McSweets to Milwaukee State Park, May 28, 2024

Today it’s a quick drive     

We leave, in Bob, for the Detroit race on Thursday.  That’s going to be a long drivee.  We looked for a closer place to Detroit to store Bailey but couldn’t find one.

Bizarre!  Fires in both directions at about the same location.  Our way was a tire that blew, the smoke is not sure what is burning.   The other way, the car is burnt to a crisp!  The stopped line up on that side is at least 10 miles long.

It’s kind of fitting that at a State Park and race track we are parked in a parking lot 🙂  Not camping but RACING which is what we really bought Bailey for. Those clouds!

The RV park is on the left of the photo, the race track is the oval 🙂  We’ll be back for the race/

How’s the weather now? Click here IMG_6720

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