Race done: On we go, June 10, 2024

We’ll be at a campground for a week.  Need to dump our tanks and refill water, destination Ho-Chunk Casino & RV Resort in Lyndon Station, WI.  The road in was a little sketchy are we on the right road?

Then we see the office     

Our site   

The view from Bailey’s captain seats. A lot quieter than our last site.

What’s missing?  The casino!  Seems many make the same mistake, maybe the park advertising?  Oh well, we’re not gamblers.

On our walk to explore the park!  Turtles turtles, oh I love turtles. He found a puddle to bask in.    Fire time!  Love my water or ??? cup, thanks fire god!

Road America, Race Day, June 09, 2024

Who’s happier???  What are the results???

2 races in 2 weeks!  Can life get any better?  We decided to watch the race️️ from Bailey to see the pit action. Besides, beer will stay chilled and wine & snacks are handy.  🙂  We found Allan’s favourite Mexican beer that he discovered in PV ….

Not many photos as we were focused on watching, the first one is their pace lap, second is what we watched after they whizzed by!


Not Josef but one of my least favourite drivers… Will Power.  He does have a sad story, (click here is you want to read about it) but he was an ass before the illness began.

Results…  Joseph 2nd; Pato 8th….

… which means my car is first! 


Allan being a good sport after the race.  Playing King’s Cribbage




The disassemble pit boxes and vehicles leaving begins.  Begins with 7 semis, note how tall the orange NTT Data vehicle is.   Why?  What do they do up there? Hard to see from the camera angle but it’s at least 6 feet taller.  How do they make it under overpasses?

In little to no time, they are all gone.  I did have a photo of the orange unit but it’s gone.  They did lower the top part below the windows making it standard height.  Still wonder why they require that extra height.

It was an absolutely fabulous race weekend. Made more fabulous because….


Slowly looking up June 05/06/07, 2024

June 5th:  Not a fan of laundries but it’s better than nothin!  Yesterday, 2 loadsFortunately we have an appointment to have our washer looked at, unfortunately it’s not till the end of July.

Next, our appointment to have Bailey’s 2 chips done.

June 6th:  Take 2 for a Bailey & Bob wash.  We’re hoping this one lasts longer than the last one, had the wash then drove through the worst rain storm!

Things seem good…Bob’s Blue Ox repair seems to work.  Bailey’s new slide control worked, don’t want to jinx anything but so far so good!

As normal there was road construction galore and we had to use an alternate route but we made it!  Being lead to our site at this massive track! 

Our home for the next 4 days, we couldn’t be happier!!  Pits are right in front of us 🙂

Thursday USF2000 Qualifying at Canada Corner

In the market for a Porsche, this one is a mere 1/4 US mil  Friday at the races is get acquainted with the surroundings (normally Thursday is not go to the track day so we had a bonus day).

Only IndyCar action today is practice at 3pm.  We’re watching events from different locations (yesterday Canada Corner today Turn 5) as there is no such thing as assigned seats.  The grounds are yours for the taking. Where’s the best??  Plus have never seen so many golf carts!  This is nothing, I should have taken a photo of the rental spot.

Practice results…Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Leave Detroit Day, June 03, 2024

Wake up to a fog advisory.  Our view, not very view-y, can’t see Canada anymore  Since we’ve been here we see a dude sit in an office chair in the parking lot across from the hotel.  Why?  When we first noticed him he had several beer bottles on the ground.  He sits, slumps, sits.  Everyday we’ve been here. There he is in the second photo., I took this right before leaving.

We leave about 730a hoping the drive back will be better ie less construction.

Good bye Detroit, it’s been a blast! We are going a different route as we’re going through Mishawaka.  We are picking up a slide control from Lippert.  For quite a while now, Allan has had to move the controller from the kitchen side to the big slide to get them to open/close.  A new controller has been hard to find, now getting it from the source 🙂

Love to know this story, the heavy tow is lifting this 5 ton between a truck weigh scale and the highway.  How did he get there?  Allan’s story on how… The driver had some wobbly pops, drove by the scale realized his error and turned – straight into the ditch!

What are we seeing?  Pato’s, Allan’s driver, motorhome.  We ended up passing him, yahoo Allan one Pato zero (not that Pato was in it)

Heading to Chicago’s O’Hare’s

Back with Bailey at 2.57 or 3.57 our time. 

Yes the trip back was much better!

Put everything away. what time is it?  Watch the race on TV of course 🙂

Was a great race weekend!

Detroit Grand Prix, RACE Day June 02, 2024

                                                                                                                                               Wake up to dreaded rain!  Rain, rain go away!  This is our first, attending, race in what feels like forever.  Please don’t be cancelled.

All radio-ed up.  We normally put on our radios at our seats but because the radio equipment is not waterproof we thought it best to gear up here and put on our raining coats protecting us and the equipment.

The give aways at the concourse included Cadillac T-shirts, turns out they are good quality, hand sanitizer, magnets, a tote, small screwdriver set,  and this is Allan playing Plinko winning a flashlight.

In honour of the decades we attended the Toronto Indy, we are sitting in corner 3️⃣

The fly over prior to the race   

No rain yet, we’re racing!   

This was one of the craziest races ever!!  The first three-quarters of the race was pure chaos, with all eight caution periods and 47 caution laps in the first 73 laps. The longest stretch of green-flag racing during that span was 13 laps, making strategists’ heads spin on the pit wall as they mulled options on the fly while on the radio with drivers.

No the rain had nothing to do with the mayhem, it never did rain only sprinkle a few times.


It ended with Josef crashing, they did get him back out 6 laps down.

We went into this race with Josef 7 points behind Pato.  Not bad considering he won the season opener but they stripped him of that win for some nonsense reason.

Results now:  Pato 160 points, 4th place; Josef 128 10th place

Oh well, next week!

This building fascinates me; I’d love to see it when it was completed.  Wonder what the top will be.


Detroit Grand Prix, Day 2 June 01, 2024

Breakfast of champions for us this morning.  Corn dogs & chili cheese fries

IndyCar Qualifying

Josef starts 3rd, Pato 12th

Support races today Prototype Cars       IMSA Race

Racing done today, off to find dinner.  What we found first was a Food Market with the most narrow aisles.  Talk about maximizing space!


They are calling for rain, hope that’s wrong.  Good night