Adventures continues, June 12/13/2024

It’s that dreaded time, find a laundry mat.

First we go to visit a meat store. They have delicious smoked sausages, and this cow LOL

There is one 10 minutes up the road, we check it out eww, small, crowded, smelly, we are not fans.  We popped into the General Store and Allan found himself another  

Let’s try Wis Dell’s laundry…  Church Street Laundry for the win, if you can call it that.  Laundry tomorrow, we’ll go early to hopefully to avoid crowds.

June 13th:  903a, that’s early for us,  Allan springs to action!!  $7.50 for the large washer. Fortunately all our clothes fit!  A little victory 🙂

The laundry mat is around the corner of the main street in Wis Dell.  It’s an action packed, tourist strip that remind us of Niagara Falls.  It even has a Ripley Believe it or Not. While our laundry is getting squeaky clean, we venture to see what we’ll see in the 1/2h we have.

House of Jerky wasn’t open yet but I can’t imagine enjoying alligator, kangaroo, etc. jerky.   I just bet they have bold flavours. Wonder if we’ll return when they are open??

Some of the sights…  Wisconsin is famous for cheese, that’s Allan in Carr Valley Cheese buying the most delicious curds!

Our resort, that didn’t come with a casino, did come with a complimentary drink a day It’s really didn’t turn out to be every day as they are closed on Mondays/Tuesdays.  Wednesday they didn’t open cause the bar tender had a matter to deal with.

Thursday a drink, we asked what the signature drink is and Old Fashion.  Neither one of us have ever had one; “The old fashioned is a cocktail made by muddling sugar with bitters and water, adding whiskey or sometimes brandy, and garnishing with an orange slice or zest and a cocktail cherry. It is traditionally served with ice in an old fashioned glass.”

Only one problem, she does have the cherry (someone is out buying it now) and it’s essential for the drink.  I end up with Vodka/Club Soda; Allan has a shot, Papa Bear was made with butter scotch & whisky.  Secret ingredient a sprinkle of salt!

Back to Bailey we go for dinner followed by a fire.  It poured earlier so the pit was still wet. 

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