood here isn’t amazing 

July 03rd:                              Yahoo for laundry day!!

Today’s reward, a walk through Greenville, OH

Just a random flower on our site 

And the winner is!! 


Fireball for price; Fire for sugar content.  Confused about the calorie count though.

On the road to Mid Ohio Sportscar Course, July 04, 2024

We delay leaving Arrowhead for as long as we could, check out is at noon but we are too anxious to get to the track, we leave at 1130. Problem, track check in isn’t till 5.  What the heck most peeps aren’t rule followers, let’s be rebels. The roads heading out are narrow, no lines.  Not quite as narrow as coming in but still narrow.

So much rain   

Then Allan puts on the 4 ways and slows down.  “What’s going on” I ask!  Trim is peeling away.  Another day, another issue. Said it before RVing isn’t for the faint of heart.

The next exit isn’t that far, let’s go there.  45 mins later, good cause it delays our arrival time at the track…zip ties and go fast tape…  let’s see how far we make it.


The rebels in us puts us ion line   

Home for the next few days Make it to our spot and wake up to …

July 05th:  Check out the booths and swag.  Allan gets to play the simulator and finishes in first place!

Tomorrow qualification!

Who’s going the wrong way?  The white car

Indiana to Ohio, July 01, 2024

Happy Canada Day!!  Cheers!!   

Today’s a short drive. 1h24m   

2 ways to get here, the first is though the little towns we travelled through when we visited Muncie in Bob.  Lets use the bigger highway.

It’s going good… until we have to enter to BIG highway 70 East.  Oh boy, construction…

Used to this, except, a dump truck like the yellow cab one pulls out in front of the semi in front of us making the semi veer off.  A few minutes down the road, the dump truck’s tire delaminated.  First we see a “thing” run horizontally across the highway.  Fortunately it missed the semi and us.  Then rubber was falling off, the semi has passed the dump truck, do we pass or not?   The dump truck doesn’t stop but does move over to drive partially on the shoulder.  Allan passes!

Next!  What do we see ahead?

The highway is completely closed.  What happened?  The glass windows will not be delivered as they are covering the entire highway.  This will take hours to clean up.  Emergencies services were not yet on scene.

“Ethel” (yes I name everything), my GPS is taking us down some very narrow, not sure another vehicle can share the road roads.

Finally we are here, the right hand turn into the park is. OMG, tight.  No photos as I got out to navigate the turn. Made it  🙂How the heck to you measure the 1/2?

Today was likely one of the shortest, stressful trip! We’re all snug now.

Jury is out on the winner, however Fire has less sugar.  Fire is usually the same cost for a small bottle as Fireball is for a big one.  This is the first time we’ve ever seen a 1.75 L bottle of Fire, price 36.99 they had a 750 bottle as well for 34.99.

Allan’s verdict coming soon!

Next Stop, Anderson IN; June 24, 2024

The drive was, thankfully, uneventful.   We encountered much traffic in Indianapolis, but after maneuvering Chicago it was a breeze.  Go figure, we wanted to return to Indianapolis in Bob to go to the Indy500 museum but it’s closed for renos till 2025.

Muncie RV Resort

Surprisingly Muncie RV Resort is NOT in Muncie but in Anderson.  Munsie is 1/2 hour away.

Our escort to our site       

    Bob’s temp reads 111F/44C

That’s what sucking Bailey’s bum does I guess cause the real temp was 92F/33C

Bailey’s site, Bob is way back there.  This is a very long site.

Our walk around the park, there is a little lake with a beach.  Also has catch & release fishing.

This is a liar’s bench LOL

The view from our captain seats     

June 25th: We went to check out Anderson.  Not much happening in Anderson :)​

We did get a Reward for our efforts, first one is quite awhileJune 26th:   Muncie Day including The Guardian Brewery

I tried 5 samples of beer, I’m just not a beer gal.  Bring on the

Allan declare his “Bill the Butcher” pizza a close rival to Jimmy’s, my meatball sub was gooey delicious.  Didn’t realize I caught Allan in an eye blink, he’s not really sleeping. They have the beer making process on a blackboard.  Not sure what the seats are.Our favourite part of the process…..Glass  –>  You!

Walking we find this theatre, Mary Poppins is playing.  What a blast from the past, this was the first movie I ever saw in a movie theatre.

Muncie does have a small downtown, no photos.

Tomorrow perhaps a winery.  This area isn’t the most exciting we’ve been to.

Rarely a dull moment, June 22, 2024

We’re sitting inside enjoying qualifications for tomorrow’s @IndyCar race, WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, when BANGWe rush outside to find it wasn’t the sky but a tree!Allan calls the park’s office and they arrive quickly with their bobcat

One guy runs the bucket, other guy gets in.

The man,                                                                the throw

We had him take photos of the roof, cause, still no way either one of us is going up there.  All’s good, no damage!!  It was a long, dead branch but my Super Man aka Fire God, was able to display it 🙂