A month and a bit….July 2023

Join me in recounting a few weeks in the life of Allan & Mary-Ann 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️

I normally proof read, not for this post.  Hope there are not too many typos!

June 26th:  What’s going on now?  The microwave, that’s been working well, started to shut off after a few seconds.  Plug it into another outlet, same results.  New microwave time.  Buy it, plug it in.  Does the same thing.  Nue-Lit Electric to the rescue

June 28th – On our way to Ikea Calgary an SUV passes up and we hear the dreaded “bang” on the windshield.  Fortunately it’s just a chip and can be repaired.  Detour to Speedy Auto Glass in Calgary; although we have glass coverage we paid out of pocket as they consider the $60 a claim against our policy.  We’ve learned it’s not worth putting it through.

Then on to Ikea     

July 01st:  Picture hanging day.  First a beautiful sunriseWill we get it right the first time, likely not. Fast forward, we didn’t 

It’s also weeding day.  Gosh do I hate anything garden related.  Have no clue how some people find it relaxing.Taking a break and walking around Lake Henderson.  Been awhile since we’ve had  “REWARDS”         

July 05th:   Install Ikea floating shelf day.  But first walk up to a beautiful sun rise

Installation went very well!!

July 7th:  Build the outdoor patio set day, so much to build

In the evening friends popped by for a visit.  Allan beat Shelly at Quatro; but it was Shelly’s first game-a rematch is sure to come.

July 09th:   This is where we are putting the hot tub, first a lot of the greenery will have to be removed and a platform built for the hot tub to sit on

Some of what is growing here

Our first outdoor card game.  Loving the new glasses

Then a delicious dinner     

July 14th:  Pick up dining room chairs at the Brick day.  The first thing Allan didn’t have build.  We just had to remove the plastic.

There was lots of debris on the pick up ramp, unfortunately, we ended up with a flat tire.

July 19th:  Fire wood delivery day!  🔥🪵

July 20th:  It’s build (by others for a change) the hot tub platform.  They did a wonderful job!


Celebration fire! 

   July 21st:   What’s on the build menu for today?  Chairs!!

Box and parts = these   

Way too much styrofoam, off to the dump 

But first a quick stop at the hot tub store to visit our newly arrived tub.  We  are so excited to have a tub again….

July 22nd:  Getting the pergola ready for the hot tub.  The patio stones are being removed to make way for the 6×6 framed gravel base.

July 23th:   Allan working hard to remove the bush stump.

Allan the VICTOR proudly displaying the stump

  Whoops didn’t realize it was the grape bush

We may plant more but not behind where the hot tub is going

This is our third attempt at a great room carpet.. whoa such a small box for an 8′ x 10′ area rug!                                                           Hum! A lot wavy!!

It’s so super soft, we love it hope it smartens up!   Fast forward, it did 😃  Look at me now!!Just fluffy not wavy!July 25th:  Another building day.  Today, our shoe cabinet and control centre units

While Allan is building I’m trying to get the garage organized.



We went out for a walk and came home to more stuff to build!



First use of the seat!  Yahoo, it didn’t collapse 🙂  The other piece is our “control centre”

The finished products!

July 26th:  Build, build and more build.  Today’s project…

Allan is such a pro at this by now.  Great job, looks wonderful.

July 30th:  Today we set our best, length of time for a fire.  We started it about 7am and stopped it abut 5 due to the weather.  My ❤️‍🔥 god rules!

July 31st:   Allan’s Birthday 🎈🎉🎈🥳🎈

It starts with a fire   

Then a breakfast prepared by me with a beer

Bailey is hiding cause she doesn’t want to go back to storage.

We get to choose dinner on our birthdays, Allan selected 🍕&🍺No surprise here 🙂

The pizza place has a special on 3 pizzas, mix & match. 

Allan had a great birthday, started in Tabor and ended at home 🏠  We will be having another celebration when Kyle & Megan get here!!


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