June 21, 2021

Today’s adventure, head to town to get more ammonia containers and ammonia.  The existing traps worked perfectly for 5 days.  Day 6 – more mouse evidence.  London Drug ammonia here we come again.

On the way back, we detour  by the Prince George Airport, “International”, no less – does the Y represent international?  No it doesn’t, click for story YXS .  We didn’t know PG had a Costco let alone an international airport.

Google reveals PG is the 9th largest city in BC, referred to as the “Northern Capital”.

Back home, Allan drills holes in our new containers and fills with ammonia.

Next issue for us, city folk         

They have woke us up for too many mornings.   They love our back washroom, everytime I go in I kill at least 4.  I posted to a FB group to get suggestions.  1) Wipe down the walls and counters with vinegar.  Fast forward = Result fewer mosquitos  2) Fill container with water and Dawn Result = not one mosquito caught.

In despiration, we bought a DynatrapXL.  It has great reviews, the version down reviews were not good but it’s much to big for Bailey.  Back it goes. Back to this method

Any suggestions?  Still struggling to even figure out how they are getting in.  Allan’s guess is the dryer or microwave vent.

Answer to riddle   “Queue”    drop the last 4 letters still pronounced “Q”

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