It’s RWD (replace washer/dryer) Day, September 20, 2022

The washer died, it still cycled correctly but with no water. Could have likely gotten away with a water pump but by the time they removed, replaced we figured it wasn’t worthwhile. The dryer works but WOW is it loud. We thought once they have the cabinetry around one of them removed we may as well do both.

The old units. The dryer was super duper noisy, hoping the new one isn’t

We’re here

They estimate 2-4 hours for the install so we walk to a industrial area diner. Cookies Diner We had delicious skillet breakfasts. Allan’s had perogies in it 🙂

It is a 1/2 hour walk to Cookies, that makes 1/2 h back. And you thought math wasn’t my strong suit!! We return to Adventure to find both units out…

New ones in. Just having trouble connecting the dryer vent due to so little space.

Three hours and they are in. We’ve testing before heading out.

The washer isn’t working. A learning curve. Allan is RTFM (reading the f&*%$ing manual! Got it figured out, working

On to the dryer.. not working. Turns out installer error got that figured out as well.

Pro Tip: Do not leave installation of anything until you verify it is working!

Notice the old dryer was rated at 394, the new at 235 kHw.. bonus

Next stop, LP. It’s been at least a year since ww last filled it up, we cooked lots indoosr during the winter on the Island. Last fill up was $11.00, we must be due. There is a convenient filler up station and here we are

This is over a year’s propane use. Our tank is 30 US G this translates to a rare “there was noting to worry about”

Back at the park at 245p. Time to chill then heat up in the hot tub

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