Leave Detroit Day, June 03, 2024

Wake up to a fog advisory.  Our view, not very view-y, can’t see Canada anymore  Since we’ve been here we see a dude sit in an office chair in the parking lot across from the hotel.  Why?  When we first noticed him he had several beer bottles on the ground.  He sits, slumps, sits.  Everyday we’ve been here. There he is in the second photo., I took this right before leaving.

We leave about 730a hoping the drive back will be better ie less construction.

Good bye Detroit, it’s been a blast! We are going a different route as we’re going through Mishawaka.  We are picking up a slide control from Lippert.  For quite a while now, Allan has had to move the controller from the kitchen side to the big slide to get them to open/close.  A new controller has been hard to find, now getting it from the source 🙂

Love to know this story, the heavy tow is lifting this 5 ton between a truck weigh scale and the highway.  How did he get there?  Allan’s story on how… The driver had some wobbly pops, drove by the scale realized his error and turned – straight into the ditch!

What are we seeing?  Pato’s, Allan’s driver, motorhome.  We ended up passing him, yahoo Allan one Pato zero (not that Pato was in it)

Heading to Chicago’s O’Hare’s

Back with Bailey at 2.57 or 3.57 our time. 

Yes the trip back was much better!

Put everything away. what time is it?  Watch the race on TV of course 🙂

Was a great race weekend!

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