Canada Day 2021

Looks like Allan is enjoying his new office Canada Day is filled with so much controversy this year resulting in the cancellation of many events in solidarity with Indigenous people, and, of course the pandemic still affects the typical Canada Day celebrations.

We will celebrate by visiting Driftwood Canyon Provincial Park

Lost the paved road   

Allan is suited up.  We each have whistles, Allan has bear spray.

Observation point

Park is much smaller, not getting our 10k steps here.  We are already at the end of the trail.

The drive back, cows… Eat Beef!!       

Because we are not near our 10k steps for the day, we walk the trails to Telkwa.

Cool gate

06/27:  Lytton, a village in British Columbia, made history this week with record high temperatures – Sunday 116 degrees; Monday 118 degrees (one degree higher than the record in Las Vegas); Tuesday 121 degrees.

06/30:  Wednesday, the temperatures were so intense they generated thunderstorms and lightning, setting off wildfires which incinerated the entire town. This is Lytton’s Main Street, before and after yesterday’s devastating fire.  Frightening how quickly things can change.  

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