Hot Air Balloon! August 20, 2023

Sitting outside having our morning coffee, Allan says “It’s a thing!”.  I thought he was referring to a bug on the window behind me, nope!  “It’s a hot air balloon!!”  WHAT!!

First sighting at 8:23am,  It looked like they were having difficulties when in fact they were preparing to land.

And land they did with a pretty big thump and the people basket leaned over.  We only saw 2 in the basket, when it landed about 10 people who were huddled down for the landing stood up.    Within secords the pick up vehicle was on the sceneTouch down 8:25:  The basket then up righted itself and people started to disembark

Start to deflate 8:28:  Next they deflate the balloon.  We chuckled when we heard the pilot say “We don’t expect you to help deflate but it will be quicker and we’ll be on our way faster”

8:57  Deflated  9:09  Loaded up  9:11 Gone!  How did they know to land in this field??  Mystery is what it is!!

I googled Kiss the Sky and learned that we too could get a ride, starting at $395.  Entire process takes about 4 hours with only 1 in the sky.   What time does that mean they started on this ride??

No thanks for us but it was fun watching!

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