Helena MT to Lethbridge KOA, March 13, 2023

Wake up to a frosty windshield, but we were toasty.

You’d think the park would make some effort in plowing, but no

Are we brave enough to hook Bob up in the park?  Yes we are!This is the main in/out road

Happy to be on dry pavementThere are many oversize marked vehicles, this was one of the most oversized we’ve seen

Scenic country

Useless fact:  Our TPM (tire pressure monitor) tells us it’s 46F on the sun side of Bailey 39F on the non-sun side

From mountainous to flatness 

Our second back break stop in a rest area                            The road leaving Fast Forward:  Happy to report this tiny yucky section was the only one we encountered on our trip

Coutts here we are!!

Oh PooP!!  We were scheduled, in our mind, to cross back on the 20th.  A weather check looked like we’d better move that up.  Result is about 12 left over eggs.  This morning I scrambling eggs and packaged in serving size.   Why ?? Cause when we crossed to the States they seized our Costco unopened flat of eggs and bag of frozen chicken breasts same rule applies to crossing back to Canada.   Why Oh PooP??  Cause the Border Guard never asked anything about any food.  All he asked about was liquor, cannabis & firearms.  We declared our hooch and paid the duty.  Entire crossing & payment was just under an hour.  The line wasn’t that long, the over 40 minutes waiting surprised us.

First stop PetroCan that was more like a lake!   

Then on to 

Our street is in the Arizona area 🙂

Wish the weather was similar

All set up,site 101

Travel Day, Getting closer March 12, 2023

Today we’ve leaving Twin Falls and travelling to Helena, Montana. Our trip begins at 845a,  a bit dreary but no snow, we’re happy!Snow on the mountains as it should be.  Not on the road.

Snow is getting too close, roads on dry so still not complainingMy super duper cute chauffeur

We’re higher than we think!

Twin Bridges, last “back” stop before the KOA Helena

We were going to stay at Chez Walmart, but there is a KOA In Helena with 50amp power and sewer, no on site water, we have KOA dollars to spend… should have done Walmart cause the road in,…Arrived at ‏‎4:53:06 PM     

Allan had to “discuss” the KOA points for much longer than expected, ready to leave NOPE Bailey is stuck.  We were’nt going to disconnect Bob but here goesBailey hates snow as much as we do!

    This is just BS!!

Bob’s not as upset 

How do we get out of here tomorrow?  Stay tuned!!

Twin Falls, ID March 11th, 2023

Even though today is a good, more Northern, weather day we made the correct decision to stay put.  The roads around Dillon we would pass through, in 4.22h are snow covered, limited visability and a section closed.

All our time in Arizona, I looked for tumbleweeds, none. Come outside this morning, after yesterday’s storm to find a tumbleweed.  Made me smile 🙂

Today is very nice, lots of sun blue skies.  Let’s explore Twin Falls!  The best potato chips are from Idaho. We were gifted a bag on the way down to Yuma from a BoomDockers Welcome place.  Should be easy enough to find them here.

Downtown here we are, our walk down Main St

Allan doing a lookyloo!                                                     What he saw

I don’t know what these guys are seeing

Muffler people   

  A “black belt” mailbox 🙂

We are searching for Idaho potato chips!  The best chips ever!  Idaho is famous for potatoes so it makes sense.  Walmart, Swensen Market, a Mexican market that google said carried them but no, none to be found,  Allan suggested the Visitors Centre.

We lucked out to see this view in the canyon

Look to our right, what’s going on, is this guy nuts???

My stomach was sick just watching him climb on the railing.  We decide this must be illegal only to learn…Get our chips, pricy at $5.99 but worth it

Our last stop, they say it’s more impressive than Niagara Falls, we don’t agree

Tonights delicious dinner: Egg on Steak & salad.  We have more eggs than days in the States so are trying to use them up.  We learnt coming into the States that eggs & chicken are a big no no to cross with.

Finally, after dinner snack

Change of Plans @ Twin Falls RV Park, March 10, 2023

Plan:       Explore Twin Falls

Reality:  Not as planned

The wind, rain and Bailey rocking wake me up. Allan, the trooper he is, sleeps through it.  Do I wake him to pull in the slide cause the toppers are going nuts?  Hum, Allan needs his beauty sleep, I’ll wait a while.  I can’t believe, though I should by now, believe he can sleep through this. 

This photo taken at 10.12a the morning rain had stopped but those winds!

Not loving this!  How many are saying “ha ha” after the mild winter we had   Hail

1.13pNow more, clicking will just make you sad/happy!  Snow


2.36p 3.00p                            Decide to extend our stay here by a day. Didn’t get to explore Twin Falls today and want the roads to settle down.  Call toffice to extend.

4.10p                           Weather has settled down, roads are cleared. Should we have waited to extend?  Nope cause we do want to explore  Twin Falls hopefully we made the right decision

Stay in Bailey day, beer, wine, cards, a park walk and a delicious dinner.

Loaded fries, second photo half in sunshine!

Found the best radio station yet here, Magic 95.1 downloadable @ https://onlineradiobox.com/us/magic951/     Give it a try!!

For those who know me best…

1st real travel day, March 09, 2023

All good things must come to an end, on the other hand-more exciting times are ahead!

Our first real travel day taking the Northern weather into consideration, we chose well

The day was sunny, a bit windy, snow but very little on the road.

Quick roadside stop to make reservations at our next park and & a back break AKA potty!We are very relieved the roads are so good and lots of long straights, hope Allan doesn’t forget how to turn 😁😁😁

A back break stop, Bailey should never have to see snow!  We’ll plan better next Winter

Note the road signs….

…proof that Allan still knows how to turn, we made it back to straight roadsFortunately, this was the worse the road got, not even slush just wet

Arrive at Twin Falls 93 RV Park at 611p.  We’ve had Bailey for over 3 years and this is our longest travel day!

Leave:  7:45am

Stops:  2 to fuel (1st fuel; 242.53 savings 43.30, 2nd 199.81 savings 12.20, love our discount card); 2 back break stops

Arrive:  6:11pm


Vegas, March 07th, 2023

We hope Volocity does get the repairs done no later than 2.  We don’t like driving at night, thought if we were out by 2ish we’d be able to at least put a few hours under our belt.

We walk 14 minutes away from the strip to McDonald’s for breakfast. Away cause we knew it would be quieter. Wow it’s cold and very windy not a fun walk, the McD’s turned out to be a homeless hangout.  Oh well, can’t always pick the gems.

We walk back through the casinos (some have walkways between them cause most of them are now part of MGM), a more pleasant walk.   It’s now 9am.   Hang out a little longer, check out of the hotel just before the required 11am.  Off to Costco to get a few things, then back to Volocity. We knew seeing Bailey still in a bay was not a good sign

Turns out they broke the air compressor, fortunately they had this part in stock but would take time to install.  Also fortunate, they took ownership of breaking the part, cost w/installation $1,300, we would not have known if they didn’t fess up.  Repetable shop 🙂

They were going to be about 2 hours, we know that means more than 2h.  It’s no fun sitting around their driver’s lounge so off we go to Fremont Street.

Fishies, we spot fishies.  We did this years ago, let’s do it again..

It feels strange when they first “attack” but ends up being a relaxing experience.  If you get the opportunity I say it’s a must do.

20k+ steps = drink time.  Allan was happy they had Alaskan Amber on draft, sad he could only have one.

lt’s now 3 and still no call from John.  Back we go anyways as they close at 430.  John says another 45ish minutes.   We watch an old Criminal Minds that’s on the TV in the lounge.  Finally at 422 Johns says we’re good to go.

Allan’s taking forever dealing with the invoice, turns out they were charging us for the part they broke, John noticed it (that’s how we know it was $1300)  The delay was getting the credit.

Too late for us to head out, so another night at Chez Volocity it is!

Thought of the day!

Hello Las Vegas & Volocity March 06, 2023

03/05:  Vegas for 3 nights, yahoo.

First night at Chez Volocity Truck Repair for our annual Bailey service and especially to get the hose installed they were unable to get our last visit.  The hose is for our dash ac; coming into summer I hope we’ll need ac.  John, our service rep said Bailey would be ready today, we didn’t really think so, we booked 2 nights at the hotel.

      patiently waiting her turn in line

We leave to visit Vegas, not liking the snow even if it’s in the mountains  Vegas traffic is crazy, lots of construction & road repair.  We made it!

We played for a bit, our standard $20/ea for the day.  I’m up $13.50, Allan not so much.  My first ever trip here, a woman said “always remember Vegas is not built on winners”

A walk around, the sites never get old

Looks like we’re too late to eat here!  About mid-day we get the call!  The hose for the air dryer requires replacement, they can get the part but not until 1030ish tomorrow, takes about 1-1/2h to install. We were smart to book the extra night.

It’s a tad windy, we enter a mall and stumble across a cereal eating contest.  Allan was not impressed!  Click Cereal Eating if you dare! The dude on the right, single spooning it,doesn’ stand a chance. I guess we didn’t stay for the finish.

It’s a big walk day, just a guy having a rest, loving his new t-shirt!Heading back, a well deserved drink @ 21+k steps  🙂 🍻cheers!

We end the day with       
































































































































Hi Bye Quartzsite, March 05, 2023

March 02nd  –  Here’s our new parkSpot Bailey? Whoops!!

Our “no frills” spot   

A drive around town lands us in several flea market type place with every imaginable stuff

Then we hit pay dirt!  A fun 😁 place with Amber Bock & Kilt Lifter on tap

As seen in the biffy …

Our favourite  😛Another swap meetGet back to Bailey to find out an arriving 5er forgot he was navigating a 5er (5th wheel trailer) and moved the manditory rock (for some reason parks have rocks, not sure why but they do making it more difficult to navigate) from the back of the site into the pedestal taking out the electricity and water to all the sites on this side of the park, of course it’s our side!

They scurried off.  The park got the electric back lickedy split, the water however, they said likely not to Sunday cause the park plumber respected the sabboth.  Don’t know why he couldn’t work on it Friday night before dark.

The police were called, a report filed.  The 5er did leave his insurance info, this will be an expensive whoops.

Our issue, we are heading to our Freightliner service dealer for our annual service.  We left Yuma for Quartzsite thinking not only are we closer but we’ll explore Quartzsite.  We will be staying on the Volocity Freightliners grounds on Sunday night but they only have electric hookup.  We’re not good to dry dock for more than 3 days, if we’re lucky.

We spoke to the Manager really just asking “what happened” and explained our situation.  She gave us a $20 gift cert to get water, and anything else we wanted from the RV Pit Stop in town.  She estimated water could be $8.00 to fill.  She did say she was trying to find a plumbing company to come in on Saturday but …

Sunset, not as spectacular as most but still 😲Wake up to CB Plumbing to the rescue!  They arrived at 837, water back at 950.  Thanks!!

Today’s walk What’s with all the camels?  Saw many more I didn’t take a photo of..

The camel story!  Click here 

Wanna fish?Seems like good advise!

 Made it to today’s destination     

It is an interesting place

Back to the Beer Belly Adult Day Care!  Today it’s live entertainment

My hero!! 

Today’s almost at the end of the day steps     

Strange:  The very noisy military jets that were a part of our daily lives in Yuma here a mere 80 miles away we don’t hear them.

So ends another day!


Bye bye Yuma! March 02, 2023

We totally enjoyed Yuma.  Although we froze a bit, we persevered and wore shorts everyday!  Only one night event on Feb 17th did we give in and wear long pants.Our highlights, (of course hot tubbing almost every night was pretty hot too!)

You may recall we got a “newcomer’s” special at $400/month including electricity.  We took a photo of the electric meter when we arrived and another today.  Our electric charge…tada $609 more saved.  Don’t imagine we’ll get a deal like this again, they did offer $450/month electric included but us free spirits can’t commit that much in advance!

It’s time to start our trek North.   Onwards we go….


Bailey Wash & Wax Day, March 01, 2023

Day did start off nice & sunny.  D.A.D. is here, let the cleaning begin

Trip to Walmart.  Come outside to a dark sky and RAIN! We booked Bailey’s clean mid-February should have known it would be one of the worse rain storm days!

Our last park entry wave.  All the friendly guards give you a wave when you enter.  Outside lane for residence inside for visitors who are issued day passes.

Turns out today’s storm is the worst we’ve had.  Poor Bailey nice wash just didn’t  last long 🙁   Click to feel our pain!  Oh my, more rain & wind