December 05 – 2nd attempt at hiking trails

Spion Kop Hiking Trails, the easy trail this time.  Double checking the map.

    So far so good!

Trail takes us under Hwy 97

       We turn left at this stump

Should have gone straight, hill is very steep 

Driving home we decide to detour and drive down Beaver Lake Road.  We cross it when we walk to Lake Country.  There’s lots of vehicles that go down it and we are curious where they go.This quickly turns into a gravel road with more bumps than imaginable.  What’s up with the snow? There are cars behind us and some approaching  Still can’t figure out where everyone goes but enough of this; we turn around.

Cows….     As Allan says “Eat beef!”

Home we go. 

I look it up, we would have had a whole lot more of bumpy bump if we continued. 

End of the road, Beaver Lake Mountain Resort.   Looks nice but I can’t imagine renting a place that requires using an outhouse!

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