Drumheller Little Church & Horseshoe Canyon Hike July 10, 2022

It’s Sunday, time to go to church 🙂 Drumheller Little Church seats 6! It has an interesting history, click here to read more

Duck #60 in Drumheller, hard to capture it from this angle but it there in the door handle.

Next adventure! Hiking across the street from our park in Horseshoe Canyon, from above in the Badlands. What are the badlands?? “The badlands were named by early French explorers who termed their steep-sloped mesas (flat-topped mountains) and deep, winding gullies as “bad lands to cross.”

Down we go! 146 steps. Downs mean ups are coming grrr

We remembered our sticks. They did come in handy

Was a little challenging making it up here but so worth it

Yep, it’s that time… Grow the photo to see the cactus in the background

We made it back up all those stairs!!

Tomorrow we bid farewell to Drumheller.

Our last fire for a month

Drumheller has been fun, for now though, it is not on our must repeat list.

2 thoughts on “Drumheller Little Church & Horseshoe Canyon Hike July 10, 2022”

  1. Too bad you are leaving looks fun, glad you like the sticks still :).

    Also that church was great, Allan looked massive :p

    1. Love the sticks, they have saved us on several occasions. The church was super cute, we had fun in the “Drum” but time to move on 🙂

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