Jasper, AB July 27, 2021

It’s a beautful day for a road trip to JasperJasper Provincial Park, welcomes us with a $20 day pass & construction.

This however is not construction rather a rock slide they are clearing

We duck in Jasper; #47

 We the “tourists”






Allan’s new friends       

Had a delicious lunch at Something Else Steak HouseWe had a fun day.  We’ll be back!

I’ll leave you with a reminder



Valemount July 25 & 26

The plan is to go to a trail in Tête Jaune Cache, 15 minutes down the highway.  We have a map!  Allan is a great map reader.   First right, over the railroad tracks, and there the trail is.  Hum, the street on the map does not exist.   We, take the first right – no railway tracks.  Take a drive back the other way and end up on this bridge over the Fraser. Bridge is not a Bailey bridge.  Maximum weight 25,000k

Back at the park we take a stroll under mean looking skies. 

July 26th

Errand day!  Post office to return the flag post, Visitor Info Centre as it is the #1 thing to do in Valemount, IGA for Boursin cheese (Allan has decided  TicTok Pasta for his birthday dinner on Saturday), Deep Woods Off (works great for mosquitos), non allergic sunscreen.  BC Liquor to put a smile on our day. What a fun day!

Visitor Centre, we park beside 2 Jeeps.  Jeeps tend to do that, park together.  Neither have ducks….   yet!                  We get to duck them #45 & 46   

Next the Post Office, parts missing flag post returned.

“Let’s do the Valemount city walk” the Visitor Centre suggested.   Stopping at Swift Creek Train Station.  Allan is interested in the caboose.   

Bye bye Allan, wave bye bye 🙂

Inside the caboose 

Equipment of the day! 

A Busy Bee!!

Mission failures…  No Boursin cheese, meat shelves mostly bare, no non allergic sunscreen,  no Deep Woods Off,  BC Liquor closed between 1 & 2 for lunch.  What time did we get there?  115.  How do people survive?


July 24, walk to Valemount

We took the 5m drive to Valemount yesterday.  We ordered a replacement flag post from Amazon and had it shipped to the Valemount Post Office.  We’ll be flying our flag again. Not so fast, the box is missing a part.  Back it has to go.    We’re back in the flag post market.

This is the first town we’ve been to that doesn’t open until 3.  Our destination is Three Ranges Brewing, they put the ALE in vALEmount.  They have 4 different ambers beers,  Allan can’t wait to give them a try.

We leave at 225.   We walk & walk, through a forest.  Granted the road is paved but there is nothing else around.  We’re good, we have our bear whistles.

At the side of the road, an out of commission, tractorWe’ve encountered some strange stuff.  This work of art is right up there.The word “Stu’s” is made from vehicle grills, under it is a Studebaker truck mounted on a pole. It must be there for a long time as the bottom part of the truck was overgrown. Perhaps this was the delivery truck…

Here we are, we walked by the brewery at 304 (they open at 3),  the line up was up the sidewalk. We’ll go to Home Hardward to see what they carry in flag posts.  None 🙁   Back at the brewery the line up is shorter. Takes a while to get to the front of the line but, we order, no outside seats, inside we go.  Wonder.. why as they are so packed they don’t open earlier especially on the weekend? They fill growlers, Allan is anxious to put his to use again.  The top of the walls are lined with growlers from other breweries. Allan’s flight and my beer!

Allan likes each beer, LESS, than the previous!

No growler fills here!  We did meet a young couple who were here from Toronto wilderness backpacking.  Their backpacking was cut short when his mis-step resulted in a sprained ligament.  They still had 10k to walk downhill = brutal!  Memories being made = priceless!  They didn’t see a bear, only a wolf.  I can’t imagine sleeping in a tent in the wilderness!

It was a fun day, back home we walk. 

I tell the bears this… 

July 22 on the road again!

Who BBQed last night in the hail/rainstorm??  This guy, AKA my guy! It wasn’t raining when he started.  Flashstorm, good for the wildfires. BC declared a”State of Emergency” starting  July 21st. The fires are disconcerting, we are monitoring our routes.

Good bye PG!   It’s been fun, not quite a blast but fun.   

RCMP  Building 

Clock Tower, clock doesn’t work 

On the road again! 

Allan’s fire research prior to us heading to Valemount revealed we are going to detour.  Here we are!Too funny.  The flagman, unlike most, will not make eye  contact

We are first in line, Bailey the Leader!  Here we go, finally … This is single lane!

More hay  First photo I’vetake of bikers.  Blows my mind how many travel the highway.  Even in the Rockies.

Back on the road     

Arrived!  IrVing RV Park


Love our new kitchen mat

July 19, day trip to Barkersville

We arrived back at MamaYeh on Thursday, 07/15 to this welcome signOur week here is flying by, Saturday we went to PG’s Summer Fest.  We then met up with our Kelowna neighbours, Mags & Steve for a delightly time at CrossRoads Brewery.  We are having fun keeping track of each other’s travel adventures.

Today, Barkerville.  It’s 2 hour drive and we soon find the construction.  This was caused by a rock/mud slide.                                                                                                 

Very curvy road with many “Watch for Wildlife” warnings

Made it, arriving at 1025 

Main Street, Barkersville

First stop the brewery!  Unfortunately, this is not one of the functioning buildings

Next stop, super early lunch as we didn’t have breakfast.  Love having a private restaurant, feel for the restaurant though.   Allan is busy planning our walking tour.  First stop:  Doctor’s office, oh the tools…  Dentist’s office

You’d think gold would be cheaper during the gold rush

Along the way, we meet this gent who tells us a facinating story about how gold was found in this area.  Sad story but it did make me chuckleNo chuckles for this sign,  it was a difficult life.

Stagecoach rides, $10/person.  Allan’s allergies, my cheapness = no rides for us.

Flashback to candies, wow those prices. $18.00 for an ultimate Gobstopper!

Saloon, also not operational.  Would be fun to be in a throwback saloon.Love this barber!  Wonder how he stopped the baldness??  Mr. Moses should have passed on this expertise.


Hightlight of the visit?  Allan will be panning for gold!!

Dude is teaching Allan how to pan.  We learn gold is more dense than stones.  The idea is to fill the pan with water, shake & shake to bring the stone to the surface, dump the stones & repeat, ends in nuggets-you hope.

     Pay dirt!!!   4 nuggets!  Think we can retire now!!!

Quesnel is close by (pronounced: S is silent) Head there to take a peek

Walked Main St and got to duck, #44

We stop at Co-Op.    This is the bulletin board 🙂

Back home we see this beauty on our grill 

No, I’m not high but do you see it??



Today Houston!

Sadly, Houston BC not TX.

The drive to Houston.  Appears to be hay harvest time.

Blink and you miss the one street downtown.  Most shops are gone.

An outdoor museum     





Fire truck, the water holder bin isn’t very big.  Google let me down, I could not find a photo of a similiar fire truck.

1957 “Bozac, Super M” Snow Toboggan, click here for a restored version.

Canada’s Largest Fishing Rod.  Story  here

Our walk takes us by a salmon hatchery where we meet Mabel

We’re done in Houston, back in Smithers.   Look up!   We parachuted about 20 years ago. Time to again??

End the day finally getting our reward for having our second jab. We’re at Alpenhorn Bistro & Bar. Snack was BBQ pork potato skins.  Never tried these before.  Delicious!

Not much planned for tomorrow, we’ll see what shakes out.

July – Smithers, BC

   Duck #43

We ducked, shopped at No Frills, as we are exiting a siren sounds, very loudly.  “What the heck is that?”  We are a little alarmed, no one else reacts.  Must be OK.  Google, my friend,  tells me the story behind the noon siren:

The sounding of Smithers’ fire hall siren every day except Sunday – a prominent (and sometimes alarming, YES we were alarmed) Smithers tradition – has its origin in a fire. This tradition has existed since at least 1956, when a siren was installed in the community’s fire hall.  The tradition may have begun earlier. An Interior News article in 1949 notes the following:

“As a result of the failure of the village fire siren on the occasion of the recent fire, arrangements have been made between the Telephone office and the council to blow the siren every day except Sunday at 12 o’clock noon. The siren had formerly been sounded only on Saturdays, but apparently this is not often enough to ensure that it is in good working order as was shown when it failed to work after a short blast during the Smithers Garage fire.

This new policy caused a flurry of excitement on Monday of this week when few were aware of the change. To make matters worse a short developed in the wiring and the siren wouldn’t shut off until the hand switch was pulled. Incidentally the siren won’t be sounded on Sundays.” 

Smithers mascot, (Alpine) Al.      Click for the story

Boville Square: Provides the community a location for small and medium sized arts/music/cultural performances and special events. There is no rental fee to use the park/stage.

Downtown, Main Street

Smithers, home to our 2nd jab!

Home Hardware knows, now that we are double vaxxed, Covid is “almost” over.  Time to bail on PPE…

July 08, back to Telkwa we go

We are a bit concerned about getting out of this site.  We didn’t have to be, 2 back & fros, we’re out!  Hook up Bob in the parking lot and we’re on our way. Did I already say, this is our least favourite spot so far?

Pull out at 835a; 72,141k

Hwy 16 from Prince George to Price Rupert is known as “The Highway of Tears”, we pass many hanging red dresses between Rupers & Terrace  ☹

Not far from Rupert, the sun and blue skies return.  We haven’t seen them since arriving in Rupert.  Unless we decide to take the ferry to Alaska; I doubt we will be here again.


Encounter the required road construction     

And beautiful scenery

This is where you’d turn if you are driving to Alaska. North to Alaska 🙂

122p    Back at Telkwa Riverside RV Park, Bailey gets a much needed bath.  Allan worked the pressure washer, I worked the brush = no photo.

Our water filters, Kyle forwarded to the Telkwa Post Office arrived yesterday so off we go to pick them up and try the local food truck, Zittlaus’ Quick Eats for dinner.  Love supporting local businesses.  The food was good,  cheese burger and gooey fries.  Their attitude left much to be desired.  Surprising in a small, family business.   

Even small towns businesses have issues.  Pub vs Food Truck click here

TBH:  We didn’t like Rupert or the campground, we did enjoy our excursions and of course the company!  Focusing on this.

Cute story!  While walking in downtown Smithers last time we were here we ran into the couple who’s site was directly across from ours in Kelowna.  We didn’t speak much then, you know Covid and winter!  We had a chat, more of a chat than we had in Kelowna.  Say our farewells and off we go.

Last night we are preparing dinner.  Allan looks out the front window and calls “It’s the neighbours!” (Allan may not be good recognizing people but vehicles he’s great), rushes out the door to meet them as they are driving by.  No, they are not in our park they are in Port Edward, a 20m drive.

I think we are destined to meet again 🙂  Mags and Steve are now FB friends!!

July 7, Explore Cow Bay

Today, Cow Bay area in Prince Rupert.  Weather is still so dreary, we haven’t seen a piece of sky let alone the sun. It’s cold, I’m wearing a winter top.

We do our normal morning; have breakfast, stack the dishwasher, turn it on, OH NO. 9F error.  Doesn’t run or open.  Google to determine it is an electrical malfunction.  We follow the suggested: Turn power to DishDrawer off then turn on power supply. This may reset error, or in our case may not.  Even though we tried several times.

We need the dishes currently held hostage.  Our limited space does not allow for multiples.  Need the wok, glasses & other goodies in there.  Things we’d good for are plates & cutlery.  Such fun this lifestyle.

Allan, again forced into action, chats with Fisher and Paykel, the manufacturer.  Here’s the issue, they need the model & sn, where is that?? Inside the unit that doesn’t open.

A thing that normally works, I go to shower and Allan has it figured out when I’m done.  In the shower I can hear stuff going on.  The stuff was Allan unloading the dish drawer.  The tech told Allan to force pull it out 1/2 way, no further.

Dishes are free!  The control looks the way it should, Allan gambles, puts the dishes back in, No Go same error.  Allan gets it open again and I get to wash.

The manufacturer does not have repair people in the North.  First chance will be when we are in Kelowna.  This site is 30amp, next site will be 50amp, as the issue is power related we wonder if being on 50 will allow it to run.

1245p: Finally time to venture out.  Cow Bay, here we come.  Crows are the thing here, they are everywhere.  Huge crows, they make a racket when they stroll on Bailey’s roof.  These 2 appear to like each other.

This one is picking at the wiper blade,  totally lifting it from the windshield. Will it survive?

Go for a swim!  That way 😊   

Overlooking Cow Bay

“De plane Boss, de plane!” (Speck above the mountain)

We know how he feels!

This is a very cool store, lots of stuff you don’t see anywhere else.

No clue how you fish with these but suspect you throw them overboard and the fish swim in.  The boat, Pac Man is heading out filled with them.

This is the Walmart I took the photos of the lake from the parking lot.  Wow, the preceding is a weird sentence!

We walk home a different way.  Turns out it is through the CN yard.  We walk and walk, can we get out this way?  Turns out yes, we can!

Such low clouds, does the sun every shine in Rupert?

End with 

July 06 – first full Rupert Day

We awake to the sounds of children in the playground.  Still not a fan.

Forecast says cloudy all day,  with a high of 14.  We are now losing daylight  

We need a few things at Walmart but first take a 5m drive to the Ferry to have a looky see.  This contraption had us puzzled last night.  We could only see the tip of it from Bailey, it has flashing light.  Now we know it has something to do with unloading containers. 

What do we spot?? In amongst the containers – Canadian Tire.  Allan points out the CT tractor/trailer we saw was here picking up the containers not delivering to a store as we thought.Unloading a container:  As ships approach the port, they are met by tugs that rotate them to point downstream and nudge them sideways to berth at the quay. Then the unloading process begins. Containers are lifted off the ship two at a time by quay cranes, 450-foot-high behemoths with booms long enough to reach across the width of the ship.  Unloading the ocean vessel can take 1-3 business days.

YouTube of unloading a ship.. click here 

These photos were taken from the Walmart parking lotDreary weather as promised

Allan learned/taught me, we are on a island!  Do not recall crossing a bridge.  Will pay attention when we head back to Telkwa. A walk around the park we find this.  Suspect this closure is not Covid relatedBailey deserves better than this