Aug 22-30/21 A week in Salmon Arm

Salmon Arm Camping Resort, Site E2 – the only site in the park with 50amp power. We lucked out.

Aug 23rd – Allan loves Sicamous a 30m drive, off we go. We did our “usual” walk around town, then the trail ending up here, at Moose Mulligans Public Eatery’s patio for lunch. This is the view 🙂

A little, crowded island out there

Great idea! Most of the lakes have these well stocked  life preservers

If I liked boating, this would be the place for me

We’d love this fuel price, alas, it is missing the 1

Aug 26th – We need some veggies so were heading to Pedro’s Market. We missed the turn, a bit down the road we turn into DeMille’s thinking we’d u turn. It looked so inviting we parked.

Who would have thought Allan would turn into the “animal whisperer”??

Llamas are sweet animals but won’t hesitate to spit , PLEASE don’t!!

That’s better a nice, almost, smile!

We bought, what turned out to be, delicious London Broil, corn grown on site & cherry peppers.

Never saw cherry peppers before. I followed this recipe I don’t often say this but “DANG, they were hot!”

We leave to this 🛑

Aug 27th – hang out at the park day! Nice relaxing day doing not much of anything, except mini putt. We hadn’t done this for eons!! Kyle makes fun of my videos saying they are too short. Here’s another one for you 🙂

Allan has been lax in “smokin” photos, here’s one

Being cooked, the aforementioned London Broil, corn & cherry peppers. Forget to feature the finished product 🙁


Aug 28th – Salmon Arm’s farmers market is today from 8 till 1. We take a drive down, take no photos and do not buy anything. While here we walk to the wharf and take the trail.

First we duck in the parking lot; duck #49

On to the trail

These are the only birds we saw. We’re not very good birders 🐦

Fallen leaves! NOOO!!!

August 30th – Drive to Lake Country day for the final leg of our summer adventure.

But first, pass through Lake Country head to Kelowna to get our slide diagnosed. The living room/kitchen slide hasn’t been opened since the end of June when we had closing issues. CoachNet, our service contract company, nor us could find any company capable of diagnosing/repairing the slide.

As we approach Kelowna we spot a hot air balloon. It’s closer to the airport than we think it should be, doesn’t appear to be advertising.

Turns out it’s a hot air balloon ride! Might be fun, if a little pricey.

Hello Enterprise, fix us up!!

Bailey has to be there for most of the day = time to kill. Start by driving back to Lake Country, the post office there is an Amazon Locker Allan had a Roku stick sent there, we pick it up then go to Wood Lake RV Park to check out our spot. It’s not going to be easy to get in but we’ll get it done!! Next stop, Holiday Park where we spent Winter. It was interesting walking through it, there are now many empty spots.

Next up lunch on the patio of our favourite local Italian restaurant…L’Isola Bella Bistro

We next go to BC Liquor cause Allan’s beer is on sale. We spot this cloud from the parking lot!

It’s now about 230, our feet have walked enough (over 11k steps). We drive by Enterprise, Bailey is in the same spot we left her. Hopefully, they have examined her there. We stop in a parking lot, play a few games of Candy Crush, still no call from Enterprise. We think that must mean they have opened and closed the slide successfully with no issues. Enough speculation, back to Enterprise.

They have done the checks, 4 opens and closes requiring 2 resets. They diagnose the issue as front slide motor.

Although the slide manufacture advised us to not open as the error was classified as major, Norm at Enterprised was confident we could open it at the campground and it would close. Sends us off with these instructions …

Off to the park

Our site #133, it is wide enough but the length is tight. The guy across comes out to say “You’ll never fit in that spot”. We wiggle, giggle, wiggle some more and we are in!! Excellent driving, or rather parking Allan!!

Are we brave enough to open the slide? I’ve gotten used to the tigher space. Allan says “Let’s do it”

From this…

To this…..

August 31st – Great for the wildfires, it’s raining and raining! Today is also dentist day, good day for rain.

Between showers we walk the park. The office and boat launch

We’re so cheesy!

There is a little beach steps away

Lots of ducks. We hear lots of “quack, quack, quack”

Good bye Golden Aug 22/21

Destination Salmon Arm, first fuel.

The route takes us through Revelstoke

Lucky us, we found an article nominating the stretch of Hwy 1 from Golden to Revelstoke as one of the World’s most dangerous road. Click for article. The weather isn’t great either. We would be totally freaked, had we not have done this stretch on our way to BC.

A straight section of road, is, newsworthy!

No more straight! 50k ahead = drastic turn or falling off earth!

Allan’s favourites! Snow sheds – there is 6 in this group. Our headlights aren’t bright making it more difficult to see

Roger’s Pass

More rain, sharp corners, and snow in the mountain snuggled in the back

Feel bad for the motor cycle

Turn, turn, turn…

Made it!

Glad we left Golden full, crazy prices. Get we need diesel for Bailey, they are so embarrassed they don’t post that price

Make it to Salmon Arm Camping Resort safely!

Set up and dinner being made by my “shoeless chef”

Haven’t we all??

Boo, the bear day 08/20/21

Good morning! We’re excited!! It’s meet Boo day 🐻

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort  has a bear refuge, we will hopefully meet Boo.

I got the Golden photo this time by. The heavy rain a couple of days ago helped with the smoke.

Kicking Horse is a twisty 25m drive from the campground

Happy this is a Bob and not a Bailey adventure, it’s very narrow,

You ride the chair lift up the hill to the refuge

Hoping to see the real Boo when up the hill

Our tickets

A little about Boo before we meet (hopefully)

What a lovely smile, Boo 🐻 😅

The ride up..

The pole reads “The higher you go, the thinner the competition”

The cable are making scratchy noises, the chair slows down, stops, goes again. Allan declares he is not a fan of chair lifts.

Almost there…

View from the top, that’s Golden

We enter the refuge and there he is! BOO. How did Boo get here? How did he get his name? Click here

Look at those claws!

Hopefully this is as close to a bear as we get…

Electric fence keeps Boo in his 20 acre home

The fence hasn’t always worked. Click here for his 2006 escape, again in 2011, click here We know he came back but I can’t find that story.

Back down we go..

Life is full of choices, will we partake in this adventure?

Back in the parking we get to duck #47

Fun times, now back to Golden to grocery shop

Golden BC 08/16/21

We take the 6m drive into Golden to peek around.

It has a cute downtown but it’s only one street

We didn’t end up staying at this restaurant but did snap this photo

Walk in town done. Off to the trail

We’ve seen pick ups on the train tracks, first time seeing a tractor on rails

I did this to my thumb about 2 months ago. I was concerned I may lose the nail, I won’t but it is taking its time growing out.

Travel Day, 08/15/21

We enjoyed our stay here, except for the no internet/super low water pressure. Heading to Whispering Spuce Campground in Golden. BC. The smoke has not dissipated.

Big ass smoker! Allan had pulled pork made on it, he declared it delicious.

Back to packing up… Allan doing his circle check

On the road again…

These cyclists are wearing masks to protect from the smoke

What is left after a fire

When I see skid marks I chose to believe another animal dashing onto the road was saved

This is a scenic drive. Not today, just smoky

Turn here…

We’re back in BC, almost missed the sign

We can only imagine how beautiful with area is

Truck “runaway” lane. I’m surprised we haven’t seen more in the Rockies

Almost there

The last 10k were stressful. The twisty, turny, road is under sever construction

Then there is this contraption parked on a platform over the ledge

Here we are

Whispering Spruce Campground Doesn’t take long to get set up

Parting thought

August 14/21, Hanging out at the park

Smoke comes rapidly. What a difference a day makes! 

Our hikes today will be the View Point trail & Lake Trail, Lake Abraham. We’ve been, pretty much off the grid since we arrived in Clive Lake.  There is no internet or cell service throughout the park, only limited access if you are right by the office.  Before setting out, we go to the office to check if anything important is happening. 

Oh no, Allan is notified our website is down.  We rush back to Bailey to pick up Allan’s computer – no way is there enough strength.  We’ll drive to Nordegg, 87k away, surely that town (population between 60 & 200) will have access. 

Allan checks with the office, great news 12k up the road there is a large pullout with coverage. 

Allan gets successfully connected and has the issue repaired within a few minutes.  We discuss driving on to Nordegg but with the smoke we wouldn’t see much. 

Back at the park, Bailey is still hiding. There are more tents here than we have scene in any park.

Trails, here we are

The trail is a gradual down with many stones. We hear bears, or do we?? Have whistles!

We had to do a huge up, so big I was freaked enough to not remember to take a photo.

We made it and looped back …

Turns out it is a loop, we come out here.

Fire time! Allan loves his fire gloves. Thanks Kyle & Megan!!

What is this??

Friday, Aug 13th 🍀 Good Luck Day!

We are heading towards Jasper on the Icefields Parkway to check out the points of interest we didn’t/couldn’t investigate in Bailey

Our ultimate destination, on this beautiful day, is the Athabasca Ice Glacier

We drive by glaciers, fortunately no ice this time of the year

The highway turns left, then right. We end up on the mountain that is straight ahead.  The road is just above the tree line. 

This is taken from the viewpoint on top of the mountain. The bridge that is under construction from the previous photo.   There are such big elevation changes, go figure, in the mountains there are elevation changes.

Another cyclist, high up in the mountain. I can’t imagine the ups!!

Beautiful! Breathtaking, awe-inspiring, it is impossible to describe the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.  The Rockies should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Back we go to Athabasca Ice Glacier; looking to the right of the glacier

Looking at the glacier; those ants are really people making their way up the glacier.

The climb up. Like John I don’t do ups yet here we are!

Informational signs along the way

The melting ice

Almost there. I love this photo of my cute heart 🙂

The glacier! Yes, we both made it.

Look, it’s Bob way down there

The glacier as viewed from across the highway. From here it looks like a hill when it fact, it is flat.

The drive back

We stopped at Saskatchewan Crossing for dinner.  That didn’t work out, the restaurant was closed, only the snack bar was open. 

Love when they gouge you.  We were warned so didn’t need any fuel 

The fuel at the park isn’t quite as crazy

WooHoo it’s fire time…

The wood…

The Fire God!

Good night

Aug 12 – Bye KOA, Hello David Thompson Resort

Today’s drive

We leave at 1040. 73,370k.  Please bridge, hold us one more time 😊, we’re good, stop for fuel, on the road at 11.  Google tells us this is a 3h05m drive through the Rockies on the Icefield Highway. 

We admire the many bicyclers that brave the Rockies.  That is one t-shirt I will never get. 

There are many school buses with rafts for white water rafting.  Another t-shirt I’ll never get. 

This orange hose runs for hundreds of kilometers along the highway, wonder what it contains.  I’m going to ask Debbie, think she will know.

Single lane

Then clear sailing past the ice glaciers

Another single lane

We make the left turn at the Saskatchewan Crossing; Bailey’s GPS says another 15m and we’ll be there.  We always verify with Google Maps but there is zero cell service from Athabasca Falls to Lake Louise. 

500 meters to go, not looking like it.  No buildings

A beautiful view, no resort

Halleluiah!  About another 20m down the road we arrived at 242, took a little longer than 3h. Happy to be here 🙂

A little tight

Levelling is a challenge; it is hard to tell from the photo but both tires are off the ground.  We haven’t had that happen before. Allan moves Bailey back a bit and tries again.  It is 37degC;  Allan is very hot! 

This levelling job will have to do. 

Bailey is hiding 🙂

Someone left us a little gift.  It makes us 😊

Dinner time 😋

We are in our glory!  🔥 time!! The KOA in Hinton had a fire ban, we assumed this one would too!

4 for me!

That’s all for today folks!!

Jasper Provincial Park, AB- Aug 09/21


Forgot to clean the windshield!

Today’s adventure

Soon after entering Jasper Park, we spot our first animal. An elk who could have cared less about us. The 2nd photo was taken from the passenger window. Allan “don’t open your window” 🙂

Next stop…Brûlé Lake. We didn’t, but did see people 1/2 way across the water and it was only knee deep. Allan did test the water, report “fairy warm”

Oh look! A train 🙂

We are heading to the Icefield Parkway. Linking Jasper with Lake Louise, the Icefields Parkway is one of the most beautiful journeys on the planet.  The 232 km stretch of double-lane highway winding along the Continental Divide through soaring rocky mountain peaks, icefields and vast sweeping valleys.

Our friend, Debbie, recommended must sees, Maligne Canyon & Athabasca Falls.

The drive is very scenic

Yes! We are having 😁 fun

Here we are, Athabasca Falls

So powerful!

Pretty amazing!

This trail, with all these exposed roots is hard to walk on.

Beautful place, happy we came

Off to Jasper for lunch at Earl’s upstairs, outdoor patio. Great view!

Lunch done, now Maligne Canyon

Allan determing our route

Maligne Canyon is a slot canyon. Eroded out of the Palliser Formation, the canyon measures over 50 meters/164 feet deep.

Whoa! Will i look down?

Safely on the other side of the bridge, we select the F trail

Stop at one of the lookouts

We walk the trail and come across a sign .06k to the restaurant. What the sign didn’t mention is it’s all uphill. Big uphill, sadly the photos do not depict the elevation. We thought we deserved a reward before – this hill cements it!

Huffing and puffing, we make it.

On the level, yahoo, road to the restaruant/gift shop we see some commotion. A park ranger was rattling, what appeared to be a stick with streamers on it. Turns out there was an elk in the woods right by the restaurant

Great photo, Allan! The elk made his getaway by dashing out onto the road and heading back to the woods on the other side of the restaurant.

I think the 9 oz Rocky Mountain Cab is slightly mispriced

One of my most interesting drinks; Observation Deck. Allan stuck with beer, although not amber. Jasper the Bear Ale


Park Glacier Rye, Flor de Caña Rum, Amaro Montenegro, Cherry Liqueur, Park Orange Bitters, Smoked Cedar = Uniquely delicious

The drive back

More animals, we miss talking photos of more than we capture

Missed this herd, the dash cam didn’t

Another fun day coming to an end

Tip of the day

Aug 7, 2021, William E. Switzer Provincial Park

But first a quick glimpse at yesterday, International Beer Day!

August 06 – Happy “International Beer Day”

What happens when you have a beer or two? You cozy up with this guy!

I wake up earlier than I’d like, (at 443, Fitbit is very precise). I put it off and off and finally give in to the cold. Crazy!!

Today's destination... William E. Switzer Provincial Park, a 20m drive from our park. Google Maps says turn left, we do.  At the point I took the second photo, Google says "Arrived". Don't think so.

The rebel in sunglasses is, happily ours 🙂

We find a place to turn around, back we go. T’is pretty

Back on track, we arrive at the Visitors Centre

Hum, maybe I shouldn’t have read this sign

Here we go…

Kelley’s Bathtub! Named for a local outdoorsman who once fell in, (wished for a more entertaining story) Kelley’s Bathtub is a picturesque pond in William E. Switzer Provincial Park with pretty mountain views and plenty of wildlife (think moose, beaver, loon, and others). Despite these potential viewings and those on the sign, we are view-less. Not complaining.

Walk over the bridge and encounter this poor fish who perhaps jumped out of the water a little too far. Or maybe, a bear ate the rest of him?


Our kind of place 🙂

Evening sky.