April 04 Race Day, 2nd in series of 6

Today’s IndyCar race in Barber MotorSports Park, features 29 drivers including Robert Wickens.  Robert had a horrific crash in 2018 that left him with a spinal cord injury and paralysis after his car was launched into a debris fence.  We’re happy he’s back and hopefully he’ll do well.

Side note:  This was our first ever race in Bailey in 2019.  It rained and rained but was nice on race day.  We were parked on grass – the end result we got stuck.  See April 08, 2019 page for the gruesome details.

Enough reminiscing, back to today’s race.   Track layout and analysis

The commentators, @leighdiffey  @paultracy3  @townsendbell





Pace Lap, oh no spin on first lap


Which means Felix is beating Karam.  BIG smile from me!

NASCAR tomorrow.

Had to come back and post this exchange between @ClintBowyer and Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr.  We love Clint, he is a driver commentator.  He’s very amusing, he keeps us watching.

April 02 – Blinds Take 4

Action packed day in store, back to the blinds and the Aldi delivery!

Covid-19 numbers keep growing, no end in sight yet.

Because humour is needed now more than ever 

Here we go. E clip installed, motor inserted in blind         

Here’s our food delivery, no bags.  We’re receiving as “no contact” meaning the Instacart Shopper leaves the goodies on the picnic table and we retrieve when he’s gone.

Up they go


That was       or was it??

Start time 1010a; almost complete time 236p.  Almost because we are done, like totally fed up for today.  For another time, speaker installation.

April Fools Day

Surely this temperature is a joke!         

I was surprised to read that Google typically spends about 40% of its annual budget on April fools’ pranks across its portfolio of products.

Interesting fact:  GMail was born today in 2004.

Breakfast ended being the remaining 3 eggs.  Allan made delicious scrambled eggs to boost our energy levels for the blind installation   🙂

I thought there were to be no April Fools jokes, yet..  Breaking News!  “Gov. DeSantis will issue 30-day stay-home order for Florida” beginning Thursday. That’s tomorrow!  What does that really mean?  Do we go or do we stay?  We really need the food order that’s being delivered tomorrow, and the blinds up, not so much for the night shade but the sun shade. We’ll be…

Because it never gets old  Traeger

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Saving those 3 eggs till tomorrow.  Today’s breakfast, kind of a repeat of yesterday’s with a freezer chicken breast I shredded.  Have 2 shells left, wonder what tomorrow’s breakfast will bring.

The Ontario government announced today schools will remain closed until May  04, 2020.   I say they will not resume until at least September 2020.

The IndyCar series, keeps making changes to the schedule.  I say all races will be cancelled for this season   This saddens me, not only as a huge fan but we had tickets to St. Pete’s – no refund.  Have tickets for Detroit and Toronto as well, expecting a similar fate.

Stock market will continue to fall.

Allan’s:  Lock downs will be relaxed in 4 weeks in an attempt to kick start the economy.  Likely will not last.

I go to shower and all hell breaks loose.  Allan hears sirens, not unusual, and thinks they are getting louder & louder.  Here they are

It’s the neighbour, much too close for comfort.  They suit up

They load a very weak looking man onto their stretcher and off they go.

The pool area is now closed, amazed it took this long but only because of an order from Pinellas County. Horse shoes and shuffle board still going strong.  People just don’t seem to get it,

Our E clips that were scheduled for delivery tomorrow arrived today.

Wish us luck for blinds up day.

Monday, March 30, 2020 – Blinds Take 3

We have an ongoing list of groceries we are ordering from Aldi scheduled for delivery on Thursday – we are down to 3 eggs.

Let’s improvise for breakfast – egg thins with cauliflower stuffed with shredded chicken, lettuce, salsa & cheese.  So delicious did not take a photo.

Allan calls MCD; gets voice mail; leaves a message. 

As Allan is attempting to figure it out, he takes the E clip off the new motor as he believe he had to replace the old collar and old E clip on the new motor to make it fit in the blind.   The E clip happily springs away!  Searching for it passes the time.  This is what it looks like and its about this size.

The Service Manager calls back, he’s the only one still working.  The factory is closed.  Allan drills him for installation and E clip requirements.  We need the new one, the old one we lost would not work. Now understanding the workings,  Allan is about to install the new E clip on the old collar.  WAIT, I say sit at the table in case this one wants to escape it will be easier to find.


The search is on.   High & low       

We can’t find this one either. Oh POOP! The Service Manager did say if we needed one he has one sitting on his desk at home that he’d try to mail us.  Very nice but the office here is locked down and we do not have a mailbox.  Life!  Such fun!

Amazon to the rescue!  Allan finds a box of 300 for about $10, delivery on Thursday.  We still do not know when/if we will have to leave on a moment’s notice but take the chance and order them.

We keep looking for both the missing little buggers!  We have a magnet but not even that helps.

The virus keeps getting worse.  More people need to stay home to stop the spread. Time to kick back and try not to worry about anything for a while!  TV entertain us!!

March 28, I-Racing Virtual Race & Blind Day Take 2

A little excited today, we’ll be watching our first virtual IndyCar race at 4p.

A few more left yesterday, I keep confirming our extended insurance is still in place.         

We received the replacement blind motor yesterday.  We were warned slight modifications may be required and of course they are.  Let the fun begin…Removing the moldings

Of course, the new doesn’t fit into the blind.  Allan calls MCD’s customer service but they aren’t open till Monday.  Project on hold.

This allows us time to deal with the freezer.  It’s relatively full and super iced up.  We talk about taking everything out of the freezer, and use a hair dryer to defrost but I’m concerned the freezer will rebel at such treatment and stop altogether.  We didn’t notice the freezer door was slightly ajar, that loosed the ice build up

It should melt quickly in this temperature!         



Almost race time, Allan is getting us hooked up.  We really do not know what to expect.

WOW, I’ll say it again backwards, WOW, look at the crowd!  Announcers are the regular series ones, each broadcasting from their homes.

We’re racing @ Watkins Glen International

They even have driver’s view shots

We’re loving it!  Amazingly realistic, even the crashes.  If they crash they go into the pits and can get a “reset”.  This race they have 2, I think they said next week’s race will only be 1.

The winner is… Sage Karam

Was good fun, we’ll keep watching this series.  Now we must decide upon our drivers for our traditional bet.

I’m faithful and stick with Felix Rosenqvist, the driver that lost me the bet last season.  Allan chooses Sage Karam, see above LOL

Race setup for Felix and Sage.

Tomorrow Nascar!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Stores are stepping up to offer early shopping for seniors to enable them to pick up much needed items such as toilet paper.  Still can’t get my head around the hoarding of it.

     More people leave the park               We think this is good because there are less people to navigate around when we venture out for our daily walk.

Our mascot, Coffee will be happy when she gets back to gracing our front dash after the shades are done.       

Allan still loving his Traeger   

Wonder what tomorrow will bring.

March 20, Blind Day

Our attempt to raise our windshield nightshade was a flop!  No up, just a whining noise.  Pretty dark in here.  We have extended coverage so Allan calls.  The dude says, if it’s a motor it is likely covered.  They will send a technician; once he diagnoses the issue he is to call with his findings then they will determine if it’s covered.  We understand the initial call is covered no matter the issue.

Bring him on!

Turns out his a mobile truck repair dude, not RVs but he says he can figure it out.  We aren’t filled with confidence but with little choice – enter after using the supplied sanitizer.  Out come the tools 

                               Down comes the trim                             

Speakers down   

                Exposing Bailey’s upper innards, she will not be pleased                        

AND whoops he doesn’t have a wire tester is broken, he gives us 2 options

  1. He can go to Home Depot and buy one, likely charging us for the trip
  2. He can splice the shade motor wire and use it to test the night shade motor

Hummmm, no to both.

Allan gives him his to use.  We are attempting to social distance and aren’t fans of him touching stuff but we need that blind repaired.  Depending on what the world is doing we may have to leave at any moment.

He determine the motor is shot.  Allan calls the MCD folks, replacement motor $155.00 and will take 5 business days to get here.

Call the coverage folks, “No sorry” that’s not covered.  Not only that, now that it’s not covered we have to pay the diagnosis fee.  Are you friggin kidding me?  It’s not the guy’s fault, we pay him.  $165US you know real money, for nothing.  I guess not nothing, but…

Allan calls MCD and orders the motor.

Dude wants to leave all the panels down, he’ll do YouTube to determine how  to replace.  Allan says no, please (we are Canadians and super polite) put it back.  Unbeknownst to me, Allan knows he will attempt to install the replacement himself.  Delivery is days out, hope we are not required to leave before then.

Park is getting quieter, when we arrived most of these sites were filled