Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Good morning! We leave at 805a.  Estimated drive time 6h.  It will be much longer especially with Toronto traffic.

Definitely on the correct highway.

Exciting times!  This will be the first time, while fueling, we are getting Bailey’s tire pressures checked.  Stop at 1020a. Dude says it takes 5-6 minutes – not enough time to brew another pot of coffee.

Josh, our tech hard at work

Josh points out we are missing a hub.  It was there when Allan did his circle check.  Hope it didn’t cause chaos when it flew off.

Fast forward to September 07:  $284.70 and a drive to Barrie to pick up the parts, Allan istalled the hub.Bailey’s report card!  Some tire pressures did require attention.   5-6 minutes ended up taking 40 minutes.  We can’t figure out how they do this service and only charge $5.00.

Approaching Canada using the Sarnia crossing.

Yahoo – almost no wait.

Gotta to love Toronto traffic, NOT.  So close yet so far from home.

After much more traffic we arrive back in Sutton at 435p.  Bailey is back in her stop for a rest.  Look at Allan go!!  Mileage: Start 53,442 End 57,215  Trip total:  3,773km

Next trip September 27 – 29, 2019 NASCAR Pinty’s Series Finale – Pinty’s Fall Brawl.  Should be fun, we saw the first race of the season at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park now the finale.

Monday, August 26, 2019

We’d like to explore nearby town, Marshall so head to the office to ask about Ubers.  The skies look angry but we are optimistic.  The lady in the office declares “It will rain” She doesn’t want us to get stuck in Marshall with no cover.  We heed her advise and decide to instead explore the park.

Tires as decoration?                                                          Farmer Mary-Ann

Oh look a slide!

Rain forecasted all day. We decide to not unpack the Traeger.  We purchase a can of cooked turkey so if it continues raining we’ll cook indoors.

Here comes the rain

What do you do when it rains most of the day?​

Laundry! 6 loads including towels and sheets.

Play crib 🙂

Still rainingIndoor cooking for sure.

Whoops, we do not have a can opener. Improvise!

Allan using his culinary skills to create a turkey stir fry.

Delicious!  (still raining)

Travel home day tomorrow.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Our day starts off with a rainbow, must be a good signWe leave the track at 840a, km 55,678.

Destination is Camp Turkeyville in Marsall, MI. Google maps shows it as a 6-1/2h drive. It always takes longer, we’ll see our end time.

We stop at a rest stop to, you know, rest.  Leave it to us to pick one that requires winding roads to get to.  We thought it was right next to the highway as most are.

The art that greets at the rest area.

on the correct road  

What’s going on??  We don’t know either but lots of flashing lights nearly make us miss going through the express lane.

Great a Sunday afternoon traffic jam in Lansing IL 🙁  Hit it jam at 125p finally clearer sailing at 150p

One more rest stop.  Really is a long load.

Happy people live here?Arrive in Turkeyville, MI at 431p. Imagine turkeys in Turkeyville!

Set up complete, firewood purchased.






Dinner will be at Cornwell’s “Home of the Best Turkey Sandwich”  Is it a little disturbing there are live turkeys and the best sandwich?

Enjoying our dinners.

Allan starts the fire earlier as rain is coming.

Rest day tomorrow, hope it doesn’t rain.

Saturday, Race Night, August 25, 2019

Turns out this schedule is just a suggestion; little started when stated.

Open the door to a    Visitor

Day begins with the helicopter arriving. Helicopter

K&N Nascar up next but first a bevvy

Lined up Let’s go racing

With a little help from my friendsWrong direction!



Opening ceremonies includes the Corvettes taking the drivers around the track after intros. After the flag ceremony the announcer asked all present & past military remain standing to be recognized.  Wish us Canadians would honour our military more.

And we’re racing!And  we’re goofy excited!        Us Vrooom

Not happy with the race results.  Takuma Sato @TakumaSatoRacer should have been suspended from this race after he caused the lap one  crash in @poconoraceway last week.

At least we went from this to this

I’m  officially this year’s With 2 races remaining, Allan’s driver @AlexanderRossi is 3rd with 517 points; @FRosenqvist  is 10th with 324 points.  Even with double points for the last race it is mathematically impossible for me to win.

Being a good sport, I conceited today.

Travel day tomorrow.  Heading home.


Friday, August 25, 2019

First day of scheduled events.

Let the fun begin!

A wise decision is made and the tunnel to the infield is divided, one side vehicles other pedestrians.                                  What’s that???     The light at the end of the tunnel!!Made it! 

Sites from the other side

Nascar K&N Series transport trucks.

Shopping time 🙂  Our second fridge magnet and of course Ts

Everyone’s favourite mascot, as seen on TV!  Hawk!!  Allan walking (standing) a mile in Mario’s shoes                                                                 In the standsLearn that Bailey’s roof is white

Allan Traegaring, ground is beginning to dry.  Like our carboard box carpet?

    Race day tomorrow!

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Travel day to World Wide Technology Raceway at Gateway starting km 55,398 finally leave at 1040a..

Side note this is the first Mother/Daughter travel team we’ve seen.  Wish I would have thought to take a photo with them in it…

This is the worst sound when you want to leave.  Why?  Jacks are not coming up. Jacks Down.. No! Allan activates the relevel and the lower and we’re good.

Off we go…

Would you like to call this home?

Definitely on the right road as it’s this narrow Narrow Enough

This trip produces two things/elements.. super narrow roads and RAIN!!Traveling Despite the ridiculous directions we make it, after having to U-turn, such an easy task in Bailey!!From this to this…

How crazy that we prefer this?? @IndyCar

Beer fridge stocking time.  Shots fired!!  Allan rushes into the line of fire..

Waste of a beer 🙁    Such a casualty!

The spots are all 50’ long by 15’ wide. We plan to leave as much space as possible in front of Bailey and use it for the Traeger, eating table and chairs. Nope that will not work because the front is water/mud covered. We can’t use the side either as Bailey is 13’ when the slides are out. We hope it will dry up as now the sun is kind of up.  

We head out on a fact-finding mission to determine where the tunnel to the pits is and find our seats. Today is vendor set up day; we hope to find some discarded boxes to lay above the water/mud broth.

We find the tunnel; it is not people friendly as there is no sidewalk; hopefully there is a people tunnel. We climb up to our seats. Allan selected well; we can see the entire track. We are smiling now.

We had back and do come across an unpacking vendor who is happy to give us boxes. Heading back it begins to pour and pour.

Weather man Allan, checks the app and reports it will only rain for a few minutes then clear up. He begins and the rain pours even more. Such downpour.   I believe Allan Tragers,  bestest, moistest, meats as he has the most experience cooking in the rain on this trip.

                    B2 supervising 🙂

Remember our first race in Bailey?  Birmingham, where we meet Cathy, Bob and puppy Cooper??  They are at this race as well.  Cooper has had his eye surgery and all is good.

Remember Larry & Sue we meet last week in Pocono – they are a few spots over from us here 🙂

Rain tomorrow?



Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Today’s a rest up, do little but eat and drink kind of day.  Tomorrow we head to World Wide Technology Raceway at Gateway @WWTRaceway for our second @IndyCar race in 2 weeks a first for us.

The day starts off dreary, humid no sun but at least no rain.

Reading the Terre Haute Visitor’s Guide we learn TH is the birthplace of the coca-cola contour bottle

We wander around the camp ground.

Spot anyone? 

Allan decides he will buy feed for the donkeys; Storm with the dark cloud on his back & Chocolate Chip with cookie looking rings Storm & Chocolate Chip

WooHoo the sun is out!! Set up complete, all is good!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

810a leave time today, km 54,930.  Thought we’d get an earlier start cause I woke up/got up at 415a.  Maybe a little excited?  Allan awoke early for him, 5ish.  Being on vacation rules rarely any urgency to do anything.

Super narrow roads leaving but not as bad as coming.  No gravel roads leaving 🙂

Been awhile since we’ve travelled narrow lanes,  NOT Entering Indiana even though I can’t go back there Next home town?



View from the back of Bailey as I pour coffee.





Approaching Terre Haute getting cloudier and cloudier

Look at that Rain-X at work!

Neither rain nor rain or rain will keep us from the Indy race!

Stop at Krogers for groceries.  No photos, my much loved, vintage iPhone is not water resistant.

Make it to KOA, set up in the pouring rain.  Bought a rotisserie chicken so no Traeger tonight,  Pouring!! Wish the photo would depict the downpour.As the rules state…Had the delicious rotisserie chicken and wonder of wonders the sun is out.  This is me working on the blog, outside NO rain Walk around the park and find a rental teepee

Fire time but how do you uninvite sweat bees Allan is doing his best to let them know they are not welcome.

Our first Fire with added colour, perhaps a waste of 1.29US which = 19.99Cdn, but we are loving it.

Goodnight all





Monday, August 19, 2019

We pack up what didn’t get packed yesterday and head out at 815a. km 54,220.  We say good bye to @poconoraceway  the tunnel, the controversy about who caused the lap one crash   We believe it was @TakumaSatoRacer

I agree with the drivers @IndyCar should not return next year.  This track just isn’t for them.

Today’s destination is the KOA in #Sunbury, OH 438 miles.

Some of the sights along the way.

Can the road get any narrower?

You see some strange things,

               Found Bailey’s road

Entering @Ohio


Remembered to take Bailey’s photo @LovesTravelStop

We follow the GPS, can this be right?  Gravel, very narrow roads – KOAs are normally close to the highway not Koa Sunbury A visit to their site warns of a covered bridge.  Happy we unknowingly avoided that.

Nice scenery but this was our today’s WTF.  Minor compared to most days.

We arrive, set up and wander around. 

We find some goats and pigs.  Pig is a bit shy.

We find the onsite wedding chapel. Then fire building time.

Next dinner, more fire and although a bad photo, we re-watch the Pocono race on the outdoor TV.

Tomorrow’s destination Terre Haute, IN


Sunday, Race Day, August 18, 2019

1110a weather looking great.  Hot, humid, sunny.  Helicopter circulating.

Took a stroll to the outfield, pit and paddock.  Crazy nuts today, people everywhere.  There are 250 Corvettes on display. I believe Vettes should be driven not continually polished for show but that’s just me.

Sights and sounds galore.

My favourite all time racer, now IndyCar announcer @paultracy3

RACE time!  Perfect conditions, perfect weather, perfect BEER!   

Lined up nicely…

Scary incident in corner 2, first lap   Crash took out both Allan’s driver and mine.  That’s Felix caught up on the fence and then on the hook. He was taken to hospital for testing and released.  Happy there were no injuries.

Clean up complete, race restarts.  More like parade laps, but hey it’s still so much fun being here. To quote Allan …

530p Thunder & Lightening, helicopter grounded We know what that means, 

537p Cars being confiscated (yes that was what the Indy Officials said) to the garage area

546p Race checkered flagged.   Will Power the winner.

Poop! Felix is again behind Alexander.

It got dark so quickly with heavy rain RainStorm

Allan Traegered anyways. 

First photo when he came in from putting the meat on the grill, second when cooked.  Deliciously moist!!

 Who has more fun than people?