Friday, March 29, 2019

We are bringing Bailey back to Ontario for the summer. The best part of this trip is we are going to our first Indy Race in Bailey at Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds, AB. We’ve had these tickets almost as long as we’ve had Bailey and the time is here.

Airport Limo pick up 600a; WestJet to Phoenix leaves at 935, on time. Nice change from our previous Air Canada flights.

Time change is in our favour, we arrive in Phoenix about noon and grab an Uber to Goodyear. So warm, we kind of wish we could stay for a while. All Bailey systems go, we are hoping the jacks are finally fixed. We leave at 1235p; km 48,173 using Hwy I10.

Today’s destination: Deming, AZ. The weather is OK but oh so windy. We learned Arizona & New Mexico are really bad for wind in the Spring.

Scenery: lots of cacti, big rock mountains, smaller hills, lots of dust.

Bailey with the big boys at a rest stop. Dust storm are bad in the area, fortunately we didn’t encounter any of consequence only minor ones at the side of the highway. The photo doesn’t do it justice. Spots are bugs on the windshield.

These are the road side instructions if case of a dust storm.

We had a near miss with a large bird that got caught in a draft, but he managed to pull out on time.

We arrived at Roadrunner RV Park, in Deming about 615p. We set up just beating sundown. No food on board so we decide to eat out then pick up some breakfast food at Walmart about a 20-minute walk, then Uber/Lyft it back with our groceries.

Off we go, it’s really dark as many of the street lights are out. Most of the businesses on this stretch are out of business. How safe is this? Perhaps we should have investigated more but they say do something each day to scare you – this is it for today.

We pass a hotel that has a restaurant, as we approach they flick the sign from Open to Closed. Keep walking, get to Walmart. Eyes and legs do more licensed restaurant searching not a one to be found.

Plan B: Walmart! I say to Allan, based on what we are seeing I doubt Uber/Lyft is here and there isn’t. We limit our purchases as we are walking home. We get a lemon pepper rotisserie chicken and what turns out to be surprising delicious coleslaw. Get breakfast food.

Walk back we encounter a skunk but fortunately it saw us first and headed to the bushes.

Arrive back have a much-needed beer or 2 and have dinner. We get to bed midnight ish.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!




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