Detroit Grand Prix, RACE Day June 02, 2024

                                                                                                                                               Wake up to dreaded rain!  Rain, rain go away!  This is our first, attending, race in what feels like forever.  Please don’t be cancelled.

All radio-ed up.  We normally put on our radios at our seats but because the radio equipment is not waterproof we thought it best to gear up here and put on our raining coats protecting us and the equipment.

The give aways at the concourse included Cadillac T-shirts, turns out they are good quality, hand sanitizer, magnets, a tote, small screwdriver set,  and this is Allan playing Plinko winning a flashlight.

In honour of the decades we attended the Toronto Indy, we are sitting in corner 3️⃣

The fly over prior to the race   

No rain yet, we’re racing!   

This was one of the craziest races ever!!  The first three-quarters of the race was pure chaos, with all eight caution periods and 47 caution laps in the first 73 laps. The longest stretch of green-flag racing during that span was 13 laps, making strategists’ heads spin on the pit wall as they mulled options on the fly while on the radio with drivers.

No the rain had nothing to do with the mayhem, it never did rain only sprinkle a few times.


It ended with Josef crashing, they did get him back out 6 laps down.

We went into this race with Josef 7 points behind Pato.  Not bad considering he won the season opener but they stripped him of that win for some nonsense reason.

Results now:  Pato 160 points, 4th place; Josef 128 10th place

Oh well, next week!

This building fascinates me; I’d love to see it when it was completed.  Wonder what the top will be.


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