BinGo BingNo February 03, 2024

Today is our much anticipated Bingo Day.  We’ve been looking forward to it since the Hedda Lettuce the other night.

It’s official!  The place next door does stuff with coffins, what?  Still don’t know.  I thought they built them but they were unloading the pick up. 

We take a leisurely walk to Centro.  Stopping a few times on the way for a rest. Sadly,  Allan’s legs still hurt after about 3k steps.  So far, no one we have consulted can figure out what is causing this.                    Next stop includes bevies.As a bonus there is a show yonder way!

And they’re back on the ground!

Kill a bit more time and head to Cantina Cantina, where the bingo is, there is a dude outside who said we can’t enter until 4.  Sounded strange for a show that begins at 4 but…

Walk around a bit more and return shortly before 4 to find the place is packed!  We pay our pesos, get our cards, get asked if we have reservations (the flyer didn’t say you can make reservations), only to determine there is nowhere to sit.  We ask and surprising get our dineros back and leave pretty disappointed.

Too late we find this “Saturday February 3rd come to Hedda Lettuce’s world famous bingo! From 4-6pm only at La Catrina Cantina in #PuertoVallarta #mexico reservations highly suggested! Text: +1 (832) 603-1394 on whatsapp. Last weeks winner of the 50/50 took home 8000 pesos. The other half went to RISE Puerto Vallarta  Fabulois prizes, full bar and delicious food only at La Catrina. See you there!”

Oh well, on we go to dinner at “A Taste of Italy”.  I enjoyed my meal more than Allan did his.We walked by a “gringo supermarket” where we were able to get gravy mix! We used the Hollandaise for Eggs Benny. They also had these cute little dice we bought, can again play the Ds’ dice game.  We’re using a tiny strainer as the shaker cup.  We are pretty ingenius 🙂

We, or at least me, wondered what that palm tree area is we see from the roof topIt’s an Trailer Park 

We walked by on our way to “La Playa Liquor Store”.  Who’s happy to finally have Fireball with ice.  Our freezer is now over run by ice!!   


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  1. I’m sure, but you do what you can.

    Sorry to hear Allan’s legs are still hurting, I guess it is not getting any better? 🙁

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