February Polar Vortex Days, not a fan

Feb 09Quick trip to Walmart to buy a space heater and another successful     “ducking”  Duck #8     

Back home to hibernate and sew on Allan’s newest badges Kyle sent.   One is from Ukraine, other Lithuania.  Allan has been collecting badges for his Cub blanket for decades!

02/11 Strange!  Water is out but only the cold water tap in the kitchen.  Hot water tap works.  Maybe not so strange with these temps, I’d think all water lines would be frozen, luckily no 🙂

Cold water started to flow mid afternoon

Today’s windshield art 

02/12   This week’s focus continues to be the weather. 

Wake up to    All taps out

Sensor 1 is the one that monitors the wet bay.  It went down to -5; no wonder no water.

You’d think with the funky one tap out yesterday we would have been smart enough to fill some container.  No such luck!


No water = no coffee, flushing, etc, etc…   WAIT!! 

Not an option!  Fortunately we have an emergency jug of water.

As we are discussing the no water, I mention something about boondocking.  A light bulb goes off in Allan’s brain.  “Let’s just use our on board water”.

At least it’s sunny

Windshield art

Allan has an appointment in Kelowna.  I normally go with him and walk downtown till he’s done, not today with these temps! Allan stopped at Walmart and did his first solo ducking 🙂

Duck #9 Duck #10

Neither is Bob,  Duck 9 is Bob’s twin; Duck 10 is really silver not charcoal like Bob.  We keep hoping the “ducked” would post on @duckduckjeep

The day heated up to -12 allowing the bay to warm up.  Water started to flow at about 2.  We learned our lesson so filled up our on board water and the coffee pot.

Looks like our neighbour fared worse than we did,  we see him bringing his stinky slinky in his trailer.  We would never do that, imagine the smell as it defrosts. Yuck!!

02/13          -2 = water flowing today

Trying to look at the positive, sunrise is getting noticeable early daily.

Today’s art, not so arty (finally)

We’ve been running our diesel burner for the last few days as it’s much too cold for the electric to keep.  Down side, the exhaust blows on the tire icing it up.  That can’t be good.

We’ve been hearing a lot of helicopters.  Not really surprising as we are very close to the airport but some sound as if they are going to land on Bailey.

One of our FB groups helps us, seems they are being used for agricultural purposes to protect the early spring buds in the orchards from the frost/moisture.  Next question..How are helicopters protecting cherries in early February when it’s minus 15 outside?  Answer…Frost damage! We have had an unusually mild winter and the buds have popped. This cold freeze could destroy the confused buds.    Interesting read Helicopter

Off topic, whatever will I come up with next.   Which COVID-19 personality are you?  Click here                                                                                                                            I’m a cross between a realist and warrior. 

Getting better 

    WooHoo over 10 hours!

We’re not much for Valentine’s Day but we do a special dinner.  Actually all our dinners are special.  There is a recipe trending on TikTok that my food group is going wild over.  This will be today’s dinner, it will have  moderations as Allan strongly dislikes Feta.  We sub with BOURSIN black pepper, and add meatballs & a double smoked sausage.  Recipe

First we need some ingredients!  We head out with clear skies, that quickly changed.  Roads were fairly slippery.

Duck Lake 7 and hardy folks   

Back home we play a few card games then it’s time.

TikTok version                                                 Allan’s looks better

The squishing part

Allan’s squishing  (click here) 0214 Smish  for full action.  I have to learn how to photograph food.  These do not give the dish justice.  Was the best pasta in forever!  I am tempted to use my birthday dinner power in asking for this dish!

                 Happy end of Valentine’s Day!


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