Casino Outing, June 14, 2024

It was a must to visit the Ho-Chunk Casino, that we thought was connected to our resort, was really 23m away.  Super glad that it’s non smoking.

  Poker is my favourite

The big win for us was fueling at the gas station on the casino grounds.  We paid $3.01/g; most stations are at $3.24g.

We’re heading back to the Wis Dell main street to walk the strip.  We need steps.  Some of the sights…

Park anywhere you want in this lot       …  More importantly, we’re here to try fried cheese curds.

She’s preparing the goodness 

These are goodness overload!

Our take away haul 

They have a trademark on the cheese bread!  It too is flippin amazing.  Sad we’ll not be able to get it anywhere else.  We are still missing boiled peanuts that we enjoyed while in the south eastern states.

We’ve seen Zoltars in many places, fortune reader extraordinaire, this is our first Trump.  It even sounded like him, wonder if it was Trump approved?

Proof I’m an angel! 

We gave up ducking quite a while ago, getting ducked however, did make us smile.  We’ll pass this fellow on.

Back at the park we have our first Old Fashion 

Outside the bar these ladies were selling “flat bread tacos”  Yvette, the bar tender told us they are delicious and huge, we just had to get one.

It was delicious and huge, we shared one and still had left overs

After this big day it’s fire time!! 

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