Sunday, April 28, 2019

Once again we show our naivety! We think we can easily find a local campground for Bailey for the summer. 

In March we compile our list of possible campgrounds and take a few weekends to drive around checking them out.  We want a site with 50amp power, most only have 30 amp. We eliminate some, like others and never think our selected location would not have space for us.

When we got back from our last trip we begin calling the campgrounds and much to our horror most have no space.  How is that even possible?  We are down to 2 locations, both only have 30 amp, neither have a space but perhaps one will come available.  They each tell us to try again next week!  Several weeks later still no space.

The only good thing right now is that Bailey is still at Sicard’s for the repairs.

Yes we are starting to panic.

Wish us luck!!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

We awake to full on sunshine, such a nice change. We head to Sicards @ 720a, km 52,546 and wait for them to open in a nearby parking lot. 

While there we eat up the balance of our left over food so a Chicken Caesar Salad it is.

This was our schedule

9ish we head to Sicard who are in Smithville, a small little town.  We are hoping to get an Uber home but suspect we’ll have to cab it to Hamilton and get an Uber there. 

Drop off complete, km 52,590, Allan looks for an Uber and much to our surprise and delight there is one 15 minutes away!  Ya, Uber!!

That’s it for this adventure, now we search for a local campground for the summer.  We are hoping Sicards does all the required repairs.



Friday, April 12, 2019

We are not anxious to have our vacation end but as it must we decide we will cross the border at Peace Bridge @PeaceBridgeAuth then find a campground.

Me blogging away

Off we go, leave Westerville at 7:15a, km 51,975.   Allan says we’ll get fuel on the US side as it is cheaper but the story of our lives goes as…

We drive through Pennsylvania, finally get a welcome sign Then New York.As our luck would have it, we have to detour through a part of Buffalo that is totally unfamiliar even to Allan who used to be in Buffalo twice a week.  Our GPS are  not much help as they want to send us back to the highway that is closed.  Turn right or left?  We feel we chose incorrectly so get turned around.  Whoops we were correct the first time so turn around again.

Finally see the Peace Bridge only to discover it is under major renos, one narrow lane each direction.

Made it to border crossing, fortunately it wasn’t too busy.  For those keeping track, NO we didn’t get fuel.

We pick a line not realizing the border crossing guard was 18 and his first day on the job.  He just couldn’t understand the concept of storing Bailey in Phoenix.  He asked several time about that, weapons and cannabis.  Yep, pulls us over to be searched.  2 burly guards come over, tell us to get out and stand way back there behind the yellow line.  We have nothing we’re not supposed to have so we aren’t concerned BUT we are dressed in short sleeves shirts and shorts and boy was it freezing!!

They get done and now are friendlier and we get back in.  Now to drive through the last obstacle, the super duper narrow gate.  To freak you out more there are tons of scrape marks, Allan makes it through perfectly.

Back home in Canada and it starts to pour.  Our plan is to find a campground and play games for the rest of the day.  Us experienced RVers didn’t realize campgrounds do not open until May.  We pull over to find the closest, reliable Walmart. 

Find one in St. Catharines on Welland St, off we head anxious to just park for the night.  Arrive to a full parking lot and no where we can park and open our bedroom slide.  Canadian Tire is on the other side of the parking lot, space there but also a sign that reads “No Overnight Parking”  Not too friendly of them, Allan suggests it may be a town by-law.

Not giving up so easily we head to the next Walmart in Fairview Mall. This one shares the parking lot with an Ikea but we find a good spot and set up.  Hope we are not asked to leave

Finally beer and Long Beach race practice.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Allan is working for a few hours then originally it was play time but we decide it would be best to drive a few hours today to get us closer to our final Bailey destination, Sicards for the paint & repairs they didn’t do prior to pick up.  Goodbye catfish for this trip. We leave at 11a, km 51,348.

We leave around 1p.  Not sure what type of tree this is but the sides of the highway is littered with them.  I certainly could have taken a better photo.

The drive takes us around Cincinnati @CityOfCincy and only took us 1-1/2 hours, grrrrr

We decided it would be a Chez Walmart night.  I find one in Westerville, OH, @tellwesterville  not realizing this was about 20 minutes out of our way on under construction road but we make it.  Whoops, this is a rather small Walmart that shares the parking lot with Big Lots with a few smaller stores between them.  We select the Big Lots end of the parking lot and hope for the best. Arrive at 7:45p, happy to get a rest.

We get take out at the restaurant in the same plaza, Lucky House food was really good.

Another day over!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Today is our walk to @GaylordOpryland  & @opry  day.  We drove by  on the shuttle yesterday and learned this is the largest Resort & Convention centre that is not connected to a casino. It has 2888 rooms.
Fun fact-their electric bill is 9 million/year.

Now off to the Grand Ole Opry

Allan is a little dwarfed by the guitars. 

We head back and spot 2 interesting things.  @CaneyFork offering wild game menu.  Shucks, we just aren’t hungry!

Off we head to @cootersplace  We both loved @DukesOfHazzard so this should be fun.

A fun day, now walk back home.

Cock off the Wall is the restaurant that is mere steps from the park.  They specialize in catfish. Never had catfish!  We decide, OK I convince Allan to try it tomorrow night.

Total steps for the day:  20,321  Off to the hot tub!





Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Wake up to           #SUNSHINE!We like this RV park especially because it has a hot tub that we use nightly.  It also has a highway that for some reason truckers think they should be using their jake brakes on and the tweetest birds ever! Oh yes, planes and helicopters round it out.

We did see an usual toad

Today is visit downtown Nashville day.   We hop on the Downtown Shuttle and our adventure begins.

Our driver tells us there are 37 bars on Broadway, the main street, within four blocks aka “Honky Tonk Row”, and challenges us to have a drink in each 🙂

Many of the bars have several floors, with a live band in each section.  There is music galore.  The bands survive on audience tips.  Must be a difficult way to make a living but many an artist was discovered in Nashville.  This is an interesting read

So here goes..

Interesting signage.

Music City Walk of Fame samples

Ernest Tubb Record Store @ErnestTubbRS with mini Museum

Lunch @RockBottom –  Shrimp & Grits for me tasted much better than the photo looks,  Chicken Fried Chicken for Allan. This was a cheat meal for us as we follow the #Keto Diet.

Back to site seeing

Then there is world famous @tootsiesnet

Tootsie’s was crazy busy on all three floors.  Too busy for us but at least we experienced the Tootsie way.

All tuckered out after a great day we hop on to the return shuttle.  Looking forward to the hot tub.

Monday, April 08, 2019

I wake up about 6a to rain fortunately the storm wasn’t as bad as predicted. Allan wakes early as well, so we have coffee, decide to skip breakfast and head out at 815a, km 50,987. Today ‘s drive is 3-1/2h, destination Nashville

We watch a few other RVs leave, some easier than others because we are all parked on grass, very wet grass in spots. Some rock back & forth but all make it out.

We pack up, pull in the slides, raise the jacks and are ready to leave at 815a. 50,987km.

Bob & Cathy (that’s Cathy on the roof) are packed up as well, we say our good-byes and they pull out with no problems. In case anyone is wondering, no we will not climb up on Bailey.  We are both none to fond of heights. 

The grass we were on seemed relatively dry so we knew we’d be OK to back out. I stand on the road to direct Allan out as we do not want our tires to cross the road and end up in the grass on the other side. I motion, back up,  Allan starts then stops. What’s he doing?? I run to his window “what’s up?” “I’m stuck!!”.

Driver’s side, the side I see, is dry, I head to the passenger’s side – not so much. Try again, Bailey is trying to not disappoint but..

We use the lot marking plastic signs under the drive tires but no go. We are totally stuck!! Fortunately, we have RV road side assistance so place the call. They advise they will be there within one hour.

We imagine a heavy tow arriving but aren’t sure how they will get us out. It’s been sprinkling on and off, now off so we grab our coffees and take a walk down the road to kill some time.

There are not many RVs left. Near the end of the road there is a group packing up. “Good Morning, how are you?” the gent says. “Not good” I reply, “We are stuck!” He replies, “No problem I can pull you out”

Turns out he has a Ford 450 with a winch. We don’t understand how he’s going to do that but are happy he sounds like he knows what he is doing.

He unhooks his trailer, what a nice guy and comes down. He starts his winch and Allan hooks it to the back of Bailey’s hitch.

A few seconds later our new best friend effortlessly pulled us out the of grass/mud. We are FREE!

Our tracks!  Was worse than this photo depicts.  

Cancel the call to roadside assistance and we are on our way at 855a.

We know we are on the correct route when we see construction…It rains much of the way, we stop for groceries at Kroger.

What is that up ahead? An overpass height 13’6” our height is 13’ this is cutting it a little too close, we both duck as we drive under. Made it!!

Arrive at the KOA Nashville RV Resort at 2:40p.  Happily set up.

It stopped raining when we arrive so head to our very first @CampingWorld  a 6 minute walk. We buy a few bits and head back, yep raining again.

Sunday, April 07, 2019

Race Day!!

And if that isn’t good enough it is also National BEER Day!!

Woke up to overcast skies. Fingers crossed the sun finds its way to the track.

One of the neighbours was so “rain shy” he decided to leave prior to the Indy starting.  These are his “trying to get out” tire marks. He needed a tow.

We secure our seats using our lawn chairs (kind of like leaving your towel on a poolside chair in the DR) then waste some time at “Wine Down at Indy”.

About 130p we head back to Bailey to pick up our race scanners that enable us to listen to the drivers chatting with theirs teams. Gets pretty colourful at times. Also get our cooler filled with must have bevies and snacks.

Look what pops out to enjoy the race

Back to our seats in plenty of time for the 3p start. It is always fun being at the races, but this wasn’t the most exciting. One caution, 90 laps.

Alex finishes ahead of Felix. Needless to say, Allan was having more fun than me. Bonus, the rain held off.



Just like that, the race is over.  Allan gets to be ahead. Can’t wait for the next one so I will again rule!!

Back to Bailey after the race for dinner, Traegar steaks and salad. And watch as some clear out.

Forecast was for another storm Sunday night. We are too stupid to be concerned so just carry on enjoying our last night.

Saturday, April 06, 2019

Road behind parking area. and some of our neighbours.Lots of track action.  The series here include: Formula 3 Americas, Mazda MX5, Lamborghini Super Trofeo, Porsche GT3, and of course IndyCar.

Several series qualifying today, some races as well.

Whoops didn’t quite stay on the track.

We are anxious for Indy qualifying at 3p. We settled into our favourite spot to watch.

Sadly, Allan’s driver, Alexander Rossi, @AlexanderRossi  qualifies 8th ahead of Felix’s, @FRosenqvist  shabby 18th.  Takuma Sato, @TakumaSatoRacer surprising takes the pole.

The activities include a wine festival, “Wine Down with Indy”.  Free sampling of wine from various regions.

Severe weather, yes more rain, forecasted for overnight.  This is Bailey’s windshield.

According to our neighbours, the next morning, the storm was very scary, bad winds, heavy rain. We both slept through it all.

Friday, April 05, 2019

First full day at the track. Hilltop parking is filling up and we meet the neighbours, Bob, Cathy and their 5-month-old puppy Cooper.

Sights around the Fan Zone.

We heeded this warning!

There are many practice sessions for the various series. We speak to several fellow RVers to determine the best corner to watch the Indy race and get many different opinions.

We explore the track to determine which corner we think is best. We settle on the back straight due to the track configuration, we have a great view of corner 5. This spot turns out to be directly across from where Bailey is parked.

Mary-Ann (me) chose a new driver this season, Felix Rosenqvist, a new diecast car was required for the dash. Allan got his annual Indy schedule t-shirt and I replaced a much worn out sweatshirt. Purchases done for the season.

No rain, yahoo, during the day, rain again at night.