November 04, 2021 RAIN!!

Once again we didn’t do the right research.

We wanted to be as warm as we could, Kelowna was not the place the Island is.

What we didn’t research is the amount of rain, pouring, relentless rain that falls 🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧 on the Island. This is next week’s forecast

Wake up to this, after a no sleep, rain pounding on Bailey. So loud!

Walk to the creek, flooded, again

Out of total rain frustration we bought a canapy so at least we can have a propane fire during these crazy rain days!

No sooner do we get it set up, in the rain – the sun comes a peekin!

Looking out Looking in

We are loving it, great investment

11/05: 🌞is a peekin, again 🙂 Doesn’t last long but we take what we can get.

In Nanaimo we get to duck! Duck #54

11/07 – Turn back the clock day! Click here for how this craziness began

Win 1!!! Jackpot!

Win 2! Coffee with Ryan’s in the bestest rain place in town …

Win 3! International Merlot Day

Having nothing to do with nothing: Our new shower squeege makes me smile

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