Here & There, January 21, 2024

We’re having a down day but for  let’s walk to the first place we rented.

First Allan builds us a delicous breakfast 

We pass this carved door a lot, it makes me think of my friend, Mags, she’d apprecite it. Street signs are not plentiful here, we finally found one!                       Do not adjust your sets!  Yes it’s a street sign, NO you can not read it.  Faded galore.

Let’s walk around to find a green house!  We are such adventurers! 

There it is behind that tree!  We did good by selecting where we are now.  This green house is not in a gated enviroment, the only place to sit outdoors is in the drive way.  We love our roof top

Off to the beach, this is the inaugural run of Allan’s beach shoes

        Who’s that tip toeing on  the other side of the stream?

Sand walking is hard and we’re a little tuckered out, so REWARD time!                              This one has a delicous salt ring   

Let’s take this baby for a spin! 

Did a stop in 

There are tons of little shops but almost all are closed as it’s Sunday.  We shall be back!

I’ll leave you with this…

What do you see????

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