Friday, April 30 Freedom Day!!

1.15p: We leave Holiday Park after a long winter.  We are both excited to arrive at our next “park”.

1.23p:  Arrive at our first stop the Husky for diesel and def.  I’m following behind,  I love driving Bob, Allan loves driving Bailey.  We love eachother,  lots of 💑💘💖💗♥💏 going around.

First diesel                                  then              DEF

2.03p:  Arrive at our “park”   Enterprise RV  This is where Bailey is getting her annual checkup.   Enterprise is closed on Saturday and Sunday, they do offer one spot with hook ups so we will be here till Bailey is done.  We have a key to the gate, so we can freely come and go.  Security starts rolling around at 930p.

    Allan getting us hooked up… 

Some of our neighbours.  A Bailey relative – another Tour!

Bob’s hiding!  

Bailey is proudly front and centre!

Our view, building on the hill is UBC, Kelowna Campus

Where ever will we be next???


April 20, 21 & 22 – great few days 😍

Today we head to Victoria to see Kyle & Megan, yahoo!!!  Kyle returned from his deployment last month – we wanted to give Kyle & Megan time on their own,  7 months is a long time to be gone.

It is a nice day for a drive, clear skies and the white stuff is snow! 

We fuel up in Hope, this is the most we’ve ever paid for fuel. 

Our GPS, “Maps”, not for the first time was directing us to – who knows where?  47k up the highway.  I consult “Google Maps” who is determined we exit.  I followed the route and it does end up at the Ferry.

Oh look, Langley

     Look traffic!

This must be a good sign, we are being sent on Knight St.    Will we make the 5pm sailing ???

          Not loving these prices…   

Nor this traffic   

   Oh good a tunnel.  Allan loves these!                                     Bugs on the windshield! 

Made it!! 

We make it to Kyle & Megan’s about 730p.  I can’t describe how wonderful it was being there.

Kyle showered us with presents he brought from the Ukraine.

Delicious chocolates

Some more traditional 🙂


And the hooch!!  The Cherry is enjoyed warm, tastes just like cherry pie!Most special is my beautiful bracelet and Allan’s belt.

Megan, Molly and Melonie!     

Melonie introduced me to this delightful drink.  I was surprised I like it as I’m not a ginger fan. 

Hot tub time!!

April 21st

The view from the deck.  The snow capped mountains look painted. 

A lizzard enjoying the sun 

Time to build the firepit table

    RTFM!!  (read the fu%$ing manual)           

They did it!!!               

Sweet Molly! 

View from the hot tub to the firepit

April 22nd – back to Kelowna we go…

We pass this fire.  Fire trucks are there, as we drive on 4 ambulances are speeding to the scene.







April 18, First Race of the Season

April 18 – IndyCar = why Bailey came into our lives!!   1st race of the season.  Barber Motorsports Park

As much as we love the series, we dislike their starts.  Nascar has it over IndyCar for good starts.

Disaster on the first lap, turn 5 – Josef Newgarden (my driver) touched the dirt and spun.  Chaos ensued!

Here’s Josef.  “Hey Josef, you are not helping me win this year’s dinner!” Allan’s driver is Colton Herta a 21 year old sensation.

Spoiler alert!!  Colton wins in St.  Pete’s, next week’s race.

It was a good race, would have been better if Josef finished.   The winner, Alex Palou, a newcomer did a remarkable job.

  Wish we were there!!!




April, first half 2021



Lady bug ducked!       

April 09 –     

Cute birds, right… These birds have been tormenting us for what seems like months. They coo and coo and COO!
We fall asleep, wake up to the cooing and it continues most of the day.
They nap between 4 & 7p to ensure they can serenade us for the remainder of the time.
They are normally in the tree next to Bailey but occasion visit Bailey’s roof  so they can not only serenade but also make bird walking roof sounds.  Can’t imagine how much poop is up there.
Birds = Relaxing soothing sounds = BULLSHIT!!
Another under our belt! 
April 15 –  Ducking continues #31 & #32…               
GPS is registering 20c for the first time!
Hum, high school 2021 AD.  Uncanny! 
             April 16,  Friday – our 1st Vaccine Day
Smiling in these photos, I’m not so smily the next day.  In a nutshell I felt like a Mack truck hit me.  Very fluish and my arm was so sore, I couldn’t lift it for 2 days.
Allan faired better, he had a mild headache that an Advil quickly took care off.
Have to believe this brings us closer to “normal”.  I know normal will not be normal again but….
April 17
Not going to let feeling like shit stop me today, off we go for a walk at Wood Lake.  First another duck!                                       Such clear, blue skies

March 31 overnight Fire 🔥🚒🔥

Many waking up thought it may be an April fools prank but alas no. 

The Holiday Park ship, named Orchard City II which has been at the entrance of the park on Hwy 97 & Commonwealth Road was destroyed in a fire.

The boat had quite the history including sinking during a storm in 1948 and remained at the bottom of the lake for 30 years.  It is an interesting read.

Here is the fire report.

All that remains 😭😡😭

We see this on the way to my surgery appointment.

March 30, Peachland

Big appointment week …  some more fun that others.

Tuesday = fun:  We meet up with Doris & Kevin in Peachland.   We were going to meet in our park and head to Gray Monk Winery, Dilworth Mountain, then to Freddy’s for a pint and bun.   But Dr. Bonnie paused the in restaurant dining so can’t do the winery or lunch.

The change of venue ended up  being so much fun.  We walked around the lake,no photos but did see this!Fortunately those are our guy up there, still upright!

We dined at Gasthaus Pub.  The owner was at his witts end as the halting of in restaurant dining came in effect so quickly. Restaurants had already stocked for the Easter weekend.  I’m glad we do not own a restaurant.

The charming waitress said say “Schnitzel” Lunch was delicious.

My next appointment, today, is with Nissa.  Current issue – cracking jaw.  Super duper annoying, crack, crack crack.

Still have time before Nissa so we head to what TripAdvisor says is the #1 thing to do in Peachland.  Hardy Falls.

Walk to the falls

And there it is!  Thought it would be a little larger

Posing with the falls.

Adventure done, it’s time to say

Doris & Kevin are heading back to Ontario leaving mid April.  We all hope the “meet again” will be in Arizona!

Back in Kelowna we walk to the lake awaiting appointment time. I

Nissa worked her magic and I now have homework.  Tomorrow’s appointment is an eye exam.  I had lens replacements a few years ago, not checking for vision but overall eye health.  Then the dreaded Thursday’s appointment is dental surgery. Thursday, April Fools Day.  Not looking forward to that.



March 28; Destination = Myra-Bellevue Park

Let’s see how today’s adventure turns out.  We never did find the last provincial park we set out to find.  That trip was the first time Bob’s GPS said “I’m sorry”.  It kept trying to send us in circles.

Getting there, we think, didn’t anticipate the last 8km being on a dirt road.

We didn’t even consider there would be snow ☃❄

Made it!   

18 Trestles  

Too much snow     

How far will we make it?

We are motivated as we do have a reward when we get close to our 10k daily steps. 

This pass was to be a tunnel but the rock was too flaky.It’s difficult to walk without slip sliding away but we endure and make it to the first trestle.You can see through the planks to the gorge below.  Allan braves it!  I would have but had to take the photos (if you believe that’s the reason… )  Don’t look down!!!

Trestle 2!    And I’m out, no snow in this area but so windly & cold.                “Let’s go back, PLEASE”.  Happily back at a very diry Bob. There are a few cars, everyone we passed in the trail had only runners-seems no one thought of snow.

Down we go 

For those keeping track we didn’t earn our reward as we only managed to get about 3k steps.  We did however, pass a dirt mogul park for bikes.  We’ll stop there a get a few more steps.  They have beginers, intermediate and expert runs.  

On the side they have a dirt slide.  The kids were having such fun.

We walk down the paved trail and encounter…

Walk further and we spot these 2 panning for gold

Turns out we stumbled upon   

Steps are easily obtained and it’s not long will we have our reward!

Bob doesn’t like being dirty …………………. we get him cleaned up