New Year’s Eve Day

We walk to Fremont St and come upon “World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop – Pawn Stars” The lineup was snaked around the block to get in.

Neither of us knew why, Allan’s theory! These were people pawning items they stole over the weekend.

Some of the sights.​

One of the things we having a hard time with is…drum roll… remembering here they have no clue what a washroom is. We’ve had several blank stares when asking for directions to one. SO to remember RESTROOM not washroom. Allan found his and had to share as it is full of Marilyn Monroe prints.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

A chilling and walking the strip day in anticipation of New Year’s Eve.  Bucket list item soon to be scratched off my list.

This must be an amazingly good Taco place based on the way long line ups.

Some sites around town..

We’re going to a show tonight, Piff the Magic Dragon who we first saw and loved on America’s Got Talent.  The show was super entertaining, with some “how did he do that?” thrown in.

Walking home after the show we encounter this bus

Mystery in Bailey!!!   We keep finding silver, flecky, flecks on the floor. Many, seemingly never ending. We haven’t a clue what they are or where they come from but getting tired of picking them up.