December 27, Post Boxing Day

asking for a friend!

Today’s adventure: look out for a lookout…Kalamalka Lakeview Drive Lookout.  Hopefully this will be more successful than our last attempt to visit a lookout.   First, put on the dreaded bootsDestination   

The drive           

Arrive to meet the menacing trash cans   

The view!   


The story 

  Bob didn’t get stuck today 🙂

I thought there were hiking trails here… as a famous man once said “you thought wrong!”

The drive back.  Go away snow!! 

Back home we play Dos.  This game a record for us 1h15m.  Yes, I let Allan win!!


Christmas & Boxing Day

             Hope it’s happy.  It will be memorable.  

We celebrated quietly playing Allan’s new, Christmas gift card game, Dos.  A change from crib & Omi’s card game (double deck rummy) it is fun. 

Next up! Dinner. Amsmoked ham.  Allans Traegaring at it’s best.

Fall of the bone!     Cause we are used to having more for dinner we have enough for about 6 more meals.  Freezer food.

📦 Day

Wake up to snow, snow, snow.  We are letting Bailey down as we said she would never see snow. 

 Hopefully next winter will be less white!

We are at Freddy’s to fill Allan’s growler…. This is the brewmaster This is the filling of Harkrider …

The fun never ends 🍺 😃🍺

We decide to stop to see if we can walk a trail.  Woa super bumpy here.  Get out look around and no not the right place.  Hop into Bob, the first time he’s stuck.  Anxious moment! Allan shifts into 4 wheel and off we go!

Another delicious meal!!       

Looks like we eat a lot!!

Christmas Eve 2020

We thought it would be much milder than this!  Our neighbours have been coming to this park for 13 years – they say this is a good weather year so far.  Have to research better!

   December = a fun month beginning with my 1st ever wine advent calendar. 

May I present… 24 wines – 24 days

This is the only one I couldn’t drink, yucky!!

Remember the 30 day plank a friend challenged us to…  today was day 30.

She promised eggnog….  T

Allan still has to wrap so I take myself for a walk.  It is pretty, cold and very slippery.  They do not salt/sand the roads here.  I suspect the hospitals are full of broken ankles, etc.  I walked the back 40s to stay away from the roads.

 “Mini tree”  complete with the manditory sock gift!

Check out our poses, a little alike!


Allan’s new favourite growler… Harkrider Red Lager – new growler bottle

My Santa Chef at work.  A first for Christmas eve dinner…  Beef and Broccoli

New recipe, was the best yet!!

Being of Austrian descent, we always opened our presents Christmas Eve.  Will we tonight?  Allan’s input – it’s my choice 🙂  Allan hasn’t had Smarties in like, forever!!

New attire!!

Merry Christmas to all! 🤶🎅🎄♥

Hoping 2021 will bring renewed optimism, some measure of normalcy, many hugs and much travel!!

Christmas Eve Eve

Day!    A lot nippy!   

Today is full of waiting.  There is a mobile, filler upper, diesel guy who is coming to top us off before noon.  We use diesel to heat so this is a good thing.  We have our SuperStore food order to pick up between 10 & 11.  Much prefer this to in store shopping. This afternoon our turkey dinner is being delivered by the Blue Schooner, the park’s restaurant.   This is the same turkey dinner they did for Thanksgiving.

Divide and conquer it is!

Allan heads off to pick up the groceries.  I stay and use the time to bake a batch of cookies.  My family tradition, that has never waivered, even if everything else has, is “Vanillekipferl“.  Mom/Omi brought the receipt with her when they immigrated to Canada from Austria.  3 years ago we opted to follow a low carb lifestyle.  What to do with the cookies?  I found a Low Carb Shortbread that tastes, surprisingly close to the original.  Had it not I would have made the real thing.  This is the first time, I’ve used the convection oven – Allan showed me how to use it before he left.  Preheating,                                                                                                          takes longer than I thought it should 

                                    They are in!   

   And they’re done!

Hopefully Allan declares them delicious!!    he did 🙂

Gift wrapping time!! 

Problem with wrapping early is no eggnog!

Turkey dinners arrive! 

You are likely thinking “that doesn’t look low carb”.  We now do a cheat day now and again.  Today is the day!

Sad day 😢 2nd to last wine!

Diesel guy finally here….315.  Only causing a slight traffic jam!

Goes from here                                           into here

Supervising the fill   

Watch Allan’s hand, what is being discussed???

It’s this high                                 and             can fit under there!

Good to heat for a while longer 🙂 

It’s turkey dinner time!!!                                                                                                                    Delicious!


December 21 – Solstice 2020

This is one of my favourite days!  Starting tomorrow we gain daylight!!  Today is special as it doubles as the Great Conjunction, an event during which the two largest planets in our solar system – Jupiter and Saturn – will nearly overlap to form a “double planet.” (defination by Google)

There are snowstorm warnings in effect for today, snow was to begin at 4am.  I get up at 530a, no snow yet 🤞 we are bypassed.

  Woohoo, start with the jackpot!  Good start 🙂

Here it comes, snow snow snow. 


    Mystery shoveller

No mystery, my Allan!  To quote him “We didn’t sign up for this shit!”

Good news, an end is in sight…120 mins to go

It’s now 144p – 4 minutes to go…

Update 202p now ending in 9minutes

While waiting for the snow to end, spot the horse?

The park has resident hair cutters; my appointment is at 3.  First hair cut since Charlene in Elmgrove!  Will the snow stop before then?  Nope!

Hair cutter, Robert was a delight!     

Next life gonna be a weather forcaster for obvious reasons.   

Sunday Dec 20, 2020

Today is visit Freddy’s Brewery.  Their claim to fame is not only their brews but hot sauce and they are attached to a bowling alley.  As germaphobes, we wouldn’t stick our feet in rental shoes even before the pandemic, it is a novel idea.  Who say’s lets have a brewery and bowling alley?  Guess a beer drinking bowler!!

       Here we are!

What to select, we know Allan’s must be amber.  I’d like a coffee one, bring on the samples 

Allan tries Harkrider Red Lager & Red IPA 

mine, Sandbagger Brown Ale  & Grand Poobah Chocolate Milk Stout 

Harkridger & Sandbagger for the win!

We order from the Sunday Beerunch menu, I select Turkish Eggs, Allan has Bedrock Huevos Rancheros.  Both delicious!We are a little happy!   

       Watching over us!

Allan likes his beer so much,  he is the proud owner of a new growler.  We need our friend, Tim here.  He’d appreciate the brewies 🙂

Off for a

Then home to a fire   

Playing a game called Spot the Difference.

Remember when… 



Saturday, December 19th

Not much planned today but will walk the rail trail in the opposite direction of Lake County and Woody’s!

But first!!  Open today’s calendar, I’ve learned they are better chilled so I      am opening earlier in the day                                                                                                                       In the fridge you go!

Walk by the park’s golf course.

Up the hill we go…   

The view from above     

Still sad we never got to try the restaurant at the park.  Suspicious fire on September 07.

We’re inspired, let’s have a fire… 

December 18 – Concert Day

We both wake up super early, 5ish, figures when we wanted to sleep in.  Maybe excitement about our Barenaked Ladies concert tonight.  Fun back story about them.

Coffees drunk, now what….   I know, let’s blast from the past it … and workout to Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to the Oldies         What Allan won’t do to humour me!

We putz around playing crib waiting for dinner time.  We have wanted to walk outdoor to take in the Christmas lights – tonight is the night!





Allan makes delicious stuffed peppers

Dinner done it’s time for our walk.  Following photos are proof that not only did we tour the park, but I’m a rotten photographer!​


Back home, we dress in our finest “go to concert” attire.  Limo arrives!

OK, no limo, attire = jammies, and we are watching in our living room but still exciting.  Our first streamed concert.

That was fun!  We did not have to worry about going to sleep during the concert as it was only 40 minutes.  A well spent $15.00



December 17 – Friend Day

Today starts out with a win!!     

Doris & Kevin visit day.  They are Wintering in Oliver about 1-1/2h away, wish they were closer.   We visited them last time, this time it’s here.

Where’s the first place we took them??  Lake Country Liquor Store!!

Next a drive around Pelmewash Parkway in Oyama.

Finally,  Woody’s.  Doris & Kevin are Rickards fans as well.

Then it’s time to leave, too early – as it gets dark here at 4p.  Can’t wait for longer days.

Look who popped in to say “hi” Sure do miss this guy!!     

Tuesday, Dec 15 – Vernon Doctor Day

We awake to snow falling.

We’d rather it stop before we go to Vernon and Allan’s cracker appointment.

Mother Nature doesn’t want to stop the flurries yet, snowy and fog await us on the highway.

We get there safely, Allan finishes his appointment.

Reward time!

   Photo of the washroom’s faucet, fittingly a 🍺 tap 😃  The sink could use a little wipe!

Back home we take a walk to our Duck Lake.

      Like it much better when it’s not frozen.     

We are hoping to get a walk in at night to see all the Christmas lights but we’re warm weather folk and have so far, been unable to convince ourselves to go out.  We’ll keep trying.

Side note:  So far so good with the fridge/freezer.  Think the fridge guy may have finally made his escape.  Stay tuned!