July 22 on the road again!

Who BBQed last night in the hail/rainstorm??  This guy, AKA my guy! It wasn’t raining when he started.  Flashstorm, good for the wildfires. BC declared a”State of Emergency” starting  July 21st. The fires are disconcerting, we are monitoring our routes.

Good bye PG!   It’s been fun, not quite a blast but fun.   

RCMP  Building 

Clock Tower, clock doesn’t work 

On the road again! 

Allan’s fire research prior to us heading to Valemount revealed we are going to detour.  Here we are!Too funny.  The flagman, unlike most, will not make eye  contact

We are first in line, Bailey the Leader!  Here we go, finally … This is single lane!

More hay  First photo I’vetake of bikers.  Blows my mind how many travel the highway.  Even in the Rockies.

Back on the road     

Arrived!  IrVing RV Park


Love our new kitchen mat

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