New Year’s Eve

We head out to the Strip about 7pm, drink in hand. It is so much colder than we thought it would be, turns out it is unseasonably cold, we soldier on… here we come!!

The Strip is closed to vehicular traffic, the centre median has more police officers and vehicles that we ever saw in one place.  Buses and tanks are being used to barrack streets.  They must have every Nevada State police officer here. At least we feel safe.

We are having fun, lots of people. Many ladies dressed or undressed to the nines with CFM heels, oh to be so young again!!

Because every celebration requires the crazy ones, we offer

We decide an indoor drink is in order to warm up, we thought perhaps New York New York would be the casino to be at Times Square and all but whoops you need a wrist band.



Plan B:  We stayed at the Luxor when we got married 24 years and 2 days ago they will welcome us and YES they did. Warm up & drink time. Our sweet server said Caesar’s Palace is the place to be come midnight for the fireworks and festivities.

Off we go, what an adventure we are on. OMG, there are so many people we are making progress and finally we are in the throws of way too many people in front of Caesar’s awaiting the fireworks.  This photo doesn’t give justice to the 300,000 celebrating people.

There are warning that due to heavy winds the fireworks may be delayed.

Way too many people, we can’t move, everyone is sandwiched. There is a barricade behind us, people start jumping over it to escape – a fight breaks out. Fortunately on the other side of the barricade.  This side, a very drunk man standing on the barricade falls back on Allan.

All those police who made me feel safe earlier are not responding.  2 officers standing on a nearby staircase are witnessing the flight and all they do is shine their flashlights making it easies for the combatants to view each other to land their punches.

I fear the crowd will become even more unruly and we’ll be stampeded.

Finally the fireworks ring in the new year.  That calms the crowd down.  It was a good show, not great, but good.

We hope the crowd will dissipate but no we end up having to make our escape over the barricade to escape and head back to Bailey.

Motto – Be careful what you wish for!!

Freezing, fear for your life but another bucket list item done.

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