Next Stop, Anderson IN; June 24, 2024

The drive was, thankfully, uneventful.   We encountered much traffic in Indianapolis, but after maneuvering Chicago it was a breeze.  Go figure, we wanted to return to Indianapolis in Bob to go to the Indy500 museum but it’s closed for renos till 2025.

Muncie RV Resort

Surprisingly Muncie RV Resort is NOT in Muncie but in Anderson.  Munsie is 1/2 hour away.

Our escort to our site       

    Bob’s temp reads 111F/44C

That’s what sucking Bailey’s bum does I guess cause the real temp was 92F/33C

Bailey’s site, Bob is way back there.  This is a very long site.

Our walk around the park, there is a little lake with a beach.  Also has catch & release fishing.

This is a liar’s bench LOL

The view from our captain seats     

June 25th: We went to check out Anderson.  Not much happening in Anderson :)​

We did get a Reward for our efforts, first one is quite awhileJune 26th:   Muncie Day including The Guardian Brewery

I tried 5 samples of beer, I’m just not a beer gal.  Bring on the

Allan declare his “Bill the Butcher” pizza a close rival to Jimmy’s, my meatball sub was gooey delicious.  Didn’t realize I caught Allan in an eye blink, he’s not really sleeping. They have the beer making process on a blackboard.  Not sure what the seats are.Our favourite part of the process…..Glass  –>  You!

Walking we find this theatre, Mary Poppins is playing.  What a blast from the past, this was the first movie I ever saw in a movie theatre.

Muncie does have a small downtown, no photos.

Tomorrow perhaps a winery.  This area isn’t the most exciting we’ve been to.

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