June 1 & 2, 2021

June 01 – Start the month visiting D. Dutchment Dairy.  We take the long way down what we call Bear Road cause not only are there supposed to be  bears & deer (never saw one yet) but now turtles.  

Eagle eye, Allan spots some on a log. Yahoo!  We get out to take a photo 🙂

Allan taking the money shoot!   

20 things you didn’t know about turtles.  These guys are engaging in #17.

Where do turtles go for the winter?  Most turtles go underwater in the winter. They can spend over 100 days underwater. Turtles usually swim to the bottom of the pond or river under the frozen surface. Turtles winter in the water because the temperature is much more stable (and usually warmer) than the temperature of the air.

Feeling giddy that we finally saw something, we head to the dairy. Turns out they have tons of delicious cheeses and even more flavours of ice cream.

Their dairy cows, housed behind the store, smell so very, very bad.  We took the photos and ran.

Fast forward to tomorrow:  Allan is still smelling them, I suggest he uses Vicks – does the trick!

I don’t know anything about cows but this one looks like it should have been milked already!           

Done here we head off to give Bob a much needed bath.   They call this the “tropical wash”

June 02 – Today is chore day.   I tackle Bob’s windshield and grill that was laden with splattered bugs.  Yet another Jeep thing!   

This makes the job easy…   

Allan doctoring Bailey’s tow receiver

And Bob’s receptacle   

Bailey windshield time, Windex then Rainex

Worked hard enough today!  Dinner time, Allan watching Davy come to temp!  This photo makes me smile way too much!  Love you!!

Finally fire time!!

And now something completely useless!

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