November 04, 05, 2022 One day more fun than the other

Nov 04th – Exciting day, we have mobile RV service guys coming to repair our awnings that won’t go out, and our captain chairs that won’t swivel,

Pirate RV is scheduled to arrive between 10&11. They arrive at 1015, great start! Love the little flag on their antenna. Look at the top left corner, the arrows show the spot

There are 2 guys, both electricians before moving to Arizona from Washington to start their mobile RV business.

After 2-1/2h they admitted defeat and put the wiring back. Not sure how anyone knows what to do with all these wires!

These were also the most honest techs, he said he’s not charging us as he couldn’t fix it. Wow. They said they’d go back, do research and reach out to other techs they know. They would call us back! We do not expect to hear from them again.

It’s too hot to sit in the sun without awnings, we want them repaired. What’s our next plan???

Next up, we are checking out the 2 casinos as we thought it would be fun to “boondock” there for 2 nights. Paradise Casino, not only are the roads in bumpy but the area to park the RV is so unlevel. These 2 were the only ones here.

Off to Quechan, this one was worse. We’re just not cut out to “boondock”

Should have stayed in bed today!

Nov 05th: Today is Donny’s birthday! We have a lunch date to celebrate with Don, Debbie, and their friends, Brent & Diana.

Downtown Historic Yuma

Fun time, lots of laughs!

He just can not behave!

Off to the hot tub!

4 thoughts on “November 04, 05, 2022 One day more fun than the other”

    1. Thanks! On the bright side the Tech did call last night, they are coming by tomorrow with new ideas. Keep your fingers crossed for us

  1. I was going to have you send them back to Washington to fix my Winnebago. Since August “Lucy” has been without brake or tail lights.
    I’ve been 100 miles north and 100 miles south, no shops will work on chassis anymore.
    After your latest post, never-mind.
    I have one place yet to try but the temps are now hitting single digits. She is more accustomed to our heated shop. Guess I’ll have to wait til spring…

    1. We just have to wonder, were these guys the best for the job as they persevered? They did contact Winnebago several times for assistance.

      Are electric gremlins difficult to find? Just don’t know, happy it is done.

      Good luck finding a replace place.

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