Monday, February 24, 2020

Travel day to Cottondale, Fl.  We crossed 4 States in 1 day.

Water everywhere

First state Louisiana,  second state Mississippi,  And then!!  More water        Alabama (missed welcome sign)   This is #LoveDowntownMobile

Oh no!  Coming up too quickly a tunnel, the George C. Wallace Tunnel.Allan dislikes tunnels as much or more, than I dislike narrow bridges. Allan “Are we too high?”  My thought is – if it’s not marked we fit.  A tractor trailer races to the tunnel.  We know we are good.  Turns out, no concern required!


We made it through! Next up FloridaThe Welcome Center is huge! I thought one of us took a photo of the building but apparently not.

Allan gets to update our travel map as it’s Bailey’s first time in Florida.StatesSome excitement on the road.  Not captured in the photo but the guy is in handcuffs and there is a sniffer dog at the back of the “suspect” vehicle.

Starts raining at 118p.

Allan’s preferred cruising speed is 65mph – best fuel economy.  It is, very strange, when an escorted wide load passes us.

We stop in Chipley’s Walmart to stock up. on produce and wine.  We take note of the “No Over Nite Parking” sign.  This is the worst Walmart we’ve ever been in.  Little produce, many empty bins, no wine, they did have beer which we didn’t need.  Plus side – we got a rotisserie chicken for dinner.

15 minute drive from here to our next stay, HitchinPost Corral and Campground RV Park.

The road in, still raining

Love the entrance.

First rain set up 🙁 

Set up almost complete; still raining so flag out tomorrow.


Saturday, February 23, 2020


It’s Mardi Gras Parade day!

Back peddle a bit these are the actual boiled peanuts

But first must share the story of our across the road neighbours.  The gentleman comes over to say “Hi Mary-Ann” Me; deer in the headlights!! Him sensing this, “You don’d remember me”? Oh no who is this??  Fortunately he didn’t string us along much longer and revealed he saw our Follow Us lettering viewed our blog and therefore though it a perfect opportunity mess with us.  Which he did perfectly!

I was so frazzled I didn’t catch his name. Meet again, this jokster! says his name is Whitney (turns out Whitney Houston clouded my name judgement) his wife’s name is Michael or you know, Mike. I never heard of a female Michael, him messing with me again? Next day, a TV show I’m watching,  one of the female contestant’s name is Mike. Now I’m more confused, Whitney are you messing with me AGAIN 🙂

Back to the parade!​

Forth coming casualty!!!


Got the goodies!

Hot tub then fire time. Fire

“Would you like different awning colour”   “Yes that would be nice”

Whoops not to be…  where the heck is that sweet spot!

Awning 1 – Allan 0  lol   Allan did get them to turn off.

Friday, February 21, 2020 – My birthday!!

Wake up to dark and chilly conditions!  We’re in Ponchatoula. Where is this warmth they speak of?

Find this awesome card in my email

Then this wonderful voice mail.

Weather is co-operating today.  Looking out of a side window

Difference a day makes.

Today’s treat! Never before had boiled peanuts, aka caviar of the South.When we find something new we think share it with our kids but whoops our DIL, Megan is allergic to peanuts.  We are not trying to make her ill.

Google search = can we cure her??  If so, we can all go to Big Bad John’s  next time we’re in Victoria.  Taste is similar to mashed potatoes.

Allan made a super spicy, delicious wing (my favourite) dinner.  Should not have gobbled it so quick as no photos. 

Ended the day at the hot tub.

Another birthday done.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Unfortunately, the forecasters were correct and it poured and poured today. It woke me up at 335a.  All day it fluctuated between showers, heavy rain and torrential rainfall.

We passed the time playing crib, (Allan was today’s champion) and snacking on a #OhSnapPickles    

Puddles and mini lakes galore.

Just for fun…  Accurate for Allan & myself 🙂

Allan is enjoying the “Amber” beer selection availableWe did make it to the hot tub 🙂

Forecast is better for tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.

Monday, February 17, 2020

We are happy to be leaving this resort and it’s well drilling noises. Fingers crossed we love Reunion Lake RV Resort.  We pull out at 745a – 61,951 km.  It’s a 5h51m drive. We try to stop every 2 hours for a break so that with the

traffic we encounter, like this bridge one lane only, will likely make it a 7ish hour trip.Back in Louisiana

Bailey peeking…

Get set up at Reunion Lake RV Resort

Weather still dreary but it is a nice park, complete with swim up bar but that’s not open till summer.   Love the hot, hot tub!

Side bar…  Used car sales + technology = Carvana The company is known for its car sized vending machines, and in 2018 it was reported to be the fastest growing used car dealer in the United States. I’m fascinated with their vending machines.

Closest we have is List Auto.  Not quite the same.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

It’s leave South Padre Island and head to Lake Conroe / Houston North KOA which is in Montgomery, TX.  Just a little confusing. We plan to overnight in Walmart, Victoria, TX as we did on the way down but we leave earlier than expected after saying our farewells.  Leaving SPICauseway

We see the marine yard we saw from the water yesterday from the road today.We drive by Victoria about 1230 I suggest we  keep going to maybe El Campo.  Allan asks how safe that town is.  We decide to keep going to the RV resort.

We pass through an inspection station where they search for illegal aliens and also use drug sniffer dogs. 

Next fun?  Tolls!! Sam Houston Tollway. We don’t know who that is but Allan says he must be rich!  We cross 3 tolls in about an hour each $3.75

Today’s history lesson = Sam Houston!

We arrive at the KOA at 520p.  The office closes at 5 so we do after hours check in.  Across from our is a structure that has a relentless diesel hum sound with an occasional thump when they pound a pipe into the ground. As seen from Bailey’s spot

Surely this must stop at night.  We prepare and have dinner.  We check out the hot tub – the gates are locked!  We settle on having a fire.  What do you see in the flame?

The noise goes on ALL night.  Our 7 night stay got shortened to 2.

Everyday can’t be a gem.

Friday, February 14, 2020 Valentine’s Day

Today is Shrimp Boil Cruise day.  We were hoping for a sun filled day, will have to settle for dreary with no rain.  Check in at 930, cruise leaves at 10We spot a boat for sale, so glad I’m not a boat fan.

Heading out. 

Pelicans are plentiful here.There in the distance our Captain points out is SpaceX

Sights along the way

Shrimp boats!  These boats look like they’ve seen better days but are still functional.  Each is manned by 3 people;  a captain, a rig man and header, responsible for removing shrimp heads. Of the roughly 1,000 shrimp boats trawling in the Gulf of Mexico, around 550 are Texas-based, including 180 vessels that dock in Brownsville and Port Isabel.  The shrimp we are to consume today come from here.

           Happy Allan! You’d think the rust would sink the boat!

Smells delicious, lunch is served!  I’m happy to be eating shrimp. No seafood Allan, is happy with the sausage & potato mixture.

The sweetie who kept us in beer and wine!

Ship building thingy. Maybe Allan will add some intelligence to this photo:)Pasha Hawaii Containers to Hawaii.

More sights

All good things must come to an end, on our way back

Back home and visiting with Scq.

Joe bought an electric bike with wide tires.  It’s now the maiden voyage.

Take 2! Success!!

Allan gives it a whirl! Off to Valentine’s dinner at The Meatball Cafe. Happy Valentine’s to all!

Thursday, February 13, 2020 Valentine’s Eve

Today is Bailey wash and walk the beach to get shells day.

Wash begins at 107p, ya we kind of just vegged this morning.

Wash complete 235p, cost $80 including tip (quoted $65)  We can see out of the windshield.

Our neighbour, Joe, long story but end result, got a puppy yesterday.  What a cutie! 8 week old Shih Tzu, named Scz   Happiness = puppy!!

Tomorrow’s adventure, Breakaway Cruise all you can eat shrimp/sausage drink beer/wine cruise tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

It’s a dreary day but we’re walking the beach line anyways. 


We pass many fishermen doing a “look Mom no hands”method  of fishing.  Google says they are Shore/Surf fishingrAfter about 2 h walk we cut through to the road in search of food/drink.  We’ve now walked the width of the island.

End up at Louie’s  Backyard.  Fun bar with good entertainment.
View from our seats The little rascal got the fry!Oh look!! What/who that in the centre of the ferris wheel? It’s a him!!

I know it doesn’t look good but Cactus Salad for dinner was so yummy.  Suspect we won’t have that again for a bit.​


Monday, February 10, 2020

Today is a recoup from yesterday day.  

First: Step on a sand burr, those little things really hurt!

Next a wee walk on the beach We spot what turns out to be kiteboarding, too scary for me but fun to watch! Interested?  Private lessons a mere $275 for 2 hours

Today’s main adventure Dirty Al’s for dinner.  Many at Tropic Star said this was a must do.  This is their seafood counter.  I have the blackened shrimpAllan, who will not allow seafood to cross his lips settles on the blackened chicken 🙂

They do not disappoint! All was delicious!