Fairmount Springs to Lethbridge June 11, 2022

Bracing for the longest drive we’ve had in awhile, 4-1/2 h.

We plan to leave 9ish.  All’s good and on schedule until….  Allan attempts to retract the slides, neither side want to move which is a first.  The repair place said we just have to have more patience.  OK give it time and try again, not moving.  Allan used the reset and the kitchen slide comes in.  Not so much for the big slide.  More patience and it finally retracts.

Yep. for some crazy reason we are still loving, OK not loving but working through all the issues we encounter.

A cloudy start, back in the wildlife corridor 

Sunshine then rain

We fly by Fernie. They have a brewery here, no we didn’t stop    

We’ve encountered lots of interesting stuff.  Add this to the list, “The World’s Largest Tandem Axle TruckWildlife Detection Zone.  Click here to see it in action. Our first ever, first photo no detection, 2nd detection

No, we didn’t see any critters on the road or on the sides.  We did on this leg, see deer, mountain goat, a fox.

Mountains, rivers, BC’s finest

Hello Alberta!!

We’re elevated! 

Alberta’s fuel cost are a little more realistic  Back in wind combine territory.  They get some wicked winds

We are here, arriving at 2

   Bailey waiting to be checked in

Our site, #16 of 16 sites

The farm has many sheep, two alpacas, three cows, one miniature donkey AND

one Allan!

Think we’ll have fun here! 


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