Friday, January 24, 2020

Alarm goes off at 625 – we like to be at the stretch class by 7ish to walk around the ballroom (where the class happens) it is in the largest “floating ballroom floor” in Texas.  We do not know what a floating floor is, google to the rescue.  Stretch class every weekday at 730a lead by Nancy- followed by aerobics M-W-F at 815a.  Our FitBits and challenges are clearly our motivators.  Always need new FitBit friends. Add me!

Most days are OK but Fridays after the exciting Thursday are, well, challenging but yahoo we make it there. Return for a much deserved breakfast!  Allan’s breakfast tacos made with jicama shells, super delicious with just the right heat

We let it ferment a little longer but it is here orange peel/vinegar cleaner day! 

Much to my surprise it works well as a cleaner!  It removed bird poop I’ve tried to remove on our plastic table using  Dawn, Comet and much elbow grease.  Anxious to evaluate it as a bug repellent.

Sitting outdoors, look up!  It’s Woody!

Look at those legs! Good night funny

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