December 18 – Concert Day

We both wake up super early, 5ish, figures when we wanted to sleep in.  Maybe excitement about our Barenaked Ladies concert tonight.  Fun back story about them.

Coffees drunk, now what….   I know, let’s blast from the past it … and workout to Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to the Oldies         What Allan won’t do to humour me!

We putz around playing crib waiting for dinner time.  We have wanted to walk outdoor to take in the Christmas lights – tonight is the night!





Allan makes delicious stuffed peppers

Dinner done it’s time for our walk.  Following photos are proof that not only did we tour the park, but I’m a rotten photographer!​


Back home, we dress in our finest “go to concert” attire.  Limo arrives!

OK, no limo, attire = jammies, and we are watching in our living room but still exciting.  Our first streamed concert.

That was fun!  We did not have to worry about going to sleep during the concert as it was only 40 minutes.  A well spent $15.00



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