It’s my Birthday, 2024

Feliz cumpleaños para mi!!   Super wonderful to enjoy my February birthday in the !!!
Allan made us reservations at A Mar y Sierra which is an 8m walk from the condo.  Didn’t realize, until Allan read the reservation confirmation that there is a dress code, “smart casual”.  Allan is still keen to go but pants are a little too warm.  It’s my birthday so my choice.  I’d rather walk to centro and check stuff out there, perhaps grab one of the yummy shrimp burgers…

Off we walk, Kyle & Megan call to keep us company on our walk.  Stuff along the Malecon is more expensive and touristy, our plan is to choose a street within the Malecon ie 1st, 2nd, etc and walk up it till we find a fun looking grab a drink place. I selected street #3, up we goSights along the way

The bevvy location winner is…

Mariscos 322pv 

  Great timing!  It’s happy hour!!

Allan needs a hair cut, a few step away we find a barber

Think this is the best hair cut Allan’s had in awhile.  He’s “beautiful” again                      Not that he’s not always beautiful 🙂

Back to our walk on the Malecon   

The Waves are high today, have been for a few days.

I decide (love it’s my birthday, my choice day) to go back to the Mission Restaurant for a Shrimp Burger.  Allan is looking forward to a Hamburger.  In we go, but not so fast they close at 3.  Open doors are just meant for the attached hotel.

Where to go?  There is a huge restaurant on the corner across the street, we’ll go there.. Best decision.  I had shrimp wrapped bacon infused with cheese with a side of pasta; Allan had a burrito.  Such beautiful presentation!  Both were so, so GOOD!!

To make the day even more special, they came out singing “Happy Birthday Tequila, Happy Birthday Tequila, Happy Birthday to you Tequila”

Walking home we enter counter a whole whack of people sitting in portable seating stands as well as tons of first responder folks and vehicles.  No idea what is going on.

Back at the condo we are enjoying the roof top playing dice when we hear sirensA post the next day, on a PV FB page, revealed the event was to introduce the at least 30 new ambulances and fire fighter pick ups.

The day ends with a beautiful sunset.   A very memorable birthday it is 🙂


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