August 2, 2021 Cranberry Marsh

Smoke continues, I can’t imagine what the fire fighters are going through.  Mexico sent us 100 of their fire fighters to assist.  A short drive and our adventure begins.                                                     

The march is in the outskirts of town, the walk is a 6k loop.  I like loops.

We drive along 17th which turns into a “Bob” road, ie gravel.

We park  at the Ash parking area and walk left on the trail.  The boardwalk!

Up ahead, no photos, cause I’m frightened – 4 people walking one scary looking dog.  I’m full of anxiety.  The 4 walk slower than we do, we lag back.  Poor Allan and the stuff he has to put up with, he is so sweet and concerned he pulls out our dog/coyote spray just in case.   The group stops to gaze at the marsh.  The dog notices us and starts approaching.  Allan calls out “Could you please hang on to your dog till we pass?”  They are accomendating and do.  I explain I am terrified, they held on. 

Keep moving on   

More grassy stuff, and lots of mosquitos even though we bug sprayed.  We are into this walk 45m, total should be 60m.  15m too long for my liking.  

Make it to the lookout 

    Not so much!!

Round a corner, again no photo, there are at least 8 Canada Geese waiting to attack,  Would our whistles disperse them or attract them.  I’m not walking back through all the tickling vegatation, don’t want to go forward!  What to do…  the geese feel sorry for me and  “flock” off.  🙂 

We make a wrong turn and end up at Hwy 5, back we go and finally find Bob. 

Not the best adventure but hey, it’s done!


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