July 02, 2021 Tyhee Provincial Park

First up, Smithers.  Allan’s new favourite 🍺 is on sale until tomorrow.  Not being able to resist a sale we’re going to grab a case.

We went to a Costco type warehouse, Bulkley Valley Wholesale, (Bulkey is 50 years old, Costco 37 – did Costco copy Bulkley??)  BC Liquor & Safeway.  Yesterday, BC dropped the mandatory indoor mask mandate, it is still recommended to wear them.  It was a little disconcerting to see how many were not.   We think it is too early to drop the mask requirement, time will tell.

Tyhee Provincial Park, a 5 minute drive from our park is today’s destination. 

Photos taken from the observation deckWhat’s going on here?  The boat needed a battery boost.  

There is a beach with grass, not sand.  This isn’t my photo – the beach was packed so didn’t want to take my own. 

Stop on the drive backI still haven’t taken a photo of Hudson Bay Mountain that does it justice

Bob says “Thanks Allan!”       

Who hasn’t suffered this? 


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