February 21 – 🎂🎂 my birthday! 🎂🎂

Missed adding these tibits on my last post and as it’s my birthday I say I can go back soooo…

Feb 18th – Such crazy weather! More than 70% of the continental US was covered in snow according to the National Weather Service. The only states without snow cover: Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia.  Texas was hard hit, we were there last winter and would have been this year as well.

Also on the 18th – NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover makes its final descent to the Red Planet.  What’s the first thing it encountered?   THIS!!Back to the 21st.  Love the daily increase in daylight.   

My sweet Allan made a delicous breatkfast.  Keto eggs benny, so good!!

I get to choose what to do today!  I choose a walk around Wood Lake heading in the opposite direction we did a few weeks ago.  No sun but what the heck.

Oh my gosh!  Not the best decision – it is so incredibly windy and flipping freezing!

We don’t get far…Abort, abort!  Allan takes me for a drive around the lake.  Way warmer!

Dinner was, as per my request, the viral TikTok pasta dish we had on Valentine’s.  So delicious.

I asked for a birthday day repeat, sans the added age, till nicer weather prevailed but was denied, 👻👻 boo


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