Bad turns good? July 29, 2022

Yesterday’s bad luck with our pellet grill dying turned out to, maybe be a good thing?

It’s too hot to cook inside, we have super limited storage space so off we go to Walmart for a disposable (in it’s enexpensive enough our hearts won’t go with chucking it) charcoal grill. We fine this little guy, $20 ish

Assembly time…

Lighting the charcoal chinney

And the burgers are on!

The best burgers we’ve had. Much better than on a pellet grill. Served with bell pepper salad.

July 25, 2022 Not such a fun day

Reminder! Allan discovered our flat inside driver’s side tire flat. Today is call CoachNet, our roadside assistance, to get it repaired.

Fountain Tire to the rescue

We had this issue last year on the passenger side, issue was a leaking valve stem. should be easy peasy to repair

Into Bailey’s bowels he goes to jack her up

Outer tire off, inner tire off

Off it comes

Parts Man, Parts!!

Turns out it is not as easy as a leaking valve stem, the tire is bubbling. Yep, we saw the bulges

Meet our new family member, we are affectionally calling FMI!

Fort Macleod July 23, 2022 KISS!

Allan’s “spidey senses” were tingling so as we were not leaving until 11ish, he did a Bailey circle check only to discover the driver’s side inside tag tire is flat! That could have been disastrous. We’ll deal with it on Monday.

Today is a busy, fun day! First up… Smoke Wind & Fire. We pass on breakfast to have lunch there. We were disappointed, we thought there would be lots of options. No, there wasn’t so we made due with the 2 options. Look at us being adaptable!

Next a walk around Henderson Lake It’s our favourite close by park/walk.

Next Stronghold Brewing in Fort Macleod

Fort Macleod

Locked him up! No smile now!!

I feel like Rapunzel. Whoops, need longer hair!

You have to zoom in on these rules but worth it. I LOL at many of the conditions

Now time for what we are here for KISS!! at the Empress Theatre (110 years old) being here is part of the experience.

The show!

T’was an action packed fun day. Arrived back home about 1130 and watched the Indy Race. Who’s driver won?? Mine did, mind did. 130 time for bed.

Calgary Bound, July 21, 2022

My morning win!

1st up – Bob’s annual Krown undercoating rust treatment. We have a noon appointment so we leave Elba’s at 915. It is a pleasant drive and we make it there 1/2 h ahead of the apartment. Takes about 1-1/2 hours so off we go for a walk. Turns out to not be a fun walk, we’re in a commercial area with limited sidewalks. Walk up and back on the busy, side walk street for an hour. Head back, yahoo – Bob is ready 🙂

2nd stop – Southcentre Mall, Quarts Shoes to buy my favourite pair of Berks! They have the last pair and its my size!

3rd stop – our hotel Fairfield by Marriott is an easy walk to the concert. Our view

Our walk around town

Allan’s happy not sorry we found Hudsons Canada’s Pub in Calgary 2 blocks from the hotel

Back at the hotel we see the fearless window cleaners. You’d never gat me up there!

Show time! John Fogerty here we come!! This is our first “post” covid concert

It was a fun concert 🙂

On the drive home, on the 22nd, we stopped for the cheapest fuel we’ve found in a long time (we get 3 cent off a liter from the posted price). Fuel in Lethbridge is about 182.9

Back at Bailey, we are welcomed by these guys

So ends another adventure

Lethbridge Coulee, July 17, 2022

Welcomed by this sign

Baby steps, these only number 42

Interesting, these morsels of information make me google!

Wish my camera would depict height …

We get to the end of this, kind of paved trail, do we go back or do an “in and out”? In and out it is. Hope the tick season is done

Hope the tick season is done!

A wrong turn on the trail and here we are on these rickety boards. Yep, we had to come back over them when we figured it out.

How deserved are these????????????????

Second attempt at taking a photo, first time the wind made them crash, boom Yes we are having fun!

A sign we pass on the way home…

Road Trip to BC, July 12, 2022

Why are we going when this is the summer to tour Alberta??  Because, we didn’t realize that Allan’s drivers licence expires this year on his birthday!  In BC your health care, a separate card, expires at the same time.  You can call to have that extended but no licence extension is available.

Our next Alberta stop will be taking us further from BC so 2 hour road trip it is to get the renewal.

It’ s a beautiful day for a scenic drive through the Rockies.  In no time, we’re in back in BCNext stop   

Licence & health card renewal town.  Yahoo, no one in line, it went very smooth and quick.  What we didn’t know is they take the physical card and give you a piece of paper that expires in September.

Sparwood is a mining town, along with that their attraction is a monster, monster truck!

                                          Allan is so TINY!

Allan loves his Faxe Amber beer, Alberta does not.  As we are in Sparwood we check BC Liquor who do carry it but no, none here.  Ferine is a further 20m drive, they report

Our tour of Sparwood complete, yes, Fernie here we are

First a tour of Fernie, it is a cute town.










Hit BC Liquor, the result..Well done Allan!

Next a visit to Fernie Brewery.  Allan finding another red he likes, Caboose Red.

Back we go.  We’ve driven by Frank Slide a few times, this time I googled the story










Final stop before home  Run Rummer Pub

All today’s missions completed.  EXCEPT poor Bob ended up with 4 windshield chips.  Totally crazy here.

Travel day, Drum to Lethbridge – July 11, 2022

It was fun here, but happy to leave.  The 50amp power was great but we were instructed to not use the grass area as they had just seeded.  Nope, couldn’t see any seeds.  That is why the firepit was behind Bailey, we were just happy to have fires.

The Drumheller area is home to these yellow fields, google tells us it’s canola

Driving we go.. Oh good a single lane, 4.4mh bridge, we’re good with that but 27tons – how much do we weigh? Drive fast!

Thankfully the road did turn after the hump

The rest of the drive was uneventful, we’re now back in Lethbridge

Drumheller Little Church & Horseshoe Canyon Hike July 10, 2022

It’s Sunday, time to go to church 🙂 Drumheller Little Church seats 6! It has an interesting history, click here to read more

Duck #60 in Drumheller, hard to capture it from this angle but it there in the door handle.

Next adventure! Hiking across the street from our park in Horseshoe Canyon, from above in the Badlands. What are the badlands?? “The badlands were named by early French explorers who termed their steep-sloped mesas (flat-topped mountains) and deep, winding gullies as “bad lands to cross.”

Down we go! 146 steps. Downs mean ups are coming grrr

We remembered our sticks. They did come in handy

Was a little challenging making it up here but so worth it

Yep, it’s that time… Grow the photo to see the cactus in the background

We made it back up all those stairs!!

Tomorrow we bid farewell to Drumheller.

Our last fire for a month

Drumheller has been fun, for now though, it is not on our must repeat list.

Drumheller, AB July 08, 2022

Today we got intimate with “Tyra”, The World’s Largest Dinosaur  For $5/person you enter her bowels!

106 steps, up, up we go! Steps change direction, go right, go left, go straight.

For those who read the Royal Tyrrell Museum outdoors post, that stair count was 106 as well

The view from Tyra’s mouth!

For certain 106 steps deserves a reward!!

Down we go….

From the ground

Tyra’s stats:

Conceived:  October 02, 1999 Born:    October 06, 2000

  • 86 ft (25 meters) tall
  • 106 stairs to climb to the top
  • 12 People can fit in the mouth at a time
  • 4.5 times bigger than a real T-Rex
  • 151 feet (meters) long
  • 65 tonnes (145,000 lbs) in weight
  • She cost $1,065,000.00 to build