November 09 & 10

Life ain’t fair, thought we’d come West as it would be warmer.

So far, the jokes on us! 

Then there is this:  Kelowna snow days: 2   Newmarket: 0

Nov 10th – Wake up to  top 2 are Bailey’s basement,                                    bottom one is inside.  A little nippy!

Nippy cause our heat isn’t working

And more snow…

The shoveller is not amused!

The park sends Dave in 007 to check our electric post.

Dave replaces everything he can and still we pop.  He’s done all he can, we now have to get an RV electrician – if the problem ends up being at the post the park will pay, if not we do.  Taking guesses on who’s issue this will end up being.  Allan hooks us up to 30amp for now.

High tailing it down South is sounding better and better.

November 01, 2020

Today’s adventure will be a walk through the Spion Kop hiking trails.

Our GPS takes us through a subdivision, up, up we go park to this view.  We examine the map We decide on the easy trail

Off we go up a hill, next hill is very steep, next a steep down hill.  Slipping and sliding as we are wearing our, not so new, translates to not much tread left, running shoes.  Sliding down the hill makes me think this was a crazy idea without hiking boots.   Why would they send you through such life-threatening,  (OK, may be a slight exaggeration)  terrain to get to the easy loop?? 

Back we go, luckily arriving with our limbs intact. 

Another look at the map. 

“You are here” then the killer Connector…  WAIT there is parking by the Raptor Loop – should have parked there.  Next time!!

Happening across the street, this guy has no fear of heights We’re out of here for now!

We’ll try this again another day, for now…     

Hallowe’en 2020

Hang around the park day.  This is the rail trail behind the park where bears have been spotted, not by us, we are yet to see any wildlife.

We did spot this fellow       he’s friendly enough

   🦇 🎃 👻  Trick or treating time! 👻 🎃 🦇

An eve that will be remembered! 

   Fireball      Remembered for sure!​

We should have taken more photos but were too excited and rushed home with our treats!       Best Halloween!!

Snow Day October 23, 2020

We choose correctly!  We weren’t sure whether to leave Victoria on Thursday or Friday, decided Thursday thereby dodging a snow bullet.

    We wake up to…   

The Coquihalla Pass didn’t fare as well. “The highway has been shut down in both directions on Friday morning due to commercial vehicles spinning out.”

We would have been caught up in that.  I’m still freezing thinking about it

333p still snowing   

  The plan was Bailey would NEVER see snow.  Not working so well.

What to do on a snowy day?  We’ve been having shower drainage issues.  Today is a good day to tackle that. 

Step one, remove the culprit from this small space beside the bed

                               Done!  Well at least it’s out.  Should have taken a photo of Allan’s mangled hand, scratches, scraps, blood.  He did win this fight.   Replacement valve on order.

So much excitement today, our heated hose arrived!                        




October 22nd, back we go.

We get an early start learning for the trip here that it is a long travel day.  We arrive at the ferry a little before 8a.  We are surprised – thought the next ferry was at 9 nope good news it’s at 8 and we’ll be on it!  Great start to the day.

       Not crowded at all, glad we didn’t make reservations as to reserve is an extra $17. Just 2 ferries passing in the day! 

We thought we’d have coffee & breakfast waiting to board, now we think (we know) we won’t find any on board but we’ll try anyways. Yahoo, the Sitka Coffee is open.  We get our coffee and breakfast sandwich while enjoying this view.  Photos taken within minutes of each other.

Time to disembark     

On the road again!Back through the snow shed 

 Hoping to only see snow on the beautiful mountain tops

Use of chains not required today.       

       Getting closer. Such a beautiful day.

Snow on the side of the road is OK 

            A bit more snow here

Super steep runaway lane.  I shudder thinking of the trucks that must use it. Sunshine for the entire day, doesn’t happen often!

Almost home…



Celebrating Megan’s Birthday, Oct 21st

We’re starting the day in the hot tub.  Pour our coffee but we’ll want a second cup.  They have a glass carafe, don’t want to bring that out so… “MacGyver” it and use            their martini shaker 🙂   

Side note:  Better in theory than practice!  Burnt my fingers doing the pour.  Worth the burn for the hot tub burn!

It’s not Megan’s birthday till Sunday but we have to head back tomorrow so we’re celebrating today.

Gift = Skylight Frame So much fun, anyone can send you a photo.  We thought it would be especially fun now so Kyle could send photos.  

Melonie is working so we play a game of crib waiting for her to come home



Yes we let Megan win!




Megan selected Il Terrazzo for dinner.  An excellent choice

Should have done food photos 🙁

                  Our fire goddess! 



October 20th

Today is search for next Winter’s campground day.

There’s one in Victoria we’d fit in but it is crazy expensive, the one that is reasonably priced is much too cramped.

We head up north to see what’s cooking…

First stop Living Forest Oceanside Campground & RV Park. Understand the living forest name now.  Trees en masse, translates to lots of falling leaves and worse than that sap on Bailey.   The roads are all very tight & tree-y, not Bailey friendly.  Not too sad Living Forest didn’t work out, cause next stop…

Jinglepot RV Park & Campgrounds.  Jinglepot, Jinglepot hopefully you are for us!! Love the name!   Sigh, this park is even tighter than the last one.  Perhaps we’ll end up back on the main land next winter.

Driving back, we see a sign for Rondalyn Resort.  Not sure why it didn’t make our list so believed we ruled it out based on their site information.  I say, “we’re here – let’s check it out”.  We are pleasantly surprised, it’s not squished looking and the road is paved.  Their mascot! There are 2 sites available, we check them out.  They are both very nice, we choose the one at the end of the road, (our current spot at the beginning of a road taught us).  This park permits wood fires!  The only issue is, the by-laws state you may only stay in the park for 6 months.  We need 7, OK we’ll find a 2 week park at either end of our stay.  Motor homes like to motor.  Normally you book your stay, here you must complete an application form. We’ll do that when we get back to Victoria.  

Allan and Megan build us a delicious dinner.  Mel & I supervise.

                  Then the moment we’ve been waiting for!!The thing I miss the most since selling our home.  Hot tubbing!

Oct 19 in Victoria, find docs

Meet Molly, this is Melonie, Megan’s sister’s sweetie.  Melonie and Molly are staying with Megan while Kyle is deployed.  So many ““s


Finding the paperwork we need was surprisingly painless.  We now have the balance of the day to map out tomorrow’s campground visits and of course we must head to Big Bad John’s for a pint.  We were going to walk around Victoria but it’s a gloomy, windy day so cut it short and just walk around the block.

Heading back to keep Molly company. 

It’s nice to have a quiet, uneventful day for a change 🙂


October 18 – trip to Victoria

Rain, rain go away.  I’ve been saying that lots!  This is the road out of the park.

Perhaps I should not have complained about the rain.  We have a long way to go, hope the weather doesn’t get worse.

Not a fan of fog!   



A short break between the fog patches

  And another patch

Highway is open. Roads should be OK.

Clouds are relentless         

Here we go again!      Seeing is overrated, we’re discovering. 

                                     Highest speed limit we’ve seen in Canada, 120k  This is better, now we only have to watch for avalanches.







Out of the snow and fog, for now   

    Oh look! A train   

The city named after the band 🎸

Border wait times. Not that we can cross.

We’re getting there, I’d post the name of the bridge but never did figure it out. 

Almost at the ferry 😁 

Cost to cross:  $90.40

We arrive a little too late for this ferry.  Next one at 2p. In line waiting to board.

Time to board!

A little crowded in here.

There are some confusing signs, are we permitted to leave our vehicles? We decide if not, someone will send us back.  We head to the sunshine deck.  No sunshine here.

Really windy and cold out here. In we go.

We explore the other levels then head back to Bob.  These photos are taken from Bob’s level.

We just get settled in Bob when my cell rings.  It’s Helen!!  We haven’t spoken for quite a while.  We thought we’d lose service, we don’t. Helen keeps us company the balance of the ride. 😁

Hello Victoria!

Made it!  Megan treats us to Indian for dinner, delicious.

Happy to be here but we are all missing Kyle.

October 15 – Cert Day

Bailey loves being the centre of attention!  Today is her day 🙂

11a appointment at Premium Truck  Inspection should take 2 hours.  Normally, Allan leaves me home but he took my home!

Bailey waiting for her turn       

While we were in Lethbridge, Irma & Tom gave Allan a patch for his cub blanket, I need yellow thread to sew it on.  Been looking since we left Lethbridge in various stores with no luck.  Driving in I spot .  To kill time while waiting for Bailey and to finally get the thread we head there.  Success!

That took less than 30m so we go for a walk in the neighbourhood, up a very steep hill.  We’ve walked about 45m, time to head back.  Bailey should almost be done and there is a lounge to hang out if she’s not.  Oh no!  Bailey is still outside waiting.    What happened to the 11a appointment???

We head in to figure out what’s (not) going on.  Allan gets a little side tracked. “Look a big truck!”

They say they will bring Bailey in

Our turn! 

 In @

The road isn’t really walking friendly but we’re hungry and google indicates there is a Chinese restaurant nearby.  Allan heads us out.  We walk and walk and dodge vehicles.  No restaurant.  Check maps again, apparently we walked right by it.  This time we leave maps open and head back and find the address.  No restaurant, google let us down!  Back to Premier’s lounge.  3 hours later still no word.  

Allan goes to speak with the mechanic.  It will just be a few more minutes.  Finally the dude comes to the lounge and says the rotors and pads require replacement. 5k brake repair!  We weren’t expecting that.  They  have to move Bailey to another bay that has a pit as the wheels have to come off.                                                                                             Bailey doesn’t quite fit!   

Dude takes Allan to show him.  Side note: First time Allan gets to see Bailey’s underside.  They discuss and come up with working some brake magic, while of course being safe. Ends up costing $1k.  Look at us saving money!

We finally leave at 5p.  Bonus! Rush hour wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. We get back to the park and set up.  No POWER!!  It’s dark already making it more difficult to to troubleshoot.  Allan resets the breakers, wiggles the wires, nothing.  Allan the “almost electrician” is out of ideas.  Who to call?  I suggest going to the front office to see who they suggest.  They have a list but the lady says the security guard is a long time RVer and knows stuff.  She’ll ask him to stop by.  He comes by, resets, wiggles, jiggles wires and then resets the breaker in the electric room.  Still nothing.  I’m watching the panel and WOOHOO power is back, much to their amazement.  Can’t explain it but we don’t care.  

On our road trip yesterday, Allan picked up a new amber friends suggested.  Now’s the time to sample!      the verdict is!!

It’s OK but does like this one better.   

That’s a good thing as Kokanee Gold is available here, the other not so much.  

Yellow thread job complete. 

Top left, Lethbridge Peace Office 

How many of you have cub blankets?

So ends another exciting day!