Bucerias, January 22, 2024

Today’s adventure begins at a bank, Citibanamex, to exchange some pesos bills for coins to pay for the buses we are taking to Bucerias.  We’ve heard buses do not give change so want to be prepared.  This is yet another experience, walk in to find a dude at the entrance speaking with someone.  Those in teller lines all have a paper this dude gives them,  there are several tellers behind glass, in front of them there are evenly spaced chairs some with folks.  A woman in front of where we were standing speaks English; she explains we must speak to the dude and tell him what we want.  We, somehow explain we want coins for cash.  He sends us to teller 7.  We get our coins, now time to catch a bus.

Walk down the roasd, find a bus stop, many buses go by  that say “Bucerias”

Allan  does the Googles and determines we need a bus to Walmart, from there we catch a Bucerias bus.  There are no transfers.  This is the front of the Walmart busThis is the Bucerias bus, oh ya he gives change 

Made it!  *Who’s that by the I?” Bucerias means divers… 

After mucho haggling we bought hats, 200 pesos each ($15.73/ea Cdn).  Aren’t we cute!!

After wandering around some more it’s lunch time at Miguel Angel’s

Allan had the Mexican Combo and I had the most delicious Mushrooms with Shrimp.  They call it an appetizer but it’s more of a huge meal, made especially better cause I rarely get mushrooms or shrimp.  Most know Allan is not a fan of either.

After much more walking around, a quick drink on the beach before we Uber it back.

Oh the sunsets are so lovely Wonder what Tuesday will bring?


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