Christmas Eve 2020

We thought it would be much milder than this!  Our neighbours have been coming to this park for 13 years – they say this is a good weather year so far.  Have to research better!

   December = a fun month beginning with my 1st ever wine advent calendar. 

May I present… 24 wines – 24 days

This is the only one I couldn’t drink, yucky!!

Remember the 30 day plank a friend challenged us to…  today was day 30.

She promised eggnog….  T

Allan still has to wrap so I take myself for a walk.  It is pretty, cold and very slippery.  They do not salt/sand the roads here.  I suspect the hospitals are full of broken ankles, etc.  I walked the back 40s to stay away from the roads.

 “Mini tree”  complete with the manditory sock gift!

Check out our poses, a little alike!


Allan’s new favourite growler… Harkrider Red Lager – new growler bottle

My Santa Chef at work.  A first for Christmas eve dinner…  Beef and Broccoli

New recipe, was the best yet!!

Being of Austrian descent, we always opened our presents Christmas Eve.  Will we tonight?  Allan’s input – it’s my choice 🙂  Allan hasn’t had Smarties in like, forever!!

New attire!!

Merry Christmas to all! 🤶🎅🎄♥

Hoping 2021 will bring renewed optimism, some measure of normalcy, many hugs and much travel!!

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