Monday, October 14, 2019

Wake up, have breakfast and head out.  We are still anxiously hoping the repair shop is open.  We arrive at 930 and YES they are open.

Some of the coach friends that will keep Bailey company.

Waiting for our Uber, I see a huge spider.  Not a good photo cause I was afraid to get too close. When I said to Allan “my shoe could take him”, Allan responded with “this type of spider eats through shoes”.  He’s so supportive!

Get to the airport when it hits me.  I forgot our snacks (cheese, pepperettes, roll ups, etc) in Bailey’s fridge.  Gosh darn!  Our flight leaves at 250p.  It is now about 10am.  Columbus is the super small airport.  No bar but you can get limited beer/wine in the cafeteria style eatery.  What the heck are we going to do here for all these hours!  Allan suggests we Uber back to Coachcraft, pick up our goodies then head to a mall to kill a few hours.  And that’s what we do.

Our driver recommends Peachtree Mall so that’s where we go.  They have one restaurant, @rubytuesday  Allan is happy – they have  @Yuengling_Beer on tap.Trivia follows:  The story of Yuengling is the story of the American Spirit. It’s a tale of shared dreams, individual tenacity and an unwavering dedication to standards of quality. Like many American stories it starts amid the dreams of countless young immigrants looking for opportunity and emerges from the strength and will of one family determined to build their legacy in a new country. The story of America’s Oldest Brewery began when David G. Yuengling arrived from Wuerttemberg Germany to settle in the sleepy, coal-mining town of Pottsville, Pennsylvania. 

Allan’s beer is pouring when, whoops the keg is empty.  The waitress give the 1/4 full mug to Allan to drink while they change the keg.  Just like our day is going, there is no replacement keg!  Allan has a glass of wine, we pay, and walk the mall.  We go outside and spot an @Applebees.  They do not disappoint, Allan gets his full mug.  We drink up, time to head back to the airport.  Wish we’d be nicer to our military!

This is in the restroom; my first..

We’re flying @Delta flight is delayed 🙁   Take off about 1/2 h late but arrive in Toronto about 5 m earlier than the original scheduled arrival time.  How does that work!

We arrive in Toronto about 5 m earlier than the original scheduled arrival time.  How does that work!

Airline Limousine  home, now the long wait until we are reunited with Bailey and another






Sunday, October 13, 2019

Today is a do nothing except chill & laundry kind of day.  We have a lazy start then get at it.

We hear on the radio that tomorrow is Columbus Day. We do a google search and determine Georgia is one of the States that honours it.  Allan did call the service depot last week t confirm we’d be in on Monday but how often have any one of us forgot the following Monday was a holiday.

Allan sent an email but no response yet.  Hopefully there will be an easy drop off and lock box if they are indeed closed.

Wish us

Friday, October 11, 2019

Travel day to  @PineMountainGA where we will spend the weekend.  Drive time 4h16m.  Start time 1023a; km 58,754.  Bailey drop off is on Monday.

This is the sign we encounter leaving the Clinton/Knoxville KOA.  Not our best travel day, just traffic ​

And more traffic

Atlanta is likely a very nice city but we will attempt to avoid even the bypass in future travels.  Crazy nuts traffic, makes Toronto’s seem mild.

305 Finally through, traffic clears up and its a pleasant balance of the way drive.  GPS estimates arrival at 410.

Looking forward to the temp. 







Allan makes up  some time and we arrive at 355.  Happy to be here, there is a hot tub and fire pits.

We are here until Monday when we drop Bailey in Columbus.

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

After a great sleep we leave at 720; 57,861 km

Today’s discovery?  Where the fog light on/off switch is.  Allan is happy he got to use it, fog was heavier than the photo depicts. Yes we’re on the correct route, roads narrow!


Infinitis on display                                      

                                                               Getting closer 🙂

440 – Almost there only another 11 minutes. 

We’re here and set up.

Tomorrow a day of rest 🙂

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Happy/Sad day! 

Happy because we get to drive Bailey,

Sad because we are bringing her to Columbus, GA. 

          This trip’s schedule

Why @VisitColumbusGA & Coachcraft by MacDonald as the final destination?  Time for Bailey’s annual checkup!   Allan searched for a place that could service all of Bailey’s needs.   Engine, Generator, Aqua Hot, filters.  Coachcraft has good reviews so fingers crossed. 

 Allan must work for a few hours; the plan is to leave 1030ish. 

We end up leaving home at 130.  

Head to the park to pick up Bailey; leave the park at 238; km 57.419, to go  back home to drop the car off.  Finally on the road at 320 singing “On the road again, just so happy to be on the road again!”

We will not make the scheduled Walmart, not enough time and specifically too many deers at night.  We see some sleeping on the road side.  (Not pictured)

We’re on the section of highway that has increased the speed limit to 110 km We stop at Love’s for fuel and find the next Walmart.  It’s  a bit off the highway, we quickly determine we are heading to Lapeer’s Walmart.  This is the very first Walmart we stayed at during our first ever Bailey trip last year!! 

Arrive at 720; km 57,861. 

Pick up some staples at Walmart.  Wine & creamy coleslaw to have with our imported Costco’s delicious rotisserie chicken.