A down day, December 10, 2022

Yuma appears to be all about craft shows.  Today’s is in our park, it’s being coupled with a car show.

Kokopelli”  they are everywhere, we didn’t know what they represented as we couldn’t figure out what they were called.  We now know! We got one for a screen, hoping the luck is real!

Kokopelli is a Native American Deity, revered by certain Native American groups in the Southwestern region of the United States. It’s a highly symbolic figure and is associated with fertility, music, merrymaking and good luck.

Today’s highlight!  A walk to Walmart, 30m each way!

Advent #10 We didn’t know what “Wit Ale” is, turns out it’s one of the better ones.  I enjoyed my red blend,. For those keeping count, Allan has 2 yucks, 1 for me

I’m missing tumble weeds, haven’t seen one yet.  Chandler does it right, too bad it’s about a 3h drive.  Tumblewood Christmas Tree

Heading to the hot tub, good night all

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