April 14 & 15, 2020

This is by far, our least favourite KOA, but we’ll get used to it.  The good thing is there is, within a 2 minute walk, Gold Hill Discount Spirits and Publix  Neither one of us has been in a grocery or “spirit” store for about 5 weeks, we now have the need.

We decide to divide and conquer; Allan will do the spirit store.  He doesn’t want to wear a bandanna but as it’s good enough for Matthew McConaughey it’s a must for Allan.  Good thing we have coffee filters. He’s so cute!

             Mission Accomplished! 

Tomorrow I get to go to Publix; we’ll be out of eggs again.  I say out loud if I sniffle tomorrow it’s likely because I have a slight sniffle today.  It’s colder than we are accustomed to.

There are sites with fire rings, not ours.  We ask the dude if he could get us one.  No need, you just have a fire on the gravel.  We have some wood left over for when were stayed at the HitchinPost.  Let’s see how this goes.

Mr Squirrel stopped by!

04/15:  Eggs all gone.  My turn to suit up   

This is outside Publix; sign says seating area is closed.  They “close” it using string.                       

The shopping was a better experience than anticipated.  It wasn’t too peopley.  Most had masks, only one other had a fancy bandanna mask like mine!  People respected the social distancing.  Floors were marked where to stand and a plexi shield was at checkout.  I wondered what they looked like, now I know.

I got the eggs, some veggies, meat but NO masks, hand sanitizer, wipes.  Didn’t check the TP supply as we’re good for now.  I’ve checked Amazon several times for masks but none, before leaving for the store I looked again and they have 2 masks for 49.95.  Allan thinks I’m nuts but I want us to have masks especially for our drive home trip.

I had on jeans, turtleneck, jacket – walking back was pretty warm.  I put the stuff away, then we head out for a walk.  Allan wearing shorts.  I swapped out my turtleneck for a T-shirt.  Fortunately, it’s a small park because we were freezing           

We hightailed it back and had a snack

We are here until the 25th; we haven’t figured out our next destination yet, stay tuned.  I don’t think anything worthwhile chatting about will happen till.

We’ll  work, do the occasional trip to the food & spirit store, have multiple fires, play crib, check social media, our stocks (likely make more bad decisions, grrrr), check in with family/friends and EAT & DRINK.

Until then be safe, be positive and





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