March 20, Blind Day

Our attempt to raise our windshield nightshade was a flop!  No up, just a whining noise.  Pretty dark in here.  We have extended coverage so Allan calls.  The dude says, if it’s a motor it is likely covered.  They will send a technician; once he diagnoses the issue he is to call with his findings then they will determine if it’s covered.  We understand the initial call is covered no matter the issue.

Bring him on!

Turns out his a mobile truck repair dude, not RVs but he says he can figure it out.  We aren’t filled with confidence but with little choice – enter after using the supplied sanitizer.  Out come the tools 

                               Down comes the trim                             

Speakers down   

                Exposing Bailey’s upper innards, she will not be pleased                        

AND whoops he doesn’t have a wire tester is broken, he gives us 2 options

  1. He can go to Home Depot and buy one, likely charging us for the trip
  2. He can splice the shade motor wire and use it to test the night shade motor

Hummmm, no to both.

Allan gives him his to use.  We are attempting to social distance and aren’t fans of him touching stuff but we need that blind repaired.  Depending on what the world is doing we may have to leave at any moment.

He determine the motor is shot.  Allan calls the MCD folks, replacement motor $155.00 and will take 5 business days to get here.

Call the coverage folks, “No sorry” that’s not covered.  Not only that, now that it’s not covered we have to pay the diagnosis fee.  Are you friggin kidding me?  It’s not the guy’s fault, we pay him.  $165US you know real money, for nothing.  I guess not nothing, but…

Allan calls MCD and orders the motor.

Dude wants to leave all the panels down, he’ll do YouTube to determine how  to replace.  Allan says no, please (we are Canadians and super polite) put it back.  Unbeknownst to me, Allan knows he will attempt to install the replacement himself.  Delivery is days out, hope we are not required to leave before then.

Park is getting quieter, when we arrived most of these sites were filled 





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